Customer reviews for the DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem

DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem
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DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem
5* Draytek Vigor 120 ADSL2 Modem
Reviewed by Anonymous on 17/06/2010
I highly recommend this product - it does its job, there was no setup needed (just plug it in) and it's been reliable.

I used to do what most people do have an all-in-one wireless adapter/router/dhcp-server/modem. Well that's a pain to diagnose when something goes wrong.

I have a BT broadband service(they run a PPPoA signal in the UK).Just plugging this modem into the telephone line and all it does is act as a modem - simply converting the PPPoA signal to a PPPoE signal. This then allows me to connect a router to the modem with an ethernet cable and set the router to be a PPPoE client (router is now a acting as a bridge). All my router does is maintain the BT broadband service account details, and provide the usual NAT/DHCP/IP filtering, etc.

Now if anything fails it just a single point of failure.
5* Works perfectly
Reviewed by Michael McNally on 29/11/2010
Flawlessly worked out of the box. Replaced a Linksys AM200 in Router Mode and now have the Apple Time Capsule as a PPPoE client.
Back to Mac now working correctly without having to mess about like with the AM200.
Recommend to anyone with Apple Time Capsule / Airport Extreme in the UK
Also seemed slightly quicker as well.
5* Perfect for Airport Extreme
Reviewed by Paul on 21/10/2011
This could be an Apple device....just plug it in and it works.
5* Good product
Reviewed by Steve on 18/09/2011
Works perfectly - apart from the power adaptor, which was dead on arrival. But I had another, so I wasn't too inconvenienced.

Works well with Apple TimeMachine wireless router that controls the ISP connection via a PPoE.

Rather expensive for what it is.
5* Superb!
Reviewed by Peter Danckwerts on 12/11/2010
I previously had a Huawei SmartAX MT882 supplied by TalkTalk when I signed up with them. It looked ugly but did the job, until yesterday when it just stopped working. Unlike the Huawei, the Draytek Vigor was so easy to set up that I didn't even have to touch its settings, just change a setting on my wireless router (Airport Extreme). From receiving the package at 9 a.m., it took about 5 minutes to set up. It may just be coincidence, but my download speed, which has been about 11 MBits per second is now up to 14. Very small and neat, too. Would highly recommend. Hoorah for BT!
5* First Rate bit of kit
Reviewed by Lim on 30/11/2010
This has turned out to be the perfect device to use with my Apple Airport Extreme (also highly recommended for all sorts of reasons.)

The Vigor 120 worked well and reliably from day one and speeds have apparently increased by around 20%. I was initially uncertain as to which firmware update options to adopt but was advised promptly by Draytek in the UK. Whilst this modem has no settings to adjust or alter (it does work straight out of the box), it is very useful indeed that Draytek in the UK has detailed instructions and advice on using this modem with particular ISPs and routers like the Airport Extreme.

Not cheap, but because of reliability and performance a 5 for VFM. I am extremely satisfied with the Vigor 120 and with Draytek (UK).
5* Works straight out of the box
Reviewed by Grant on 14/12/2010
Whilst not the cheapest, anyone who has set up a new router and broadband connection knows that the real cost is all the time messing about to get it going.

Plugged in the Draytek (already pre-configured) straight out the box into my ADSL connection and then my Apple Time Capsule. Then a few clicks on the Apple Airport Utility to put in my ADSL user details / password and it works.

I'd set aside a good chunk of the weekend just in case but simply not needed! Also there is excellent advice/tips on the Draytek web site.
5* Does what it says on the tin, very fast
Reviewed by Max Bolingbroke on 05/05/2012
I replaced the TG585v7 router/modem I got from my ISP with a E3000 + this modem to get dual-band Wireless N for my home. I wasn't expecting any speed difference from this change, but I found that with the Vigor my internet connection speed increased from 1.3MB/s to 1.8MB/s and my ping to fell from 33ms to 30ms. This modem seems a bit pricy for what it does, but it does do it very well. Recommended!
5* Excellent!
Reviewed by Martin Gordon on 16/10/2012
The main advantage to me of this modem is that the setup is done in the firewall: if the modem should fail I can just plug another one in with no re-configuration to be done.
5* Vigor 120 + Apple Airpot Extreme = 5*
Reviewed by Stefan on 27/04/2013
Cannot fault. Works out of the box. No messing. Plug and play at it's best. Faultless. Apple Airport Extreme picked it up immediately. Entered connection settings and away I went. Painless and frustration free.
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