Customer reviews for the LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive

LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive
5.0 43
LaCie 1TB Rugged 5400RPM FW400/800 USB 3.0 2.5"Portable Drive
5* Well designed
Reviewed by Kevin on 08/11/2012
This is an excellent drive, at a very good price point. It's plug and play, very easy to install and the backup software that comes with it is easy to use too. My backups don't take much time because it's USB 3.0. I like the rugged look and the extra protective rubber and metal casing.
5* Works as advertised
Reviewed by Christopher on 26/01/2013
I bought one of these to take with me on travels. I wanted a compact and rugged drive for my photos and backups. It's a nice unit, works well, doesn't need an external power supply (just powers from a PC) and it survived already a couple of months of being carried around in my backpack! Very nice product!
5* Excellent value for the money
Reviewed by Mariah on 22/03/2013
First off, the drive is very rugged and easily portable. But the best part for me is the USB3 speed. Very nice. I've also learnt to appreciate the energy-saving mode and the encryption software that comes with the drive. I love it!
5* Sturdy and secure
Reviewed by Nick on 04/08/2012
I was looking for a way to securely carry data to client sites without having to always take a laptop, and I ended up buying this drive. I love the 256-bit encryption feature, and the rugged design. The storage capacity is good. And the speeds are nice too. I recommend this 1TB drive to anyone looking for a secure portable drive.
5* Excellent experience
Reviewed by Carson on 02/09/2012
With two kids who regularly like to use dads computer, I've been concerned on more than one occasion that some of my files might have been accidentally changed or deleted. Now with this drive (and thanks to the built-in encryption) I can sleep safe in the knowledge that my data is secure...
5* Great Portable Drive
Reviewed by Holden on 20/12/2012
Worked out of the box, no setup problems with Windows 7. The USB 3.0 is amazing, very fast. The design is nice too. Would recommend if you need a quality portable drive.
5* Great Rugged Drive
Reviewed by Claude on 28/03/2013
This drive seemed pricey to me at the beginning. But I ride the bus everywhere, and it dawned on me how much wear and tear my hard drive would have to deal with. This Rugged drive was worth that little bit extra so I don't go into a cold sweat when I get jostled on the bus. It's been rock solid, and works perfectly with my Sony Vaio running Windows 7.
5* Works perfectly for me
Reviewed by Harriet on 05/05/2013
I've got two teenage boys, who play their games on the family computer, so the issue of keeping data safe is s very important to me. This drive is just what I was looking for - fast, rugged, secure. I just copy the most important data onto it, and work directly from the drive. The data on the drive is encrypted.
5* Fantastic
Reviewed by Christopher on 17/07/2013
I'm so glad that I bought this drive. It's fast to connect and work, and it doesn't take long to shift data across. I've set up data encryption using the software that came with the drive, so I know that my files are always safe. This is a really good drive. I'd recommend it to anyone.
5* Good Rugged Drive
Reviewed by Terry K on 08/08/2014
I need to travel light whenever I go on a trip, as I tend to carry everything I need. The camera is the heaviest bit of it I've got, it's amazing how much those lenses weigh, especially in the end of the day, when you are tired.. I'm very pleased with this little Rugged, it's light but very tough. Just what I need on the road.
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