Who are Somfy?

A super-simple yet hyper-intelligent security system

Security? An alarm system? Those are the last things on your mind. And we understand. There are plenty of other issues that demand your attention. After all, there are still only 24 hours in a day! Yet it won’t do any harm to stop and think about the security of your own home environment. The place where you feel safe. Surrounded by everything that is important to you. That place is worth looking after properly. And now you can do it your way, with Somfy Protect. 100% plug and play. A super-simple yet hyper-intelligent security system that suits your busy life to a T. And with a design that goes perfectly with your interior.

The range

  • Somfy One

  • Somfy Home Alarm

  • Somfy Camera

The all-in-one alarm system

With Somfy One, you’ll have everything you need in one go when it comes to your security. Install it in a strategic spot, activate it using the Somfy Protect app, and voilà! If the camera detects movement, the alarm goes off, you get a push message on your smartphone, and you can see what’s going on live. What if you’re not reachable? You can add other people using the app who will then receive a push message if there’s something suspicious going on. Pets? Somfy One takes that into account. Your privacy? As soon as you enter the room, the camera shutter closes. Somfy One is easy to expand with extra Somfy Protect accessories, such as a window or door sensor, for instance.

Key features

Somfy One All-in-one alarm system

Plug and play, everything you need including a full HD camera, siren, motion detector and privacy protection.

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Somfy One+ Alarm System
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Somfy One
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Feel safe and secure with this ideal plug and play alarm system

With the Somfy Home Alarm Pack, you can protect every nook and cranny in your house. And you’re warned even before the intruder has broken in. If there is movement or a burglary, the sensors send a push message and a loud siren goes off. Unless it’s your pet: the camera ignores animals weighing up to 25 kg. You have two special key fobs that you can use to switch the alarm on and off. And as soon as you get close to your house, the system ‘sees’ that you’re standing in front of the door and is automatically switched off. In addition, the Somfy Home Alarm Pack can be expanded to include additional cameras and sensors.

Key features

Somfy Home Alarm Pack - Premium

The only plug and play alarm system that chases intruders away before they’ve even entered the premises.

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Somfy Protect Home Alarm Premium
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Somfy Home Alarm
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Somfy Intellitag - 5 Pack
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Somfy Indoor Motion Sensor
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Somfy Indoor Siren
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Somfy Keyfob
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The camera that sees everything and protects your privacy

With the Somfy Security Camera, nothing will escape you again. Because it records everything and sends you a push message if there's something suspicious going on. And you can install the camera in under 10 minutes, and set it to communicate with your smartphone via the app. Everything that the camera sees is stored in the cloud. As soon as the camera detects movement, the alarm goes off and you get a push message on your smartphone. And you can view the images live and rewind by 10 seconds. It has a four-hour back-up battery in case there’s a power failure. Your privacy? When you enter the room, the camera closes down. Pets? You can set the camera up in such a way that the alarm will not be activated.

Key features

Somfy Security Camera

The camera that sees everything, warns you immediately and protects your privacy. At long last you’ll have an extra eye in the house that keeps an extremely close watch over things and tells you straight away if there’s something wrong.

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Somfy Indoor Security Camera
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Somfy Wall Mount for Security Camera
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