Customer reviews for the Creative 5 Channel Low Profile PCI Sound Adapter Card – 24 Bits

Creative 5 Channel Low Profile PCI Sound Adapter Card – 24 Bits
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Creative 5 Channel Low Profile PCI Sound Adapter Card – 24 Bits
5* fantastic value
Reviewed by on 31/08/2007
very cheap considering other sound cards on the market.

The increase in sound quality was noticable over my old onbord sound "card". This is a fantastic card and i would recomend it to anyone that wants an inexpensive upgrade from onboard sound.
5* Great soundcard
Reviewed by Ben on 03/11/2007
Great value + performance, highly recommended.
5* Excellent value - beware of this issue
Reviewed by Rob on 22/01/2008
In case anyone is having issues installing this product I found the following useful - Excellent card for the price.
5* Great card
Reviewed by Chris on 07/10/2008
Installed on XP Pro SP2 and it went fine. Not problems and now I can get to playing my games again.

Quality card and for the price, you can't go wrong.
5* Quality Sound
Reviewed by Stuart on 14/08/2008
Installed in Vista with no problems. Cheap with good creative software. Good upgrade from onboard mb sound.
5* ...
Reviewed by Mike S on 03/09/2006
It works, it's cheap, it's easy to set up, it comes with the latest drivers. What's not to like?
5* Is this card Full Duplex
Reviewed by P on 05/10/2006
I know most cards these are but, I have tried looking if it is on websites with no joy
5* Good value sound card
Reviewed by Paul on 20/01/2007
Does what it says on the tin. Good sound. Good value.

Some useful software with it as well including a sound recorder and a utility for removing noise from your vinyl records when puting them on CD.
4* Great card, Great Price, Great Sound!
Reviewed by Alex on 16/04/2008
With the right speakers this card is great, Installed it easily on a Windows XP Home OS, Great drivers (No problems, yet) and a easy to use Sound manager (to control the bass, wave, etc)

They detect a sub-woofer and can adjust sound to a 2.1 speaker system, I'm pleased with this card and can recommend it anyone!
4* Strange
Reviewed by on 06/12/2007
On some games if the volume is too high the sound is cracky (Oblivion) you have to lower the volume if you want to enjoy Oblivion,and on playng music i dont get as much volume as i would want,although i always use earphones,maybe its more suitable for surround sound system.

Software could be more simple,i mean many different programs for avery aspect of the card,software could be all in one like Realtek does,more simple.

Improvement in sound is noticible of course but has some bugs with it..
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