Customer reviews for the LaCie Rugged Mini 500GB 5400RPM USB3

LaCie Rugged Mini 500GB 5400RPM USB3
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LaCie Rugged Mini 500GB 5400RPM USB3
5* Solid portable drive
Reviewed by Easton on 22/06/2013
I love this drive. It's rugged, compact, and very fast with USB3. I leave it in my laptop bag all the time, and it's been working seamlessly so far. Highly recommended.
5* Large capacity, small footprint
Reviewed by Micheal on 30/07/2011
Great rugged design, good size, lightweight, easy to use. I love this drive. It's smaller than the older Rugged drive I have and way faster. I've been transferring large files between my PC and desktop via USB 3 using this drive and I'm quite impressed with the speed. I would recommend this to anyone without reservation.
5* Great Rugged Drive!
Reviewed by Alexandre on 17/08/2012
As someone with small children that have just learnt to walk, I have witnessed how quickly a portable drive can go from functional to a replacement for a dummy. From purely a child-safety aspect I like that this Rugged drive will keep my data safe from sticky fingers, mouths and other incidents that may occur )
5* good drive
Reviewed by Brooklyn on 24/11/2012
I use this drive for my music and video library, as well as for backup. It works very well, and it's pretty rugged. It gives additional peace of mind knowing that it can actually take the everyday knocks that intense usage brings along.
5* Great Rugged Drive
Reviewed by Mason on 01/05/2013
A friend gave me one of these Rugged for my birthday recently, and surprisingly, I'm finding a myriad of uses for it! Transporting music back and forth to work, backing up files, etc. The speeds are excellent. It's so rugged that I don't have to worry too much about damaging it when carrying it around in my bag.
5* Good product
Reviewed by Kane on 14/07/2013
This is a really excellent portable drive. It provides fast data transfer rates with the USB 3.0 connection. Its compact profile, hardy design and rugged construction makes it fantastic for transferring data physically and travelling with the drive. In my opinion this drive is absolutely worth the investment if you want to keep your data safe.
5* Great Rugged Drive
Reviewed by Sage on 31/08/2011
I travel a lot and mostly use this drive on photo shoots for several hours per day. What I like the most about it is that it's very rugged and great looking. The drive is fast and very easy to use. It's just excellent drive for people on the go!
5* Rugged, fast and quiet!
Reviewed by Victor on 19/09/2012
I wanted a drive that I could take with me everywhere, and this Rugged Mini fitted the bill perfectly. I gave it a try and wasn't disappointed. It's solid, fast and quiet. I use it to back up my photos on my travels, it's a perfect size to go into a camera bag.
5* Works well
Reviewed by Lane on 12/12/2012
It's my first USB 3 drive, and I was a bit concerned at first whether I would work as well with older computers. And it does work, though not as fast as with USB 3. The USB 3 speed is amazing. My experience with this drive has been great so far. It's been a great buy and it meets all of my needs!
5* Rugged and reliable
Reviewed by Kianna on 29/01/2013
I was looking for a reliable drive that wouldn't break or get scratched up by the keys in my bag, and I think this Rugged is it. I've had it for a couple of months, been carrying it around in my camera case or in my laptop bag, and I haven't experienced any problems. It's a workhorse of a drive, despite its small size.
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