BT Smart Hub

BT Smart Hub
7 Wi-Fi antennaes delivering faster speeds in harder to reach rooms!

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BT's brand new Smart Hub offers customers the UK's most powerful Wi-Fi signal compared to routers from other major broadband providers. With the very latest advances in Wi-Fi technology, the new BT Smart Hub has a combination of unique features that will allow consumers to enjoy Wi-Fi in more places with fewer dropped connections and faster speeds in harder to reach rooms.

Smart Hub Features

1. More powerful Wi-Fi: The BT Smart Hub is designed with an incredible 7 Wi-Fi antennae, which is more than any other major broadband provider's router, giving an unbeatable wireless range and a more powerful signal around your home.

2. Superfast Wi-Fi: The BT Smart Hub uses the very latest 11ac and MiMo Wi-Fi technology to give superfast wireless speeds for all your devices at the same time.

3. Filter out interference: The BT Smart Hub has built in advanced filters which automatically block interference, preventing your signal from dropping out.

4. Unique smart scan technology: The BT Smart Hub checks to see how well your hub and network connection is performing, to give you the best Wi-Fi experience at all times

The BT Smart Hub is also designed to fit through most letterboxes so customers don't need to worry about being home when it's delivered, and comes with a handy wi-fi card and sticker so customers can easily find their wi-fi password. Customers can also control the lights on the hub, choosing to either dim them or switch them off.

All BT Broadband customers get unlimited access to more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots across the UK, helping them stay connected when they are out and about. Plus, customers signing up to the new deals will also get peace of mind that everything that's important is kept safe and secure online with BT Protect, BT Parental Controls and BT Cloud. BT is the only UK broadband provider to offer at least 100GB storage with all its new unlimited broadband packages.



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5* Superb product
Reviewed by Greg on 08/07/2016
Have been running this for a couple of days now and the improvement over the Hub 5 is really noticeable. Great connection on all devices, my Sonos system is working without any issues and I have removed my wifi extender as we now have great coverage throughout the house. really pleased
5* Massive Boost, Great product!
Reviewed by Dunc on 07/07/2016
This arrived yesterday and the wireless improvement over the Hub 5 is MASSIVE! The range is twice what the 5 was giving (now 3 years old in our house) - goes through 2 more walls on the same floor, and still keeps at least 2 bars. At the top of the house where we used to get 2 bars we are now still getting a full signal through the two floors! Takes up only slightly more room than the Hub5 and it looks good so no issues there! Nice work BT!
1* What a disappointment
Reviewed by Nick on 23/08/2016
I really was expecting something special based on the hyp it was being given. The unit would not recognise either of my dual channel USB adapters. It would not give me a line profile of more than 43Mbps on the upto 52Mbps service. I gave it three weeks of stabalisation time and no improvement, so I have returned it as not being fit for purpose. Good old Hub-5 you have never let me down. Sorry BT with Hub-6 you have a wrong-un.
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