BT Home SmartPhone S II

BT Home SmartPhone S II


BT Home SmartPhone S II

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Brand new Home Smartphone from BT - Now with Google Play!

BT has a new home smartphone that blocks nuisance calls, as well as the ability to surf the web, check emails, update Facebook, and download apps, all on your home phone. No need to fire up your laptop to go online, BT's Home SmartPhone S II is always on and one tap away from the information you're after.

The easy to use BT Home Smartphone S II features a 3.5" touch screen and Google 4.2 Jelly Bean Android OS with preloaded apps such as BT Sport* and the ability to download more apps from the Google Play store.

Fed up with the kids taking your mobile to go online or play games? Get the Home SmartPhone S II for the family to keep everyone happy, and keep your mobile as your own personal device. This BT SmartPhone S II brings the home phone into the 21st century, making it the phone for the connected home!

The BT Home Smartphone S II is, above all, an excellent phone; with crystal clear call clarity and the quality of a BT phone.

  • DECT Cordless Telephone answering machine
  • Downloadable apps via Google Play Store
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1500 Contact storage
  • 3.5" Capacitive touch screen
  • Internet browsing
  • Facebook and Twitter pre-installed
  • Email client
  • Video and Music player
  • Nuisance Call Blocking**

( * Subscription applies. ** You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work. Charges may apply.)



Manufacturer Warranty
1 Year Warranty


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Customer reviews

Write review Read all The opinions expressed in this reviews section are those of our customers and not of BT Shop. Nothing contained herein amends BT Shop’s terms and conditions.
5* Utterly useless
Reviewed by Glenn on 04/09/2016
This is the worst price of technology gadgetry I've ever bought.

It worked fine for the first couple of days.

Now it's useless, despite many reboots and resetting

It constantly freezes.

No matter how many times I turn of sync to google, it still beeps with reminders.

The phone never rings ! Phoning it, just rings out from the phone dialling it.

Nothing happens when trying to make a call from it.

What a piece of cr@p.
5* BTHome SmartPhone S II
Reviewed by Bartholomew A Ochia on 29/09/2015
This product is a good buy.
5* Smart
Reviewed by Anonymous on 19/09/2015
I think its best not to look at this phone as similar to a mobile and to use it with apps as the RAM, ROM and processor are rubbish for this purpose. However if you just use it as a home landline its brilliant. I had wifi on only to link with google account so to download contacts. I disabled all apps that aren't necessary, which is most of them. Now it works well, nice touchscreen, u=easy to use dialler, contacts and answer phone. Battery life better with those apps disabled and wifi off. Can't see the point of using it like a mobile as it isn't one, but the benefit of wifi and google account makes it a brilliant landline
5* I don't own this but I'm giving it 5 stars anyway!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 05/05/2015
Seeing as this is a brand-new product it's amazing anyone has had a chance to review it... but then looking at the other reviews I can't see they know nothing about the product. For the benefit of the first reviewer, if it's a DECT handset that means you can have up to 6 of these or equivalent DECT handsets on one line. Siemens used to make an Android-powered DECT phone but it was useless because the screen was rubbish and the processor was way too slow. I wish the spec here had more specifics about things like that.
5* new smart phone
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/05/2015
at the moment we have 4 phones working how many will work with this one?
5* Mr
Reviewed by derek symss on 28/04/2015
reading the information sounds as though,i might consider the item.
3* Stopped working after 1 month
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/03/2016
Seemed a good product however it stopped working after 1 month, but got a refund from BT Shop they were really helpful once I proved I had returned faulty product. Too be honest a mobile phone has most of these functions and you can use mobile at home but also away from home.
3* BT Sport App on BT Home SmartPhone S II
Reviewed by PaulF on 10/09/2015
DECT functions are all fine, but the pre-loaded BT sport App is out of date. When you try and download latest version from Google store, the site advises that the device is un-supported.
3* Could be better
Reviewed by Darren on 22/06/2015
I have just received my new BT Home SmartPhone S II today and found it just as easy as any other smartphone I've used to date, I've not even needed to look at the manual once. It's literally idiot proof for anyone that has owned a smartphone. It's very easy to navigate and that includes the menu's etc.
2* two years on
Reviewed by Mervyn Jones on 09/09/2016
Many great features let down by very reliability. Sent first one back after 3 month because it kept constantly stopped working after a day or two and only removing battery would restart it.
Liked the product so after complaining agreed to a replacement. went well for three or four months but then started doing the same again but now capable of working for periods 10 to 14 days before failure. Only way I know it failed is the other phones ring and smart phone does not.
Even a cheap mobile smart phone works for months without problems why is this not?

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