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For more than 100 years people across the globe have been taking comfort in Honeywell technology, which is why the latest range of Honeywell smart home devices have been designed around the way we live our lives. Each device has been designed to make homes safer, more comfortable and smarter than ever before making it easy for you to stay in control wherever life takes you.

Honeywell Smart Home Heating & Security

Who are Honeywell?

Stay in control wherever you are

Honeywell have made air travel safer and road travel more efficient, now they're doing the same inside our homes. A smarter home is a connected home and Honeywell's range of devices come together to reduce energy bills, increase safety and make lives simpler. The simple and clever Honeywell app enables you to monitor and control your smart heating and security anytime, anywhere for convenience and practicality.

The apps

  • Honeywell Home

  • Total Connect Comfort

One app to work with your connected home

With the Honeywell Home app, you can use your phone’s location services to determine when you’re home or away, so you can manage your home comfort, security and savings automatically, from anywhere. Using one or multiple smart devices, simply connect the Honeywell Home app to your device to control everything from one place — for you and your family.

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The app that puts you in charge

Life’s busy, but you shouldn’t compromise on the security of your home or the safety of your family. You want peace of mind, and that’s exactly what evohome security gives you – thanks to the Total Connect Comfort app. Security that’s smart. The Total Connect Comfort app helps you manage your home safety, security and comfort – all at the touch of a button.

Total Connect Comfort app

The products

Works with Honeywell Home app

Total Connect Care

  • T6 Smart Thermostats

  • C2 Wi-Fi Camera

  • C1 Wi-Fi Camera

  • EvoHome Security

Honeywell T6 Smart Thermostats

The T6 adapts to your lifestyle using innovative geofencing technology. It knows when you’re away, helping to save energy. It also knows when you’re just around the corner — and ensures your home is at the perfect temperature when you arrive, giving you total peace of mind and maximum home comfort.

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C2 Wi-Fi Camera

Honeywell's indoor C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera can recognise the difference between a crying baby and a smoke alarm, and sends a notification to your smart device if it hears either. It also lets you watch what's happening at home, anytime, anywhere, and can detect other unusual movements and sounds. Versatile and easy to install, you can combine multiple cameras through the same Honeywell Home app to keep an eye on your whole home yourself. Now you can see more and hear more.

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C1 Wi-Fi Camera

Honeywell's C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera means you never need to worry about missing an event when you’re not there. It’s always on when you’re away from home — recording events as they happen and notifying you of any movement or recognised sounds. So you can see it, and stop it.

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evohome Security

The smart, wireless home safety and security solution, evohome, connects you to your home, wherever you are. When you’re at home, it can help keep you and your family safe and secure. When you’re away, you’ll get alerts on your phone. With Evohome security you’re in control.

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The range

Honeywell T6R Smart Wireless Thermostat
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Honeywell T6 Smart Wired Thermostat
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The range

Honeywell C2 Full HD WiFi Indoor Security...
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Quicklinx: DB44 | Ordered upon request

The range

Honeywell EVO Wireless Motion Sensor & Camera
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Quicklinx: D3TD | On Order
Honeywell EVO Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO)...
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Quicklinx: D3TF | In stock
Honeywell Evo Wireless Smoke Sensor
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Home Alarm Kit incl...
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Home Alarm Kit with...
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Security Hub
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Pet-Immune Motion...
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Battery Siren
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Internal Battery Siren
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Honeywell EVO Contactless Tag Reader + Siren
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Remote Control Key Fob
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Panic Button
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Honeywell EVO Wireless Glassbreak Sensor
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The range

Honeywell C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera
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