Customer reviews for the NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router

NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
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NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
4* Good Product Poor Service
Reviewed by Oliver on 16/02/2005
Erm, firstly, this will be my last review on due to the fact they deliver parcels using Parcel Force, quite possibly the worst courier in the UK possibly even the world. Took 14 Days for the next day delivery to arrive. When I got it, great, up and running in minutes, 3 days later, it kept dropping connection and restarting. I had to revert to discontinued firmware to stop this from happening, I was extremely lucky to get this firmware, it was a friend of a friend who supplied it. It is apparently because of the BT Yahoo service that tries to refresh router settings every 10 minutes. So since the firmware backdate, its been fine. Reccommend 100%. If you are on BT Yahoo and still want to buy, email me for the patch if you have problem Another thing is its alot cheaper in other stores so shop around.
4* Works well - needs understanding
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/07/2004
I bought a router with much trepidation, having read quite a few negative reviews, particularly regarding support from NetGear.

I WAS connected and running in about 5 minutes. Big tick.

I spent the next few hours trying to get the Port Forwarding working. I need it for FTP and my web server. The more reviews I read, the more worried I was thatI had bought a turkey, as it just wouldn't work - or so I thought!

I DID email Netgear support, and they DID respond quite quickly - with the right answer. It WAS working, but that can only be seen from OUTSIDE of the router, by an independently connected external device.

Now I am very pleased with the DG834, and hope it can forget about it and get on with my life!
4* ftp worked fine for me
Reviewed by on 26/04/2004
Took about 10 minutes to set up connecting to bt yahoo broadband with 2 client PC's. Everything worked perfectly okay first time, including FTP.
3* DG834 FTP
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/02/2004
Very easy to setup for normal broadband use and worked first time, setup in 10 minutes but will not upload FTP. Netgear UK support accessed my router remotely and decided that port 21 would not open. They suggested various changes to the setup, none of which worked so left me to do a hard reset and setup again. This did not work either. Firmware upgrade 1.03 was not to be tried as netgear say they have problems with it. I am waiting now for netgear to produce a better upgrade.
Reviewed by Paul on 11/02/2005
Brought one of these, easy to set up, no probs at all on my BT enable ADSL line. FTP no problem, however when I went to chat to friends using VOIP software like Speak Freely I found this router does not support VOIP. I check this with Netgear support and they confirmed this. This to me is a major flaw and hope a new (If not already) firmware upgrade will be available to sort this problem. Especially as BT is about to introduce VOIP in a big way over thier Broadband network.
3* Light Work Load Router---needs rest if worked hard
Reviewed by Adrian on 26/03/2011
Purchased this Netgear DG834v5B back in August 2010 from BT under the quick ref code:-2VCD and started using it in October 2010, it was straight forward to setup and worked well with one pc connected, however since Christmas 2010 the router performance is quite poor with it dropping the internet connection several times a day if two or three pc are connected or xbox. It does not like being worked too hard and appears to run very hot and then dumps the internet connection, you then have to wait 10 minutes for the unit to cool, then works fine. It probably more economical to scrap it rather than return it for repair under warranty? Still I will not purchase another Netgear router, considering the number of revisons for this router Netgear should have had all the problems sorted much for design and manufacturing validation..!
2* Faulty power supply
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/06/2009
Bought July 08 to replace existing modem which carried on working. Only just opened to find faulty power supply. Netgear say they will replace but not holding out much hope.
Tech support based in India, calls at national rate and operators repeat and spell back everything said. FRUSTRATING. Will not buy Netgear again
2* DG834
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/12/2003
I have just replaced my old DG814 with this unit.
Very easy to setup, which I did about 5 hours ago, however I just tried to FTP out and massive probelms.

I checked the netgear webby, and found a firmware upgrade, applied it and hard reset all devices. No joy.

Emailed stating that FTP is a primary function, and that it does not work.

This will be going back to BT unles Netgear reply VERY quickly.

How can a router that cannot FTP be released to the general public.

I have found other reviews speaking of this problem.
2* Problem ridden
Reviewed by Graham on 08/11/2006
I really can't recommend this router as its performance is so aweful. I've had problems with synch when using p2p in 2 seperate houses. It seems that this problem runs through all DG834s (inc G,PN etc) but this particular router is exceptionally prone barely holding connection for 10 minutes at a time before dropping out. Its a shame as well as the interface is the best Ive used, the features are perfect and it looks good :P

Unfortunately this is probly the best router for its price - all of the £40 routers Ive tried (Belkin, LinkSys) have synch problems and this is the one I stuck with the longest so if youre on an air tight budget go for it and pray your line is good quality.
2* W A R N I N G ! !
Reviewed by Anonymous on 22/04/2005
The default Firewall Rule for inbound trafic is to block all ports. That's all fine except that it DOESN'T BLOCK ANYTHING if you have NAT disabled!!!
This is in firmware 1.0.5 but if you upgrade to the 2.10.17 (still in beta) it starts blocking them.

I cannot believe how bad this must be for Netgear publicity, it's a catastrophy!
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