Customer reviews for the WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV

WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
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WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
4* BBC iPlayer?
Reviewed by Lee on 18/01/2012
Does anyone know if this will support BBC iPlayer or any of the other TC catchup streams?
3* Not so good for catchup TV
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/12/2012
I bought it for my mum, 83 yr. old, she is well into electronics with laptops and iPhone ... Set up was easy. The image quality is excellent. But disappointed to see that the only catchup TV is iPlayer. I was hoping to at least have all UK TVs, and I was really hoping she could connect to her favourite TV from other countries as she does on the net. It should be clearly stated on the product description that it is not good for catchup TV. It is really only good if you have huge online media files, or if you are prepared to subscribe to multitude of movie channels.
3* Good in parts, but very disappointing over all.
Reviewed by John Richards on 31/12/2012
This WD product is good for what it does, but it has some very annoying bugs and failures which makes it less than fit for purpose. The resolution of the media is very good and the graphic interface well thought out, but I cannot recommend it until these problems are sorted out: 1. Only one on demand service available, BBC iPlayer. This also has a bug where the pause/play function does not work correctly. 2. Media art work has to be loaded individually for every movie. 3. External drives either do not connect correctly, or are unable to use some of the important functions, like "Skip to a time". It particularly does not like my Seagate drive. 4. It has a habit of reloading the media library after any disconnection, which can take ages. 5. When watching a movie, if you try to fast forward or rewind, it can freeze and apart from the sound no longer functions; the only recourse is to disconnect the power. This is a shame as it should be a 1st class media player, but my Xtreamer is better.
3* Don't expect miracles at this price
Reviewed by Laurence on 24/02/2013
OK for £70 but set your expectations appropriately ! Some problems......
- installation. Took 2 days of searching to find it needs a specific exception in my Synology NAS setup to be able to detect it.
- user interface. Uses a rather strange horizontal scrolling menu which is very inefficient on space and means you're forever scrolling left or right to find things
- US focus. Most of the services are US-focused (though it does come with BBC iPlayer)
- network-heavy. If you have a lot of traffic on your network it won't work properly
- one storage location. It has separate menu options for music, photos, videos, etc. but you can only point it at one storage location. I have them in different folders so have to navigate every time.

And just to cap it, it was "delivered" by the Post Office, who, true to form, put a "while you were out" card through the door while we were in the house and ran off without knocking on the door, so we had to collect it from the depot.
3* Good for Video, but Music not good enough
Reviewed by BryanP on 09/10/2013
Video performance and functionality is good (which is the main reason for purchase), but disappointed with the Music functionality. Although it plays all my MP3 and M4A music, it can't display Title / Artist / Album tag info when playing via a Playlist. It simply displays the filename which is a ridiculous limitation, but bizarrely does also display the Album artwork. If you don't use Playlists then all info is displayed, but be warned if you do.
2* Avoid
Reviewed by Tiggidy on 14/02/2013
Does not do what it says on the box. Says it plays AAC audio, well yes it does but only in stereo!!! which for a all singing all dancing media player is just about pointless. And just to rub salt in the wound it is now refusing to acknowledge the existance of some of the newer mkv files. So if you watch a lot of digital content, avoid this particular device because it is not up to scratch.
2* Promise of a Great Product does not deliver
Reviewed by John Richards on 12/12/2012
This media streamer from WD looked like it would tick all the boxes for my media streaming requirements: access to my extensive media library on my NAS, access all the TV on-demand services from the internet, and enable me to attach external drives for my archives of media. First the positives:
1. Great resolution, images are HD sharp,
2. The organisation of my movies is very good: may be grouped by Genre, by Actor, etc. (but only when the individual TMDB media data is downloaded).
3. Initial access to BBC iPlayer is clean and seamless, and providing the programme is played from the start is streamed faultlessly.
Now the negatives:
1. Setting up the media library takes ages, and if the power is switched off or the network interrupted, begins all over again.
2. Downloading the artwork and info files for movies has to be done individually, not in one go.
3. Seagate external drives do not work.
4. BBC iPlayer cannot Pause then Play. If Paused, when Play is resumed programme is lost.
1* Waste of money
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/11/2013
If you want to watch Indian,Japanese or Arabic tv programmes this is the perfect player, in fact you can use it to watch anything as long as you pay to subscribe, i can use my laptop connected to the tv to be able to do much more.
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