Customer reviews for the LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive

LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive
5.0 43
LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive
5* Excellent drive
Reviewed by Kenneth on 24/10/2014
This unit is very compact, and thanks to its generous capacity holds plenty of data. I like its super-portability (no separate power supply, sold design) and the USB 3.0 interface is really nice..
5* Excellent portable drive
Reviewed by Kaitlin on 18/12/2011
I've been using LaCie drives for years and they seem to be very reliable. I particularly like this model. It has three different interfaces, including the newest USB 3.0. The drive itself is very compact, solidly built, good looking, and has a good storage capacity. And most importantly it works each and every time!
5* Very good!
Reviewed by Tristan on 28/04/2012
Not the cheapest drive out there, but it's totally worth the price in my opinion. The Firewire 800 port is a nice feature. The setup was very easy. The drive looks stylish, works well, and the orange colour is great! I love it and would recommend it to anyone.
5* Rugged Drive
Reviewed by Julia on 02/07/2012
I'm really pleased with this drive. I use it for my school assignments and to store my entire music library (1TB is more than enough for me). I can share my music with friends at school, the drive is rugged and I don't have to worry about carrying it around in my backpack all day. I like the bright orange sleeve and the aluminum casing.
5* Great Product
Reviewed by Wade on 24/11/2012
At first, my s.o. didn't like my new Rugged Triple because of the orange sleeve, but after it became clear that we could take along a huge media collection in a package that weighed less than 10 ounces, and was immune to physical punishment, the jokes about the sleeve eventually went away. Performance-wise, it's excellent.
5* Awesome
Reviewed by Alexander on 12/12/2012
After hunting for a new portable backup drive, I am happy that I decided on this 1 TB Rugged. It sits there happily doing what it needs to and powering down when not in use. The orange and aluminium exterior is a nice change from my old boring black drive.
5* Works like a charm
Reviewed by Grace on 02/08/2013
I'm not sure how many portable drives I've ruined over the years by dropping them, misplacing them, even by pouring coffee on one.. So I needed a new drive, and I decided to give a try to this Rugged model. It certainly does seem tougher than anything I've used in the past, it's fast, and very well built. So far I've experienced no problems with it and I'm using it on a daily basis.
5* Great backup unit
Reviewed by anonymous on 30/01/2014
With almost every common interface in the enclosure, this hard drive has been amazing. The choice is always to use the USB 3.0 connection, but not all computers have it yet. I've had the need to use every connection on it now, and it hasn't let me down yet.
5* Excellent Product!
Reviewed by anonymous on 25/07/2014
We tend to swap around data on external drives at our office, but so many of them look the same and it's really easy to get confused and take the wrong one home. This drive works great, and it has a solid and distinctive design. The private/public encryption software is excellent, too, as it allows me to protect my private files.
5* Great product
Reviewed by Autumn on 20/06/2013
This is a nice unit all around, nice rugged design and huge amount of storage space. I just can't get over the cost of storage these days - 1 TB for this price is amazing. (I still remember my first 1 GB USB stick - it seemed ENORMOUS in those days!) This drive is just what I was looking for, at a great price.
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