Customer reviews for the NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router

NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5.0 43
NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5* DG834 ADSL Router - Fantastic
Reviewed by J on 25/01/2006
Just purchased this ADSL modem from BT (ordered at weekend, arrived following Tuesday...excellent service as usual from BT). It must be as a result of the updated firmware the modem has, but it was an absolute doddle to set up, taking about 5 mins to have up and running perfectly.I put my computer together myself and this was by far the easiest bit of kit to get up and running. The DG834 is far superior in every respect to my previous old BT Voyager modem. My ping times to game servers are far less and more consistent; file download speeds are also increased and again more consistent. The firewall blocks everything that is thrown at it, including 100% from the full test at Gibson Research site. In summary this is excellent value for money, VERY easy to install and functions extremely well.....and yes, I am delighted with it.
5* Buy this router!!
Reviewed by Chris on 20/12/2007
I bought this router/modem as my old one wouldn't work with Vista. This is as easy to install as loading the software from the CD, plugging everything in correctly and going through a quick setup process. I tested the firewall at and it is as if my computer isn't connected. At this price you can't afford to miss out. Why go wireless if the phone socket is a few feet away?
5* Wish I had gotten one sooner
Reviewed by Tim on 31/01/2008
Title says it all really, easy to install and use. If you are still using an old speedtouch modem chuck it and get one of these, you'll be glad you did.
5* Excellent
Reviewed by Chris on 03/09/2004
I have just ordered my third one of these routers: having installed two for two other people, broadband is finally in my area!!

These routers are first class, out-of-the-box and online within literally 5 minutes. Great to setup, and very easy to forget about.

I have noticed that occasionally these routers "lose" the connection, ie, you need to login and reboot the router every once in a while, but this may be more a phone-company issue than the router itself.
5* Excellent! Excellent! and Excellent!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/07/2005
BT 2mb - Dell Laptop + Toshiba Laptop + HP printer + Hp Scanner + HP Ipaq.
1. BT service was first class: ordered @ 5pm - received Next day!
2. Couldn't get it to work at first - Spoke to Technical support - answered call immediately - no waiting - talked me thru - now working perfectly. Tech support were excellent and operate 24 hours.

Haven't tried it with Printer & scanner yet - but everything else is great.

*Must buy
5* Excelent bit of kit
Reviewed by Richard on 03/09/2007
i bought this because the WIFI adapter i had for sharing broadband with my PS3 was a bit unreliable and slow and also wanted to use internet without having to have my PC up and running. i replaced a USB modem with this and boy can you tell the difference its so much faster. easy to set up about 20 mins in total self configuring for your ISP's settings very very good highly recomended.
5* This router is more configurable than you think!
Reviewed by Henry Ford on 08/03/2008
If you know a bit about linux this router can open up tons of routing/logging and filtering possibilities. By default the web interface only allows a port to be forwarded not redirected, but port redirection can be acheived by using iptables within the shell. The router can also be used to host a very small web site! Yea, it is lost when the router looses power but you can recreate it by pasting instructions into the shell. A brilliant router with tons of features even without shell access. The wireless is great also, however you can't separate the wlan from the lan and both networks share the same subnet and dhcp server.
5* Great modem
Reviewed by Angus on 16/07/2007
This is a great modem/router/firewall that is easy to set up. The setup wizard detected my ISP's DSL connection information automatically and hey presto I was connected. It was a doddle to set up manually on my linux boxes too. However, I would like to pass on my experience with this modem. Initially, I could not get it to detect my BT DSL signal and I thought that the modem was defective. However, if you disconnect the ringer wire in your phone master socket (the wire that goes to connection 3) the modem works perfectly. Apparently, sometimes the ringer connection can interfere with the DSL signal. Don't worry about your phone not ringing because the asdl filter allows that to happen. This may not be a common problem, but the solution is easy enough. Again I would stress that the modem itself is a great buy and the fault was probably with my BT DSL signal.
5* 31.01.31
Reviewed by Darren on 09/01/2007
If it's one thing this Router has got going for it, is a firewall, that so far as I can tell, is about the best I have ever seen. Simplistic this product may be, but in short, an absolutely stunning piece of hardware if you've always wanted to get rid of software firewalls that just - basically - slow the whole show down. Firmware 31.01.31 is out there if you can get it. I've been using it for a few weeks and the stability and performance is just stupidly impressive and never drops. The only thing that will fail is the BT phone line you're using. Period.
5* Must Buy
Reviewed by Jamie on 11/03/2009
Excellent item. Set up in no time, auto configured. Network seems really secure according to Great service from BT, very good price and delivered in a couple of days.
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