Customer reviews for the D-Link USB 2.0 4-Port Hub

D-Link USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
5.0 17
D-Link USB 2.0 4-Port Hub
5* tim - nice not dim
Reviewed by Anonymous on 29/11/2008
My name IS TIM - and I havnt done any decorating. I'm interested that one reviewer has 430V mains power !

seriously though - why does this hub need power - none of the alternative hubs need it? what makes this hub better & justifies 50% extra cash please?
5* USB Power
Reviewed by on 30/11/2008
The hub needs power , as many USB devices draw 5V DC , if you plug four of these into a hub with no power problems occur as the one USB port cant power all four devices,hence the need for a separate power supply,
5* USB hub
Reviewed by andy mac on 23/06/2008
Rob just by the fact that you have a room in your house called the study indicates that probably the archetypal Tim Nice But Dim and are best staying away from electrical items. Obviously you have learnt a lesson, which in life is a good thing, if you plug the wrong psu into something it blows up. Actually you indicate the fact the you are an upper class twit in another way, anyone else would have returned the item feigning innocence to the exact method of the items demise and requesting a new one, instead of posting an item on the retailers webs site admitting the you blew it up. Hey ho. I have the 8 hole version and as Tim, sorry Rob says it comes with a power supply which is nice and as some other inventive soul pointed out it does what it says on the tin, actually I am running a sweep as to how many times that hackneyed saying has been used in the reviews on this web site, I’m saying 1,789,643.
5* D Link USB Hub
Reviewed by Shug on 03/09/2008
Nice little piece of kit - simple to use as XP detects it straight away.

Absolutely no complaints at all about it.
5* Great!!
Reviewed by Patrik on 16/12/2009
Fantastic piece of kit! Have had a problem with power through USB for my Freecom Toughdrive 320Gb, gave D-Link a try and boom. It works!!

Recommend to anyone!
5* Damn it stopped working
Reviewed by on 16/11/2007
after decorating my study I accidentally connected it up to a 430V AC supply and it started smoking. Surely D-link should have anticipated this kind of thing and taken appropriate action. ie not sold it to a dummy
5* D-Link usb hub
Reviewed by Barry on 02/07/2014
I have had trouble powering USB hard drives direct from my computer's USB port.
The D-Link USB powered hub has no such troubles, and powers them up perfectly.
5* No Problemo
Reviewed by Anonymous on 09/02/2008
Took it out of the box and plugged it in - off it went. Doesn't list Vista in the blurb, but works fine.
5* A good buy
Reviewed by Patrick John McNEILL on 16/01/2010
I agree with the recent reviews - this is an excellent product, well worth the money. It works perfectly and is no hassle to set up.
If you need more USB2 sockets, especially if power is needed, then this is the hub for you.
5* unexciting but effective
Reviewed by Anonymous on 08/12/2007
Does what it says on the tin.

Plugged it in and my XP machine detected it straight away.

If I were to be critical, the LEDs are pretty bright and the power one can make the others look like there are items connected on the other ports when there aren't
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