Customer reviews for the Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower Cooler with Quiet 110mm Blue LED Fan

Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower Cooler with Quiet 110mm Blue LED Fan
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Zalman CNPS9700-LED Super Aero Flower Cooler with Quiet 110mm Blue LED Fan
5* Zalman Heatpipe cpu cooler
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/04/2008
Excellent performance. Took my amd64 down from over 90 degrees under strees down to a max of 40 degrees. Stopped system instabilities and random crashes. Now i can run at max motherboard and memory potential and probably overclock when i want to. Do not buy if your case is cramped as it takes up a lot of space but it looks good. Also if you have a messy pc (cable wise) you will have to tie it back. Fantastic performance though this is the rolls royce of heatsinks.
5* Painful but worth it
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/08/2007
Excellent product. My CPU cannot go over 40'C now no matter how hard I push it. I'll add my 2 points.

Remember you can take your power suppy out the case - it took 20 mins of fiddling round the back of the CPU before I realised this and fitted it in 3 seconds.

Secondly, I wondered how you could cut your hand fitting -they are not that sharp I thought. Later I was tring to make sure I didn't bleed on the CPU. Worth it though.
Reviewed by Scummm on 23/08/2007
One of the best air coolers around at the moment this little baby could keep a volcano down to operating temps .
it has my amd 64 4200 x 2 939 cpu running at 3.2 gig per cpu . (i must add this is not recomended as the default running of the cpu is 2.2)
the cooler is keepng my temps down to these (idle 37c under load 45c)
i highly recomend one of these coolers to anyone who is having problems with there cpu temps or likes a wee overclock now and then :)
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Dan on 07/04/2008
If you’re looking for a silent cooler this is what you need! I’ve got Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz and I’m running it at 3.2ghz. When running an OCCT stress test for a couple of hours the temperature went up to a maximum of 46 degrees. The cooler it self is easy to fit and I would recommend it to anyone! The only downside is the price but if you’re looking for a decent cooler you need to be prepared to pay the price but its well worth it!
5* Huge
Reviewed by Craig Turner on 15/11/2008
This cooler is huge, make no bones, you'll need a fair sized ATX case to plant it in. Fins are really thin so watch your fingers. Cooling is just great, overclocked my cpu by 400mhz per core and base temp only rose by 4 degrees and because is so good, you can keep the speed at minimum for pure silence.
5* Brilliant!
Reviewed by Jr on 21/02/2011
First experience of using a zalman product and i am more than satisfied!

This cooler is simply a monster! the fan mate controller is really cool! as is the bottle of thermal grease (this made me happy, as most companies give you a packet of it, which is murder to apply) with a little applicator brush!

this was my choice to keep my new AMD 1090t cool, and it does the job well! with the processor overclocked to 4.2ghz it never goes above 38c, even under one of my intense 6 hour gaming sessions of Medal of Honor - Tier 1 on full graphics, 1920x1200 and 4xAA!

Brilliant piece of craftsmanship! although the radiator fans are like razors, i cut my knuckles putting the fanmate controller in, so i recommend plugging that it first so you dont end up tearing your hand apart squeezing down the side!
5* Dam good fan!
Reviewed by Ben on 29/12/2007
extremely good cooler scores well in any tests i see. i searched long and hard for something to cool my 3.2 amd down as shes one hot cookie but this does the job perfectly.

looks very pretty too. be sure to check measurments though, coz this thing is a fair old size!
5* Good buy
Reviewed by Martin on 20/07/2008
Knocked about 10C off my Q9450 compaired with stock cooler.

It is big, you will need at least 15-20cm clearance.

A little noisey at full RPM, but at lowest setting its nearly silent and still keeps everything cool.

Only down point is its 3 pin connector rather than 4 so you have to use the "fan mate" rather than controling it directly though your motherboard.
5* Very cool and Very Big
Reviewed by Chris on 15/04/2008
This fan is alot bigger than you think its going to be. BUT it looks much better in the case than it does on the picture. comes with fan rpm controll so you can turn it down, but it isn't a very loud fan to begin with. Turned all the way down my q6600 averages about 26 deg c. good buy.
5* Good but didn't fit my p190
Reviewed by Steve on 18/07/2008
I've one of the best cases on the market, this thing is about an inch too tall for the P190. I'll have to now swap this for the wee brother 92mm one with my uncle. Not so happy about that. I'm more annoyed my £222 case I bought cannot house this cooler.
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