Customer reviews for the NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router

NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5.0 43
NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5* very good!!!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/10/2004
spot on - out the box and up and running in 10mins - no problem with ftp, and tested with a security website - it had stealthed every port - would recomend!!!
5* No doubts
Reviewed by John T on 18/09/2004
I read the reviews before I bought, and thought the balance of probability was that it was a good product. Installed easily. Worked first time. FTP works fine. Excellent product. I have no doubts I made the right choice.
5* Excellent product
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/04/2005
The spec and reviews for this product suggested it was the right adsl modem/router/network switch for what I wanted to do (3pcs sharing internet and files, with one on XPpro, 2 on W2K pro). It arrived next day, was working straight out of box in 5 mins. Setup couldn't have been easier, detecting the ISP settings, giving me the LAN IP address to use in the PC firewalls. Rock steady since first switching on. FTP no problem (without any change to settings). Does exactly what it is supposed to do.
5* DG834 with AOL
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/04/2004
What is everyone on about FTP problems for? All you have to do is download and install the latest firmware 1.04.01 and set the correct MTU for your ISP. Which for AOL is 1400. You also need to set the MTU on all systems using the router with a program called DRTCP021. The fiewall gets full stealth on GRC shields up test - there are no ports unstealthed whatsoever. It is extremely simple to setup at the same time having a very sophisticated firewall.
5* Very good
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/01/2005
All working within 20 minutes - partly my fault as I forgot the full user name for my freeserve broadband connection. Second PC connected in one minute. Can't get much better than that! Yet to work out all firewall features...
Good product and I would recommend it.
5* DG834UK
Reviewed by Simon on 25/10/2005
Having previously had dial up, broadband is something
new to me.
So many routers/modems to choose from makes
it a difficult decision.
Bought DG834UK after seeing it recommended
by my new broadband ISP 'Metronet'.
Plugged in the cables, loaded the cd and all was done
in under 30 minutes.
Brilliant piece of kit for someone like me with little technical knowledge of PC's.
5* Awesome
Reviewed by Anonymous on 16/02/2006
Just got this and all i can say is in the title: Awesome ..

So easy to setup and use.. deffinatly will reccomend this to everyone else :)

5* Excellent
Reviewed by Martin on 14/04/2006
not being a coputer wizkid and needing a decent router for when my broadband is upgraded i read these reviews and decided to go for it.

installing and setting up this item was so fast and easy it was untrue. it found all my connections and set them up for me. Only thing i did wrong was when it asked for my login name i was ading the ADMIN/PASSWORD prompt it asks you to add at the begining of the setup. so a quick call to NETGEAR and within 2 mins they had me sorted. very helpful and friendly. First thing i then did was upgrade the firmware from the Netgear website which installed within 5 mins.

i have found this item so fast and stable to use compared to my previous USB Modem.

A quick security check has found the firewall to be working excellently.

would definitely recomed
5* All-Round Modem/Router Goodness!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 27/07/2006
It looks a bit like an expensive ladies purse, but if you can see past that (or like it) you will find a truly excellent marriage of first rate security technology with an ease of use that makes all that complex tech seem simple.

Took me next to no time to set-up and when I was done, I found that all my ports were "stealthed", making my PC appear not to exist on the internet, meaning that it would be virtually impossible for a hacker to compromise my network.

If you're in the market for a good quality ADSL/DSL modem router, the Netgear DG843 is the way-to-go for excellent tech, ease of use and excellent value.
4* Xbox Live NAT Status
Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/07/2007
I bought this because I had terrible trouble with my previous router trying to get my NAT status from "strict" to "open" on xbox live. This router gave me an "open" status straight out of the box.
I was also impressed with how quick and easy I found it to set up.
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