BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

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BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin

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The BT8600 comes with BT's unique Virtual Assistant, which means you'll never have to speak to another cold caller again:

  • Virtual Assistant screens incoming calls.
  • Numbers on your contact list get straight through.
  • Numbers you have blocked are rejected.
  • For all other calls, the Virtual Assistant asks the caller to say their name and then asks the user whether they want to accept or block the call without speaking to the caller.
  • Incorporates award winning trueCall call blocking technology.

Key Features

  • Block 1000 individual numbers
  • Block calls by number and type - such as mobile, withheld, payphone, area code and international
  • One touch call blocking
  • 1.8'' Colour Screen
  • Automatically copies contacts between handsets
  • 60 minutes of messages on the answerphone

Even more advanced call blocking

  • Block by type - choose the type of calls you want to block. For example mobile, international, withheld, unknown or payphone numbers can all be blocked. Plus you can even block numbers by area code or suffix.
  • One touch call blocking - simply press the one touch button if you don't want to take the call and send the number to the blocked list.
  • Do Not Disturb - For peace and quiet, switch on Do Not Disturb so that your phone won't ring or light up. Friends and family that are tagged as VIP's in your address book can still get through.

Quality Built-in

  • The modern stylish design makes this phone a great addition to any room, whilst only taking up minimal space.
  • Large 1.8" full graphic display. See instantly how many voice messages, missed calls or text messages you have. Large enough screen for text messaging.
  • The backlit keypad makes it easy to see the keys at any time of day

Easy to use

  • Save up to 200 contacts - All these contacts are automatically copied to all of your handsets
  • Visual Voicemail - See a list of who's called you, and choose which message to listen to first.
  • Parental Control - Prevent surprises on your bill by PIN protecting calls to Mobile, International, Premium Rate numbers, or even ALL outgoing calls. Also useful for elderly relatives who rack up big bills unknowingly.
  • We've also made it easy to divert calls to your mobile or other numbers when you are away from home. Or if you want to have a 3 way call the BT 8600 helps you get it set up in a few simple steps.

Extra Answer Machine Features

  • Save up to 60 minutes of messages and see how many messages you've got displayed clearly on the home screen.
  • Listen to your messages privately through the handset, or play them using the Hands-free speaker.
  • Don't miss important messages when you are away from home, access your messages remotely.
  • Call Waiting - Shows you who's trying to get through and at the press of a button you can switch to the new call or reject it.

Freedom to Move in Your House

  • Long range of up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors.
  • Talk hands-free - letting you get on with things while you chat
  • Talk time of up to 21 hours and standby time of up to 310 hours.

Need a Phone in More Than One Room?

You can get our twin, trio or quad packs should you need additional handsets for other rooms. Whichever pack you buy you will only need one telephone socket in your home to work all the handsets.

What's in the (Recyclable) Box?

  • One base unit
  • One charger or more (depending on the pack size you go for)
  • Power plugs for any extra handsets
  • One telephone line cord
  • One handset or more (depending on the pack size you go for)
  • Rechargeable batteries (already fitted in the handsets)
  • A quick start guide

*You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.




Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty

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BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin
BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin
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Customer reviews

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5* Excellent . If you're fed up with rubbish calls, buy this now!!!
Reviewed by Keith on 02/03/2017
Excellent device.
We have been plagued with nuisance calls for years and were delighted to discover the 8600
It is easy to programme and has stopped all the unwanted calls. Ii even blocked one wihile I was still in the process of setting it up!
We have been recommending it friends for the past 3 weeks and cannot speak highly enough of it
5* Excellent product
Reviewed by Chris Adams on 13/01/2017
Bought a twin for the kitchen and study with a basic Duet210 in the hall for use in a power cut! It has killed nusiance calls stone dead. You do need CLI on your phone line for it to work and contact numbers must be in full including the STD code. I found the user manual adequate and easy to follow. Also the setting up of contact numbers, settings, etc was very intuitive.

Dr JJ Rigby is wrong in his review. Page 35 of the user guide says how to call another handset. And you don't need to 'transfer calls', just pickup the second handset and put down the first!
5* BT8600 Advanced Call Blocker
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/01/2017
Absolutely brilliant piece of kit.
Call Guardian really effective.......
Everyone should have one......the nuisance callers will be soon be out of business.!
8600 model great value for money at circa £60.for three handsets and an answering machine.
User guide is as "user friendly" as I have found anywhere......
but initial setup of the essential Contact list needs care.....and a good read of the manual....
5* Satisfied customer A.B.B. (male)
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/06/2016
Brilliant, it does everything it should do. Main problem, many of my friends complain about the "Announce message". It starts in a garbled way with a female voice and the insertion of my name has long pauses, my male voice and then switches back to the female voice so that some friends gave up at this stage and did not complete. The use of the word "Announce" is enough to put anyone off. Why not just start with "Calls to John Whoever are being screened ... (followed by the rest of the original words and allow the gender of the whole to be male or female to fit in with person who has the Call Blocker phone?
5* Poor advice from BT Help
Reviewed by T. Tallis on 10/05/2016
As I was getting plagued by nuisance calls I was advised by BT to get the BT8600. It arrived quickly and the install instructions were followed. It blocked all the phone numbers I programmed I put into the phone it should not have blocked. After 3 days of endless calls to the help line and re-installing caller display it still blocked all call that were in the call book. I decided to return the phone as it seemed faulty. A replacement phone arrived after a few days and surprise, surprise the same fault. BT checked the phone line and said there was no faults. I decided to contact the software company as BT were no help! The answer was change the BT ADSL splitter/filter it is likely to be causing the problem! Change the filter and the phone works as it should and passes the installed phone numbers as it should without blocking them. No thanks to BT!
5* bt8600
Reviewed by m hayes on 26/04/2016
excellent product.not one idiot call from day one love it to bits
5* eureka
Reviewed by Derek Kilcoyne on 28/02/2016
Been waiting for a phone system like this for years. Purchased from B.T. recently , set it up and added all our contacts , and "BINGO" havnt received a single nuisance call since. I got a couple of friends not in our call list to try calling us to see what happened to them, they were prompted by the system to leave their name and hold , the phone then rang at our end , we were informed who was calling and given the option to allow once or always, which I subsequently did, and then added to the list of callers. Absolutely delighted with this purchase. Have already been onto friends that we know are equally annoyed by the volume of nuisance calls, I suspect the number of companies using this particularly irritating practise will plummet rapidly. Many Many thanks B.T.
5* Truly impressive
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/02/2016
User friendly, gives the user the control of whether to take a call or not.
5* me
Reviewed by bebbington on 01/02/2016
4* Still has some bugs in the software
Reviewed by Tog on 12/09/2016
When dialling out, home numbers come up as "mobile" or "Work". It's a known fault, still waiting for resolution from BT.

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BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin
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BT8600 Premium Nuisance Call Blocker - Twin
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