Customer reviews for the NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router

NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
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NETGEAR DG834 BT ADSL Firewall Modem/Router
5* Martin
Reviewed by on 23/01/2004
Just installed yesterday. Took 10 mins to install. Router auto connected to BT broadband with only the userid and password. PC's connected to internet with no problems. Very impressed. Ordered this on Tuesday arrived at my door the next day exellent service from BT.
5* Great Router
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/03/2005
I bought one of these routers because it seemed to be good value for money and everything that I needed.
I have had it for a while now, because I wanted to put it through its paces before reviewing it.
It's great, works straight out the box, I had all my ISP's connection details in front of me when I installed it, ready to go through the motions of putting in all the connection details. Instead, the router detected all the relevant settings automatically and did it all for me. Great !
After ordering it, I went back to this web page and read the reviews, a new one had been posted saying that it didn't support Voice over IP, which was a pain as I do tend to use Messenger and Teamspeak for gaming.
I tried it anyway, and it works fine. This router DOES support VoIP and I didn't even have to upgrade the firmware.
All round this product has excelled. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one to a friend.
5* Netgear Support
Reviewed by James Napier on 04/05/2007
Brought this as I needed a modem and more ethernet ports for my LAN. Setup was easy except Broadband would not function (due to presence of another router). Netgear was brilliant, talked me through and resolved the problem. (Default gateway must be manually set to the router/modem IP address). Excellent equipment.
5* Worth getting?
Reviewed by Mel on 03/01/2007
For the price alone, this is worth buying. Connection is swift if you read the literature provided, pretty much fool-proof. Connected a Mac G5, a Windows based laptop, and a Xbox 360, all woking with no problems. Put my own personal web site online in minutes and my Broadband connection increased by over a meg since I installed, (had a Speedtouch usb modem beforehand, enough said!). Very discreet and so far, reliable. Thanks for the next day delivery service, Amtrak have been excellent on 3 different occasions.
5* Netgear DG834 (Wired)
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/08/2005
I was impressed by how easy the modem/router is to set up.
I plugged everything in, and the wizard set everything up very quickly. All I had to do was input my ISP logon and password and everything was done for me.
The only thing I had to set up manually was to change my e-mails from connect via dial-up, to connect via network.
It looks pretty good too, so it's unfortunate that mine needs to be positioned on the floor between a desk and the wall.
Only one Cat 5 LAN cable is supplied, and this is sufficient to connect the nearest computer, but it's no trouble to buy more of the correct lengths for your particular needs.
I have networked only 2 computers, leaving 2 more available LAN ports, so I may decide to network our photo-quality printer too by connecting it to the router by an available adaptor.
5* DG834 FTP
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/04/2004
So impressed with the one I bought for home that I bought the same for work when we upgraded to ADSL. I've had no problems with FTP in either direction (I do use PASV mode as this seems a common problem with FTP servers).
5* Excellent
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/06/2005
Installed in a few minutes, detected settings and away. No need to use the CD. Clear quick start leaflet in good English was all I needed. Browser based interface is comprehensive and clear with, again, good English in the explanations and help.
5* Fine
Reviewed by Anonymous on 10/06/2004
No problems connecting to BT Broadband, using XP computers. It has a setup wizard that figures out the line protocol so I didn't even have to specify that. The default parameters were fine. It really was a 10 minute task from unpacking to using
5* Buy this for Messenger Webcam
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/03/2005
I purchased this after returning a faulty 3Com OC W/less 11g Office Connect. The 3com kit (in addition to wireless side being faulty) did not support my Cisco VPN and was dubious in supporting webcam via MSN Messenger. The Netgear 'just worked' in both cases. I bought an identical one for my mom! I expect the wireless version would have the same s/w support - but I decided to buy a 2nd of these in 3 days because I know it will work.
5* Excellent
Reviewed by Anonymous on 24/07/2004
Very good product. Booted up with knoppix and had it all configured and working within 5 minutes. The web interface is very good, and comes with a default setup which works and doesn't leave big holes (remote admin is disabled by default). Also like it using Linux (you can get the source from the Netgear site). I'd use this over a USB modem any day.
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