Customer reviews for the LaCie 2TB CloudBox NAS

LaCie 2TB CloudBox NAS
5.0 15
LaCie 2TB CloudBox NAS
5* Exactly what I wanted
Reviewed by Rowan on 11/02/2013
This is a perfect solution for a family media storage. I've set up several password-protected partitions. All works great. We can even stream movies to an iPad and access files remotely from any computer. It's awesome!
5* Great design and perfromance
Reviewed by Mallory on 24/06/2013
I've to confess, I bought this drive primarily because of its design. I love white, and there are not many white drives out there. Apart from the looks, I was also sold on its set of features. Performance-wise it's very good too. I have no complaints. A nice unit all around.
5* excellent piece of gear
Reviewed by anonymous on 18/08/2013
I bought this drive a couple of months ago and have been using it for my photo and music storage. It's been doing a good job so far - fast, quiet, easy to use. As far as I'm concerned it's just perfect for file sharing, and backup. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Rayne Sanchez on 20/03/2014
Excellent device. I can now access my files from anywhere, and from any device - phones, tablets, computers.. With its easy setup, clear documentation, and useful features, frankly, as far as I'm concerned, this unit is hard to beat!
5* Love it. Trusty and convenient!
Reviewed by George Silva on 10/10/2013
I researched NAS products for some time, and in the end purchased the CloudBox. I couldn't be happier, it's perfect for what I needed it for. I use it to store my iTunes library and stream music throughout the house. I've assigned a static IP address to it, though, to stop the router getting confused about the location of the drive, but that was a very minor annoyance.
5* Easy setup - works great
Reviewed by anonymous on 28/12/2013
This was about the most painless buy of electronic gear I've made in a while. A couple of cords, automatic boot, super easy configuration, and being able to get at my files from any place in the house (or, if I want to, from anywhere else). Love the power-saving mode and the fact there's no fan (and so, no noise).
5* Solid Product
Reviewed by Saber Miles on 01/02/2014
All I wanted was something that was simple to use at home for everyone in the family. This product delivered the goods. Very satisfied with the purchase.
5* good drive
Reviewed by Kingston on 23/05/2013
I spent about two weeks researching different NAS drives when I was looking for a solution for my media library collection. The Cloudbox fitted my requirements perfectly - it has a decent amount of storage, it's fast, easy to use and the design is simple and attractive.
5* works without a hassle
Reviewed by Emma on 24/03/2013
It's been a while since I've wanted to digitize our movie collection and I'm glad that I decided on the CloudBox. We're now able to easily access any files without lag around the house and even better, the CloudBox allows simultaneous connections without any problems. Highly recommend.
5* Great drive
Reviewed by Jesse on 01/07/2013
My 12 year old son loves to play music and movies on his iPad. The problem with iPad is that it runs out of space quickly. So I was looking for a storage device we could access even when my computer was off. The CloudBox provides that solution and whole lot more. The 2TB model will keep us well served!
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