Customer reviews for the Logitech S-220 - 2.1-channel PC multimedia speaker system - 17 Watt (Total)

Logitech S-220 - 2.1-channel PC multimedia speaker system - 17 Watt (Total)
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Logitech S-220 - 2.1-channel PC multimedia speaker system - 17 Watt (Total)
5* Best low cost speakers I've seen (or heard)
Reviewed by Alan Clark on 10/05/2008
Very impressed by these speakers. You would have to pay a lot more than this to get something better.

The sound quality is really good and some decent volume (for an oldie like me). Don't go replacing your home theatre with them though.

Most cheap speakers suffer from the satellite speakers, the ones that go either side of your screen, being so flimsy that they keep falling over. These don't, they are very stable.

The sub-woofer is slim and will sit under the desk quite easily. there is a control on the back to adjust the amount of bass.

There is a separate control, with wires, that gives you a rather nice volume control. This also gives you a headphone socket, which works with or without the speakers turned on, but the volume control does not affect the headphones. The PC's microphone socket is also extended to this control.

I would thoroughly recommend these speakers.
5* Top speakers
Reviewed by Tim Jones on 29/07/2008
Ordered saturday morning, arrived tuesday morning.

the package looked smaller than i expected so was a bit worried. Hooked em up & gotta say excellent sound & bass response. handy volume control.

ridulous value for money. good for dnb, could even be used for a little production if u cant afford monitors.

£20 delivered? just buy them.
5* Damn Goog
Reviewed by Anonymous on 19/02/2009
Damn good Quality, sound is clear and i still cant believe the price of product. they rock my living room and thats not small. Ordering another pair straight after this review
5* Brilliant Product.
Reviewed by Tim on 02/09/2010
I bought this product on the strenth of the other reveiws. It is brilliant!! The sound is excellent and it looks great. I would highly reccommend you buy this if you are looking for some great cheap speakers for your computer.
5* Tub Thumpers !
Reviewed by Chris Peen on 24/03/2010
Bought these for the Price but having plugged them in was blown away. The sound quality of these is amazing, deep heart felt bass and crisp side speakers make this a must buy. I've just ordered another set as I'm so impressed.
5* WOW
Reviewed by on 28/09/2010
I purchased this speaker set as part of a Base-Value gaming system i recently built.

I had read all of the reviews and assumed that they were just being kind because of the value.

Having seen the size of the TINY speakers when they arrived i was concerned that i had made a mistake.

Tn actual fact the sound that these pump out is genuinely astounding!!

This set sounds as good (if not better) than my (very much more expensive) system.

A MUST BUY at this price... next system i build, i am buying another set of these for sure!
5* Logitech full on sound.
Reviewed by Anonymous on 14/08/2011
Having bought this recently [-/7/2011] it's been a real bonus. Game sound FX very clear and Music near perfect.

The actual round button shape which is your voulme control is a little tricky to get to grips with. You push the power button on the rear but in order to hear any sound you have to switch on a small switch located on the side of the round volume control button. This is not very well explained in the instructions so I found myself switching it on and off several times. Anyway it worked lovely in the end.

So very good Product-very poor instruction booklet.
Reviewed by ed on 26/01/2008
The sound quality and volume are great. The sub kicks out really good bass aswell. The control thing is really good, but the control for the bass is on the back of the sub, not the controller.
Best speakers and WHAT A PRICE!!
5* Excellent Budget Speakers
Reviewed by Paul on 20/08/2008
Just bought these for my television. It's fun playing "guess how much these speakers cost" with people. Small and sound fantastic. BT service also truly excellent as usual - arrived the day after I ordered them using just standard postage. If you're even reading this - just buy them, you absolutley can't go wrong!
5* Great Set Of Cheap Speakers
Reviewed by Andrew on 01/02/2008
Can't fault the speakers for the price. I bought two sets, one for my wife's PC and one for my laptop and both worked perfectly.

I found all cables to be of adequate length. The only nuisance was the two speakers being connected permanently together to a single jack (as opposed to one speaker plugging a jack, which could be taken out, from the other speaker) so I had the weave one speaker in and out of all my PC wires ;-)

The device used to control the volume of the two speakers is very useful.
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