Customer reviews for the NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router

NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5.0 43
NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
1* Simon F
Reviewed by on 27/06/2005
I'm sorry but this was a nightmare for me. Got on the internet quick enough but had big problems with outlook express. Spent 2 hours on the phone to technical support and they couldnt help anymore.
Have requested a refund.
1* Reliability = 0
Reviewed by GenArm on 18/04/2005
DO NOT buy this product!
I am using Bulldog 4 mbit ADSL and when the router works, there are no problems. Unfortunately it hangs about 4 or 5 times per day, in which case internet becomes unavailable and the router admin interface does not work either. After hard-resetting the router, it will work well for another 2-3 hours before hanging again. The latest firmware update, V1.05.00, did not change the bad behavior. When I was lucky, the router worked for a maximum of 3 weeks before hanging.
1* There has to be better...........
Reviewed by Alex Crolla on 16/11/2006
Having built PCs the problems faced trying to get this product to even install let alone connect to the internet was surprising, particularly as the ADSL modem supplied by my ISP for free installed and was up and running in minutes. 2 days after purchase it remains unconnected. Whether this is due to the software supplied or some other problem I don't know, but it hasn't increased my chances of buying Netgear products in the future. Others don't seem to have faced the problems I have, so read the reviews and decide for yourself whether this is the option for you. There has to be better........
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