Customer reviews for the WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV

WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
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WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
5* Excellent value for money
Reviewed by Chris on 23/01/2012
We already have a full mediacentre PC hooked up to the TV downstairs, but wanted to be able to access all of its media from the TV in the bedroom without needing to have another full PC setup up there too. After reading a few reviews of this device and seeing the price, we figured what the heck, it's got to be worth trying out...

...and I'm so pleased we did. Sure it's got a few little niggles (e.g. a bit of fiddling required on the PC to let the TV Live see network shares that everything else could see already), but now it's up and running it's played back everything I've thrown at it just as well as the mediacentre PC (and has the advantage of not taking 5 minutes to restart every time there's a system update!). It's also way smaller and completely silent, which for use in the bedroom is quite an advantage.

If it weren't for the TV tuner and bluray drive on the mediacentre PC, that'd now be in danger of being replaced by one of these smart little boxes too... 80 quid, bargain!
5* Excellent for streaming video
Reviewed by Brian Roberts on 05/09/2012
Bought and set up on Sat 01/09/12 mainly for streaming video from from WD MyWorldBook NAS over wifi.
Easy to set up from out of the box, downloaded an Firmware Update, found my NAS drive and began streaming video within half an hour.
Does what it says on the tin at a reasonable price.
My router is giving it low wifi signal strength yet it still manages to deliver!
Great product all round!
5* Excellent
Reviewed by Ihab on 01/01/2012
This does what my PS3 does as media player and streaming device, only it can read far more file types and isn't anywhere as electricity consuming as the PS3. You need to find the sweet spot to pick your network signal, finish the setup first and then upgrade the firmware before anything else. I tried to upgrade via USB, but didn't work. The version I downloaded was 2 versions ahead. The player checked online and came with the middle version, downloaded and installed that and then came with the newest version and installed it. It's extremely attractive little thing with great port versatility. It plays simultaneously the sound on TV via HDMI (cable not supplied) and the stereo via the supplied composite cable. Haven't tried the optical output yet. The picture is great on 1080P screen. I've held back from buying media streamer as they lacked one thing or other, but this one ticks almost all the boxes with a reasonable price. BT despatch and Yodel delivery were very good.
5* Great little box
Reviewed by Gordon on 04/02/2013
This is a great little box for watching all your videos, listening to your music or browsing your photos on your TV. It seams to play everything you throw at it, the interface is good, and it's easy to find your media on your storage device. Into the bargain it has WiFi built in so it can stream media from your internal network without using an Ethernet cable.You can also get your photos from Flicker, watch YouTube videos and connect up to Netflix. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable in the box, so this has to be purchased separately. obviously you need to supply your own storage mediums also, I own three external portable hard drives full of media, no need to boot up the computer to watch my media now.
Overall this is the best media product I own and would recommend it to anyone who wishes to watch their media on a TV. Oh, and there's an app for your smartphone which is great too.
5* Just what I hoped for.
Reviewed by Jack on 28/03/2013
I was getting fed up with connecting my laptop to the TV and surround sound whenever I wanted to play a video file, so decided to ask for this for my birthday. So far it has played every video format we have, HD and SD .ts files from the Humax PVR, mkv video files, avi, VIDEO_TS folders from ripped DVDs etc. It is able to display subtitles from Humax recordings, which I couldn't do with the laptop (using VLC or MPC). Only format issue has been with flv which took an age to start playing, but seems like that may be a recent bug. One other issue is it stops any Windows PC on the network from creating a network map, even if it is in standby. So far this has been a first class performer.
5* WD TV live streamer
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/01/2012
Excellent device - received mine within 2 days with no special delivery ordered - chuffed. As for the device - yes it comes with BBC iPlayer already functioning. Plugged in my external USB disk drive and this device shares it so now have a basic wireless NAS drive. And with WDTV app for Android can use my phone as a remote - who needs expensive Apple Airplay? Faults - if any - when streaming music from Windows 7, if you disconnect the W7 source, it keeps playing (must cache the files I guess). Can take some time to index large drives (ie. my 1Tb external drive) but fetches all of the metadata, image thumbnails etc. Looks very professional on screen and makes you wonder why we need discs - how old fashioned! Slight niggle - hardly worth mentioning but when I resize my JPG's to 1080px it makes little difference as the device automatically seems to resize them for the screen. Quality is truly out of this world for pictures and videos.
5* Everything I hoped it would be
Reviewed by Christian on 17/02/2012
The media streamer is a lot smaller than I expected, it's hard to believe such a small silent box can do such amazing things!

Out of the box I plugged the HDMI into the TV, the AV cable into my speakers and turned the box on. It worked.

Found my TP-Link TD-W8960N router instantly and I simply typed in my WEP key and hey presto I'm connected.

It then prompted to update firmware and after the update it found all of my shared network drives and started streaming my movies flawlessly. Love it!
5* Excellent media player
Reviewed by Jon K on 09/03/2012
Had installed for a day now. Easy to set up. Picture quality fantastic. Been through my NAS and it's played every type of file I have on it with no issues whatsoever. Netflix works fine. My wife, who's not amazing with tech, managed to work it fine this morning and pull files to watch off the network so it must be easy to use. Overall very happy with purchase and next day deliv from BT was spot on.
5* Update to my first review
Reviewed by Jack on 19/07/2013
Since owning this unit for a few months now, I have some more to say. My overall rating is still the same. * It can't display subtitles from Humax recordings as stated in my original review - I don't know how I made that mistake. * HD recordings from the Humax PVR with surround sound nearly always have AAC soundtracks. As my receiver can't decode AAC the WD box downmixes to stereo. Supported formats are passed through ok. Pity the box can't re-encode AAC to AC-3. * Even with all library scanning options off, the box is still very active on the network when in standby. As the unit is atanding on a shelf in our bedroom, we have a permanent flashing light display on the wall from the network indicators on the back. The box also stays quite warm even when in standby. I can't see why they don't have a proper standby option if you don't want it to scan the network for media. * I have experienced the audio sync. problems that others have had with some mkv. Fixed by re-muxing file to .ts
5* Better than the rest.
Reviewed by Pete on 04/02/2012
Having had Sumvision and Xstreamer media players, the WD media player is a cut above those, it has a very fluid menu system, that does the job without complicating things. The picture quality is very good, i have only tried 1080p mkv and 720p mp4 and both played perfect and colours and contrast/brightness where spot on. Streaming is very impressive, no stuttering of L frame with MKV files, which is a major problem with the Xstreamer (best avoided). Sumvsion does not have many problems in playing files, but the actual hardware is very poor, i have had 2 players brick on me with no way of getting them back.
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