Customer reviews for the LaCie 2TB LaCie Network Space 2 Ethernet/Hi-Speed USB

LaCie 2TB LaCie Network Space 2 Ethernet/Hi-Speed USB
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LaCie 2TB LaCie Network Space 2 Ethernet/Hi-Speed USB
5* Stylish, compact, works well
Reviewed by Lana on 26/10/2011
The drive is light and compact. I like a lot the design. It works great and has an excellent choice of features. I created a separate user account for each family member. We are now sharing all photos, music and video files on the network. Network Space 2 has become our central media server, which is extremely convenient because we now know exactly what we have and where it is stored.
5* Satisfied!
Reviewed by Drake on 02/06/2012
I really enjoy using this product because it's user-friendly and works well. The setup was easy. The instructions are well written, and the web admin interface is very intuitive. The streaming on the network is a nice feature. My Lacinema media player has no problems working with this NAS.
5* Perfect for home use
Reviewed by Patrick on 12/08/2012
This drive is perfect for my family. With all our data stored in one location and accessed over the wireless network I no longer have to bother connecting multiple USB drives while I'm trying to work. My kids can watch movies through their Xbox and my wife can now access whatever she needs from her laptop. Absolutely brilliant!
5* Great unit
Reviewed by William on 01/08/2011
This is a great product with a great set of features. I've got one like this for my home and I'm very satisfied with it. It is very easy to use and works well. The software that comes with it is a breeze to use. The device is basically plug and play.
5* Nice, user-friendly NAS
Reviewed by Kaitlin on 31/08/2011
I've bought this to use as a central file server at home. The installation was easy. The device runs quietly and without any issues. The user interface is well done. There's a possibility to setup a remote access to the unit. I have not tried that yet, but the feature is definitely great for sharing content with family and friends. Overall I'm happy with this product and would recommend it without hesitation!
5* Good NAS
Reviewed by John on 07/03/2012
This is a very good NAS for home use. I bought it to steam media over home network to my Sony TV. The setup was very easy, though it took me some time to copy 1 TB of video, photo and music files. Oh, and I love the MyNAS app for iphone and ipad. It's awesome. It allows me to access my files from anywhere! I'm totally delighted!
5* works very well
Reviewed by Davin on 02/05/2012
Great product with a nice choice of features and a user friendly admin interface. It was very easy to set up, works well both with Mac and PC and seems reliable and very unobtrusive.
5* Fantastic product
Reviewed by Valery on 03/08/2012
Being a home cinema enthusiast, I have a media player connected to my TV and surround sound system. I have found that, when streaming some content that network performance can hinder playback. I have hooked up this drive to my media player over USB, and the playback works perfectly. The ability to change the share space on-the-fly is amazing.
5* Works great
Reviewed by Oliver on 30/09/2011
A quality device with a very good price. I've initially been looking for a regular external hard drive, but when I learned more about network drives I decided to consider a NAS instead. Data security and access speed are excellent. All that combined with a nice choice of network features makes a great deal. The drive is compatible with different types of computers, all the necessary cables are included with the packaging. It's a great choice as far as I'm concerned.
5* Bingo!
Reviewed by Mary on 24/06/2012
I bought this drive for storing photos and videos. Since all of my photos are now digital (no negatives!), I keep multiple backups. This is an excellent drive for that - large, convenient to use, streams to any device that I have in the house over the network and looks really great to boot! I'm really pleased with it.
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