Customer reviews for the LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0

LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0
5.0 18
LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0
5* great piece of hardware!
Reviewed by Bob on 07/09/2012
I'm glad we tried this d2 drive in our office. The speeds are amazing and what's better, when I got a second drive the two easily stacked in the rack-mount. If you're looking for something that is solid, looks and works well, look no further.
5* Excellent product
Reviewed by Madeleine on 26/10/2012
I've been using Lacie drives for years now, and this is the best one I've had yet! I have two of these, I use of them to store my design projects at work, and the other one to store my backups at home. They're quiet, fast and seem to be pretty reliable!
5* Excellent Product
Reviewed by Bob on 26/02/2013
I've had this drive for a while now and while I don't take it with me, I've taken advantage of the cloud storage that came with it for my most common files. I know that they're secure and I can easily access them no matter where I am. It's not a lot of space on the cloud, but it's more than enough for my daily use.
5* Fast, quiet, well built
Reviewed by Kayla on 25/03/2013
This is a good all-purpose 2TB external drive, with a few nice extra features. It's great for storing media files, running scheduled backups and just using as extra storage space. It's quiet and fast, and I particularly like the design. The aluminium casing is very strong and it helps to keep the data secure. Highly recommend it.
5* Great Product
Reviewed by Molly on 16/12/2012
I'm really pleased with this drive. It works well with my computer, it's fast and well built and it does everything I need it to. USB 3.0 is a real improvement, I'm really impressed at how good it is! Could never got back to 2.0 now..
5* excellent drive
Reviewed by Travis on 23/04/2013
This drive is an awesome bit of kit. I use it for backup, and it never misses a beat. Its universal connectivity is fantastic, and has been super useful in all sorts of situations. I particularly love the eSATA connection for high speed transfers.
5* So far so good
Reviewed by Eaton on 05/05/2013
I bought this drive for backing up my project files a couple of months ago, and so far it's been working well. I use LaCie Backup Assistant software with data restore that came with the drive. It works well. Thanks to the speed of this drive, it doesn't take up much time to copy files or media across. The design is great - I like a lot the textured metal casing.
5* very pleased
Reviewed by Mollie on 01/06/2013
Amazing drive, it worked perfectly from day one. I've got two of them now - one for daily backups and one for fortnightly 'deep' backups. Firewire connection is fast, and being able to daisy-chain the two units is so very convenient.
5* Works Great
Reviewed by Adrienne on 02/08/2013
I recently had to buy a new hard drive and after much searching bought this 2TB unit. It's simply great. It's quiet, fast, and reliable.
5* Good Drive
Reviewed by Alaina on 07/08/2012
I'm very pleased with this drive, the casing is sturdy and well-built. Actually, I really like aluminium enclosures, they are good for cooling the drives and look great. This particular drive is quite large (2 TB), and has an excellent choice of interfaces. I use it for working with media files and backups. So far, no complaints, it works very well!
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