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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

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Get Wi-Fi in every room or your money back!*

*30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase. The Whole Home Wi-fi app helps you position the discs to ensure you get complete coverage. If you still experience dead spots and are not satisfied you can return the product for a full refund. The product must be undamaged and in the original packaging. Your wi-fi speed will depend on your broadband input speed. 

Internet from the loft to the cellar. And in every room between.

Staying glued to that box set season finale from living room to bath. Video calling your family on the other side of the world. Changing a fuse, with a YouTube tutorial guiding the way beside you. Sifting through boxes of memories in the loft, to the soundtrack of your teens.

Wherever you are in your home, Whole Home Wi-Fi puts what matters most at your fingertips. It brings super-fast, super-reliable Internet to every room. It talks to all your gadgets to make sure they're always connected to the fastest and strongest signal. And it's bristling with brilliant controls that put you in charge of a supercharged home network.





No more deadspots

With Whole Home Wi-Fi you can have your favourite TV, films, music and games in any room you wish. Three brilliant discs create a complete Wi-Fi network - which means no more deadspots. Even when there are multiple devices connected you still won't lose speed, so you can have a laptop connected in the kitchen, games consol upstairs and a tablet in the lounge - and they'll all stay connected, all the time.

The technical bit

Whole Home Wi-Fi is an "intelligent self-configuring wireless network". That means it knows where you and your devices are, and when to switch them from one disc to another to give you the strongest and fastest connection it can. The three discs might be small, but their four built-in AC2600 11ac 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ antennas pack a mighty wireless punch.



Keeping you safe

Whole Home Wi-Fi uses the latest security standards to keep your home network safe from outside interference. And one touch updates mean your home is always protected by the latest up-to-the-minute security patches and upgrades.

With brand new technology, one touch software updates and an app to control it all from, this is Wi-Fi at its simplest. It's Internet that just works.

You're in charge

First, the Whole Home Wi-Fi app tells you just where to put each disc for the best connection. Then once everything's working, it puts you in charge.

Want to see who's hogging your connection?

A helpful dashboard to see how your network is being used and who is connected.

Want to get everyone down for dinner? Or just get some time offline?

Pause the internet completely with one tap.

Disc lights too bright for your bedroom?

Turn them down, or off completely.

Technical gremlins?

The app will spot - and explain how to fix - them.

Legals - 30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase. The Whole Home Wi-fi app helps you position the discs to ensure you get complete coverage. If you still experience dead spots and are not satisfied you can return the product for a full refund. The product must be undamaged and in the original packaging. Your wi-fi speed will depend on your broadband input speed. 



2 Year Warranty

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Customer reviews

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5* I can't recommend this enough
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/02/2018
I had a dead spot in my house that would keep dropping connection, or receive about 5-10mbps if I managed to connect. I've now got 2 BT Whole Home hubs, and I get full signal in the dead spot, and receive >100mbps speed (the maximum we pay for).

Setup was very easy, just download the app, and follow the instructions.
5* Brilliant
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/01/2018
Not the cheapest but had black spots everywhere. Bought various different solutions but got very weak speeds

Just set up and getting a minimum of 30mb all over our 5 bed house Best Buy
5* A great advance of WiFi Extenders
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/01/2018
I purchased the Whole HomeWiFi package primarily in order to broadcast one SSID across the house as secondly to improve coverage. The three pack of disks was used in conjunction with the latest BT Homehub and would have been easy to setup if it were not for the faulty Ethernet cable provided as part of the pack! After an hour of attempting to get any of the risks to connect to the homehub via he supplied ethernet cable I tried one of my own cables and bingo, everything worked. Could be a one off but check the provided flat cable etehrnet cable does not work it may be faulty. The whole home app works a treat and you can see which devices are connected to each AP, manage devices and assign names to each device for identification.

Expensive to buy and the supplier packaging must account for a significant cost but overall a unique solution that is aesthetically pleasing and works well to create common meshed network
5* Seems to have solved a long standing problem
Reviewed by Ian on 30/12/2017
I have a problem familiar to other reviewers, an old house with thick walls or wi-fi unfriendly building materials. No stud walls for us.

This product took about 20 minutes to set up and now gives me consistent wi-fi throughout the house. I am also using the internet output on one to connect a router for a number of wired devices and it is all good.
5* Works Great
Reviewed by Freddy on 24/10/2017
I bought BT WholeHome WiFi to replace an ageing Netgear Range Extender. My BT SmartHub is situated where the main line enters which is at the front of the house. WiFi towards the rear (which isn’t that far) was pretty poor hence the range extender. However, the range extender was only 2.4Ghz and I always had to manually change wifi networks on devices between front and back. This BT WholeHome WiFi solves all the problems. I now have total coverage and devices seem to switch seamlessly between access points. I have actually turned the WiFi off on the BT SmartHub to try and minimise any potential interference. I am not sure if this makes any difference because the Hub still has BT FON and WiFi X working. Its only the normal Hub WiFi network that seems disabled. Anyway, excellent coverage (even at 5GHz) and seemless switching makes BT WholeHome WiFi worth considering. Its so easy to set up. The only downside for some folk might be the location of the discs. Ideally, they should be placed away from anything that may reduce the signal but close enough to each other to “mesh” (and near a power socket, although the cable is quite long).. So the ideal place may not be feasible but I have managed to put mine where they still work great and aren’t in full view. Fit and forget them, it just works.
5* BT Whole Home Wi-Fi
Reviewed by J Connolly on 05/09/2017
Our house is large with 50cm thick internal stone walls - getting any kind of household wifi is almost impossible. I bought a three aerial Whole Home system. Ordering was simple and free delivery executed in 24 hrs. The packaging is very (too?) high end and solid. You have to use a smartphone app for installation instructions. Connection of the first aerial to my router ( BT Home Hub 6) is easy and connects in 60 seconds. Several trials prove you can't transmit through solid masonry walls - let alone 2 walls. But I have ethernet cabling from the router across the width of the house. I plugged the second aerial into the cable port behind one thick wall and within 60 seconds had perfect connectivity and wifi. Connecting the third behind the 2nd wall resulted in further perfect coverage. Whole home is not an answer to thick walls, but it is brilliant to set up, requires no knowledge and has solved my lack of wifi. The app is great, but lacks finesse in control.
5* It just works !!
Reviewed by Carolyn Carter on 25/08/2017
We have wasted money on a couple of different plug in systems that just didn't make any difference but can now get full wifi through the whole house and even well down the garden - brilliant
5* Fantastic product from BT
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/06/2017
Fantastic product from BT & I would highly recommend it. The setup is very easy using the iPhone/Android app which helps you place the devices in the best location in your house to maximise Wi-Fi signal. You are constrained slightly as you require a power socket for each device. The first device plugs into your broadband router and the other two can be placed at appropriate places. I have one of my devices near my YouView box so I can connect it via Ethernet. I can stream HD channels with no problem at all.
The Wi-Fi signal throughout the house is very strong and the transition between APs is seamless. In comparison to the powerline adapters I had previously installed this is light years ahead and has superior reliability. In comparison to other "whole home" systems on the market this is by far the best value for money
5* Bt Whole home wifi
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/06/2017
Very good pease of kit had this cause I live in a big old house with 3 foot walls very pleased no dead spots now best thing iv bought for ages .

5* love this
Reviewed by Fi Meikle on 25/05/2017
we have Cotswold stone cottage with very thick walls. Whilst the cottage is not enormous, normal routers just don't cut it in over 50% of the property - Whole home wifi covers entire house fantastically! I see there is now an add on disk too - we will be purchasing!

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