Customer reviews for the WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV

WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
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WD TV Live Media Player - Play All Your Media Files On Your TV
5* Can't praise this enough
Reviewed by Jan on 05/02/2012
Bought this just after Xmas so have been using it continuously for a few weeks now.

Easy to set up, does it all with just a few clicks. Automatically picked up my wireless signal. Plays all formats stated even mkv perfectly.

Even the remote control handset is moulded at the back for comfort!

Updated the firmware and BBC iPlayer appeared, I don't have a TV licence or an ariel just used the TV screen for DVDs etc so this is a great addition.

I have an external drive attached to this now so all of my downloaded movies and TV series are available with one click, crystal clear picture and sound, absolutely perfect.

5* Western Digital TV Live Streaming Media Player
Reviewed by Ascorpius on 05/02/2012
Received my WD Live SMP yesterday. Very pleased with it and the service from, Netflix & IPlayer stream well in high quality. Plays/shows all my music and photos. Facebook is a little cumbersome but okay. The onscreen text input system is awful. I have bought a mini usb wireless keyboard, this works brilliantly with the WD Live. Very easy to input email addresses and passwords accurately and quickly. Overall a good buy.
5* Every house needs one of these!
Reviewed by Ribano Bran on 13/02/2012
First off download the lastest firmware. (current 1.0.6) Cannot recommend enough. And will not be disappointed. Yes it is more expensive that some budget media players, but you dont get the quality of use with this product. It will play virtually all formats you throw at it, more than any other media player in this price bracket. This product is 3rd generation of the WD TV Live. Can retrieve metadata for your media content from internet. Can connect to any type of network share, media server, and stream content. Can put the remote down and even control this via (FREE) app on iOS or Android devices. Heck of a lot this can do. Worth every penny. And does exactly everything I wanted and more. Has BBC iPlayer. Netflix. Accuweather. Can install custom themes. Display/Read RSS feeds. You dont even need a HD TV. Can use the supplied component cable. I played through my 13 yr old Sony tube TV. Excellent product.
5* It just works
Reviewed by Dan on 23/07/2013
Absolutely brilliant piece of kit, worked straight of the the box - connected wirelessly to my router and within 5 minutes I was watching you tube on my TV.
It also streams seamlessly from my Zyxel NSA320 (see seperate review)
4* Excellent little device
Reviewed by Andy Brown on 05/12/2013
I bought this because the old laptop i have had parked under the TV for ever was struggling to render some of the larger file/higher bit rate .mkv files i have been throwing at it over the network.

Plugged this puppy in and spent 5 minutes configuring it to talk to the relevant network shares and its was away and running.

Great quality playback, very easy to use (my wife could never use the laptop and she can use this no problem at all) and does everything i could ask of it so far.

I use it wired so don't have anything to say about the built in wifi, BBC iPlayer works great. I also don't use the games etc. so wont review those.

I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants an unobtrusive, easy to use but reliable media steaming device for under the telly.
4* Could be amazing
Reviewed by vmanneethling on 29/12/2012
First, the good: Video playback is amazing. Absolutely ZERO stutter/buffering even with 1080p. Neat extras like youtube app syncing with other devices, so able to play youtube vids from my galaxy s3 on tv screen.
the bad: Often has te re-sync with network shares, which takes a long time if you have lots of video files. Interface easy enough but sometimes lags a lot/freezes up.

All in all though, good value for money as it plays EVERYTHING and has some nice features. Hoping future firmware updates can sort the little niggly issues.
4* Very good, but...
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/02/2013
This media streamer is excellent value. It streams music, photos and videos (inc HD) brilliantly and was easy to set up. However, the interface is a bit cumbersome and entering logins and passwords using the remote's left and right to enter letters individually is a pain. The app to turn my android phone into a remote worked much better, but suddenly stopped working and I just can't get it to work again. Also, I wanted to use Spotify but discovered that you need to have a premium account. Finally, I don't find the Spotify and Facebook interfaces very user friendly. Having said that, it is an amazing bit of kit.
4* great little box
Reviewed by Anonymous on 24/05/2013
really good i have two of these and they play most video formats i would recommend to anyone
4* Good in parts
Reviewed by Anonymous on 07/12/2012
What none of the details explain is that this device does not power off the USB ports when put to standby. You have to press and hold the power button on the remote for about 5 seconds to turn it off completely. If, as I do, you have a USB hard drive attached, it is essential to make sure that the power is off.
This is a problem if, like me you use a universal remote which does not understand long button presses.
Another negative is that it seems very slow to respond to anything, powering up takes nearly a minute before you are able to do anything with it - which can be frustrating!
On the plus side, setting up was easy and it has played everything I have thrown at it so far, whatever the format.
All in all I am pleased with it. It does what I wanted it for although there are those niggles.
4* Great little player
Reviewed by Gary Mason on 30/11/2012
Had this player for 6 months now it plays everything I have thrown at it so far, the only downside is when the player is turned off the USB drive still stays on which means I have to keep un-plugging the USB drive which is a little annoying the WDTV live also runs quite hot.
Otherwise its easy to use and was a great replacement for my PS3 which didn't play enough media file types.
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