Customer reviews for the LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0

LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0
5.0 18
LaCie 2TB d2 Quadra v3 7200RPM eSATA & FireWire 800 / USB 3.0
5* Good drive
Reviewed by Arielle on 11/11/2012
I got one of these to backup my PC. The disk in my PC was failing so I ran off a disk image onto this drive, got a new PC disk, and then reinstalled my files. Work fine, and now I just use the disk as my main backup drive.
5* great item
Reviewed by Savannah on 16/07/2013
I'm very happy with this drive, and in particular with the software that comes with it. It's easy to use and makes the setup process a breeze. This model is perfect for a small office, like ours. We use them as backup units, and out of five drives that we've installed several months ago, not one has had any issues so far.
5* Works perfectly
Reviewed by Victor on 12/12/2012
I've been using this drive for several months now and it's just great. Highly functional, reliable, compact, modern and stylish, what more would you want? It has more than enough storage space for all of my stuff and the backups are very easy to setup and control. Really pleased with it!
5* Expect no less from LaCie
Reviewed by Rory on 23/06/2013
I bought this drive together with my new laptop. The drive has been working seamlessly so far. The capacity is great, the speeds are good - now backups don't take much time at all. The power saving mode is particularly good, the unit drops into standby when my computer boots down, I don't even have to do anything.
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Shea on 30/08/2012
On a purely physical level, I love any drive that is quiet and works well with my computer. On a more functional level, the USB 3.0 speeds that come with the d2-Quadra have me continually amazed. I never realised exactly how much faster it was than USB 2.0. I’m never going to look back.
5* awesome drive
Reviewed by Laurel on 25/11/2012
This is a great drive. Setting it up the backups was so easy. Everything is automated now, the backup runs every night and then it just drops off into the sleep mode. I'm thinking of getting another drive like this for my media library.. Anyway, highly recommend this!
Reviewed by David on 25/01/2013
I've set up my d2 Quadra as a main backup drive. There's plenty of space for all my documents and photos and backups run perfectly. The drive is quiet as expected, which is really great as it sits on my desk. I'm very pleased with it.
5* great drive
Reviewed by Liam on 22/03/2013
I needed a solid drive for my work backups. d2 Quadra ticked most of the boxes, so I gave it a try. It was really easy to set up a secure, password-protected volume on the drive using the software that was part of the package. So far so good, I'm very happy with this purchase.
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