Complete control of your smart home

BT’s intelligent new smart home camera detects motion and sends instant alerts to your smartphone via the app. Get peace of mind your home’s safe, wherever you are! With Wi-Fi connectivity proving to be more important in our daily lives than ever before, a fast and reliable connection is vital for smart home devices to “talk” to each other how they should; and they don’t come any better than BT Whole Home Wi-Fi.


Why choose BT?

A brand you know and trust

BT has been at the heart of connecting people for decades. BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi and Smart Home Cam offer better connectivity, peace of mind and comfort at home – whether home or away – and they do it securely. BT takes security seriously, that’s why the Smart Home Cam and Whole Home Wi-Fi come with encryption and a Secure Guest Network. Plus, for extra control over your devices, both products come with their easy-to-use smartphone apps so you're always in charge of your home. The way it should be.

BT Smart Home Products

  • Whole Home Wi-Fi

  • Smart Home Cam

Super-fast wi-fi for your smart home

Smart homes rely on a strong Internet connection for each of your devices to operate to their full potential. Whether it's a property-wide smart lighting or heating system, or an individual device like a smart speaker, they all rely on seamless and reliable wi-fi in order to act upon commands. BT's Whole Home Wi-Fi system uses the latest security standards and software to keep your home networks safe from outside, unwanted interference. Utilising the latest technologies, you have the ability to control the whole system from the dedicated Whole Home Wi-Fi app.

No more deadspots

With Whole Home Wi-Fi you can listen to your favourite music, watch your favourite films or TV shows, and play games in whichever room your choose. Plus, connect your It's hard to know where to watch, listen and play because of the Internet coverage in our homes dropping out in areas known as ‘deadspots.’ These three brilliant discs create a complete property-wide network that relieves this problem, so even when there are multiple devices connected to the Internet at one time, you’ll all be connected to superfast and super-reliable broadband.

Wi-Fi that puts you in charge

Peace of mind when you’re away from home

The BT Smart Home Cam is integrated with a clever PIR sensor which detects motion and sends instant alerts to your smartphone via the app. The camera takes a snapshot each time it detects activity and saves it onto the cloud for 30 days for easy access. You can also watch the live video stream in HD and record directly to your smartphone or home cam SD card using the app (SD card not provided).

See them when they can’t see you

Our Smart Home cam comes with advanced night vision with multiple IR sensors. Which means that you can get excellent quality night video streaming even in complete darkness. So you can see what your pets are up to when you are not around! Not only can you keep an eye on your home but you can also listen to live audio. With two way talk back you can check in on the family if they are home before you and see how their day was.

Peace of mind & full control

The range

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi – Twin Pack
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BT Add-on disc for Whole Home Wi-Fi
Works with any broadband provider!
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Quicklinx: CVVT | In stock

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When you're given full control of your smart home products, it's sometimes hard to know what to do with them. Especially when it comes to knowing which ones work best together. We've featured common smart home scenarios that'll help you. Forget to lock the front door before you left home? Want to heat your home before you get there? Find which situations and products best suit you.

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