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BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

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Get Wi-Fi in every room or your money back!*

*30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase. The Whole Home Wi-fi app helps you position the discs to ensure you get complete coverage. If you still experience dead spots and are not satisfied you can return the product for a full refund. The product must be undamaged and in the original packaging. Your wi-fi speed will depend on your broadband input speed. 

Internet from the loft to the cellar. And in every room between.

Staying glued to that box set season finale from living room to bath. Video calling your family on the other side of the world. Changing a fuse, with a YouTube tutorial guiding the way beside you. Sifting through boxes of memories in the loft, to the soundtrack of your teens.

Wherever you are in your home, Whole Home Wi-Fi puts what matters most at your fingertips. It brings super-fast, super-reliable Internet to every room. It talks to all your gadgets to make sure they're always connected to the fastest and strongest signal. And it's bristling with brilliant controls that put you in charge of a supercharged home network.





No more deadspots

With Whole Home Wi-Fi you can have your favourite TV, films, music and games in any room you wish. Three brilliant discs create a complete Wi-Fi network - which means no more notspots. Even when there's a laptop connected in the kitchen, smartphones upstairs and a tablet in the lounge - they all stay connected, all the time.

The technical bit

Whole Home Wi-Fi is an "intelligent self-configuring wireless network". That means it knows where you and your devices are, and when to switch them from one disc to another to give you the strongest and fastest connection it can. The three discs might be small, but their four built-in 2500 11ac 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ antennas pack a mighty wireless punch.



Keeping you safe

Whole Home Wi-Fi uses the latest security standards to keep your home network safe from outside interference. And one touch updates mean your home is always protected by the latest up-to-the-minute security patches and upgrades.

With brand new technology, one touch software updates and an app to control it all from, this is Wi-Fi at its simplest. It's Internet that just works.

You're in charge

First, the Whole Home Wi-Fi app tells you just where to put each disc for the best connection. Then once everything's working, it puts you in charge.

Want to see who's hogging your connection?

A helpful dashboard to see how your network is being used and who is connected.

Want to get everyone down for dinner? Or just get some time offline?

Pause the internet completely with one tap.

Disc lights too bright for your bedroom?

Turn them down, or off completely.

Technical gremlins?

The app will spot - and explain how to fix - them.

Legals - 30 day money back guarantee from date of purchase. The Whole Home Wi-fi app helps you position the discs to ensure you get complete coverage. If you still experience dead spots and are not satisfied you can return the product for a full refund. The product must be undamaged and in the original packaging. Your wi-fi speed will depend on your broadband input speed. 


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Customer reviews

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5* love this
Reviewed by Fi Meikle on 25/05/2017
we have Cotswold stone cottage with very thick walls. Whilst the cottage is not enormous, normal routers just don't cut it in over 50% of the property - Whole home wifi covers entire house fantastically! I see there is now an add on disk too - we will be purchasing!
5* Best solution yet but dont expect it to defy laws of physics!
Reviewed by Ian Longworth on 15/05/2017
My house has thick stone walls and Wi-Fi only gets one room either side of the location of the router. I have tried several routers, even high end ASUS dual band MiMo ones and the laws of physics prevent the WiFi getting any further, no matter how much you pay. The benefit of the new mesh systems is that at least I get three WiFi points to daisy chain to cover a bit more of the house. For me it is not "Whole House" as described but it covers the important places better than any single router can. It also seems to be more reliable than the Homeplug setup that I was previously using. At £195 for three disks, its the cheapest mesh system available now and I would recommend it to anyone that has realistic expectations of the range depending upon the construction of their house. The phone app is OK but could be improved. It gives you the basics of being able to see what devices are connected to what disk and pause the internet but it would be nicer to have a few more features.
5* Amazing!!!!!
Reviewed by James on 13/05/2017
This is just amazing!!!! Have very thick walls in my house, its a fair size too and i have FULL signal niw everywhere including garden.

Before we had in just 3 rooms.
5* Cures Wi-Fi Black Spots!
Reviewed by Will on 22/04/2017
Pretty simple to set up with the mobile app telling you the best location for the discs and forming the mesh network automatically. I live in a 4-bed detached with stone walls that Wi-Fi signals struggle to penetrate so the BT Smart Hub just didn't cut it. With the Whole Home Wi-Fi however, I now get stronger Wi-Fi signal in rooms that the BT Smart Hub struggled to reach, as well as better 802.11ac and 5GHz coverage. Once it's set up it works like magic. The discs handle swapping your device between the three access points as you wander around the house. They also handle frequency swapping between 2.4GHz and 5GHz as well as swapping between 802.11n and 802.11ac automatically depending on the device's compatibility and distance from the closest disc. As I said, it's like magic. Mesh networks are definitely the way forward! Colour me impressed!
5* Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!
Reviewed by Matt on 14/04/2017
These are fantastic. I get maximum speeds anywhere in the house no even in the three storey section of our house. I also plug the BT TV box straight into the back of the disc I have in the lounge and it has improved connectivity. Before my premium channels used to drop out, now they don't.
This is a fantastic product, well worth the money. Well done BT.
5* Fantastic product that works amazingly but...
Reviewed by Jamie Bayliss on 08/03/2017
First, I have to say this is the first Wi-Fi extender/Powerline adapter that produces full speed broadband through the walls of our thick stone walls (four feet deep). To to able to get speed of 60 plus speed next to the actual devices is a massive improvement.

Unfortunately, I need more discs (probably a couple) and BT don't sell extra discs. According to BT customer services, the current system/app only allows three discs, which for a house like ours (which isn't massive, but has BIG walls) means half of it will be in the fast lane, while the rest is on a push bike.

Great product for a regular house though.
5* Very Happy with Whole Home Wifi
Reviewed by Anthony on 01/02/2017
This arrived the day after ordering even though I did not pay the premium for express delivery. My house has thick walls and I previously relied on a Home Hub 5 and a Netgear WAC120 wireless access point plugged into ethernet (I have a home ethernet network which is unusual.) This set up was a pain as the wireless devices always seemed to select the wireless network that was furthest away and therefore slowest.) These three discs mean there is only one wireless network and you are always connected to the nearest disc so you receive the fastest connection. I could not find a suitable position in range for the third disc so I plugged it into the ethernet and it works fine in that configuration - very clever. The whole family likes it as there is no more grabbing the wrong network and having to manually change it.
5* BT home WiFi fantastic
Reviewed by Tony Bates on 05/01/2017
Great product no weak spots in house anymore
5* Amazing product
Reviewed by James Brazier on 18/01/2017
Very impressed with every aspect of this product. Great packaging, easy to set up and, most importantly, works extremely well.

I've tried various brands of powerlines and wifi extenders and had no joy in reaching the black spots in my home but this solved them with less than 10 minutes of setting up.

Highly recommend.
5* Brilliant ! It does what is says on the tin !
Reviewed by Robert on 05/01/2017
My house is long rather than square with thick brick walls. I always make sure I have the latest version of router and have used various "range extenders" over the years with limited success. I have often suffered buffering / drop out. The wholeHome system has changed the game for me. Quite simply it is brilliant ! I have Infinity broadband and am now getting download speeds on my various devices via wifi of 65 mbps plus and upload speeds of approximately 20 mbps in every corner of the house. Expensive perhaps but for me it is well worth every penny. Frankly I do not recognise at all the issues raised by some regarding the app which was easy to download from Apple and easy to use. I had the whole thing set up in less than 10 minutes from opening the box ( which by the way was packaged very well). The only criticism I have is not about the product but with the delay in delivery. Apart from that highly recommended.

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