Customer reviews for the LaCie 1TB Porsche Design P'9220 USB 3.0 2.5" Mobile Drive

LaCie 1TB Porsche Design P'9220 USB 3.0 2.5" Mobile Drive
5.0 27
LaCie 1TB Porsche Design P'9220 USB 3.0 2.5" Mobile Drive
5* Very well buit
Reviewed by Fiona on 05/08/2012
I don't know much about computer hardware but with other external drives I had I've been concerned about their plastic enclosures. They always seemed too flimsy. This drive on the other hand is very solid. It has a nice aluminum casing that looks great and feels sturdy. I'm much more comfortable taking this drive with me when I travel.
5* Nice little HD!
Reviewed by Chase on 09/11/2012
I have to say I generally turn a blind ear to claims of bigger, better, and faster, because that's what advertising seems to be all about. But I set my Porsche P'9220 to copying large files through a USB 3.0 connection, the speed of the process got my attention right quick! Copying files is easily twice as fast, and probably more compared to my old drive (USB 2, three y.o.)!
5* Nice design. Great performance.
Reviewed by Ace L on 07/01/2014
I got this drive a couple of weeks ago and I'm really pleased with it. It has a really nice metal case, and looks great. Setting it up was easy, it works seamlessly with the Windows backup software. Transferring all my data initially took some time, all subsequent backups were much faster.
5* Nice drive!
Reviewed by Wade on 07/08/2011
I'm very satisfied with this hard drive. It has a nice well designed aluminum enclosure, which makes the drive look very classy. The installation was easy. The transfer speed is good. The drive works silently and doesn't get hot. Overall, this is a great product, I would highly recommend it!
5* Reliable
Reviewed by Anthony on 30/09/2011
This is a quality external drive with excellent performance. I've been using for a couple of months now and it has never let me down. It's very practical, compact, with a strong aluminum enclosure. The drive works perfectly with different types of computers. Would recommend without hesitation!
5* Excellent product
Reviewed by Jennifer on 03/04/2012
I bought this to use as a travel hard drive with my laptop, and it works admirably. It's fast, quiet, well built, and with a large storage capacity. It has a small form factor, so I just toss it in my laptop bag along with my computer. The enclosure is made of solid aluminum. It looks great and protects the disk better than any plastic would.
5* Great Item
Reviewed by Lucas on 01/06/2012
This drive is really good. Very fast, and comes with data encryption software. The drive is perfect for transportation, solid, and with plenty of storage space. It has also got a very nice design.
5* Excellent Drive
Reviewed by Marcel on 25/11/2012
I've got a wifi router that allows me to run a drive off it, so I set it up with one of these. I store all my music and videos on this drive, so I can easily share the files across the local network and stream content to other devices.
5* Awesome Hard Drive
Reviewed by Alina on 10/02/2013
A well built and reliable drive. 1 TB capacity is plenty for my work and personal backups. I've been using it for a couple of months, it's quiet and fast. Very happy with this Porsche, just what I was looking for.
5* Excellent kit, good price
Reviewed by Corinne on 27/10/2011
This is a great portable drive, excellent combination of quality and style. It comes with an almost complete kit: a USB cable and a choice of backup and encryption software. I'm also pleased with its performance.
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