Customer reviews for the Corsair TX650W 650 Watt PSU ATX

Corsair TX650W 650 Watt PSU ATX
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Corsair TX650W 650 Watt PSU ATX
5* I'm very pleased.
Reviewed by Cobus on 02/10/2008
This is a very good quality PSU, the packaging looks great and it has more power connectors than I will ever need. And it's very quiet.
5* Excellent Product!
Reviewed by Ben on 04/08/2009
I was recommended this product by a friend after I began building my own system, and so far it meets all my requirements of a power-hungry motherboard! Pros: - Quality product & very sleek - Stays cool even under demand - Power supply cables are bunched together in woven black nylon - Great V.F.M Cons: Whilst it is great it has all the cables you will ever need that will reach just about anywhere, it can be a royal pain keeping them tidy. Luckily my case has a place I can tuck them away, but otherwise you may struggle to keep it organised. A good measure is about 2 CD drives of empty space. Overall - fantastic. BT shipped next day for free and it was securely packaged. The level of service was impecable.
5* Good quality PSU
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/09/2008
This was my first PC build and so I wanted a stable PSU. Corsair is a great brand. 650w is enough to power my two Sapphire HD4850 graphics cards and there are plenty of connectors for the rest of my PC.
5* Nice PSU
Reviewed by lego on 28/10/2008
The package is fancy. When all the connectors are unfolded, it looks like a huge octopus, all connectors you need plus four for PCI cards, connectors are very long and can reach almost anywhere in the case.
5* smooth psu
Reviewed by Anonymous on 01/10/2009
works like a charm.
5* Corsair power XT650
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/11/2009
This is an excellent PSU. Performs perfectly with an i7 system and is the quietest PSU i've used so far.
No biggie, but if only it had modular cables it'd be perfect. The mass of unused cables are a messy inside the case.
5* Good Service
Reviewed by Tonu on 14/05/2010
Arrived next day, even with free delivery, in a box big enough to move house lol. Much quieter that the cheapie power supply it has replaced. Agree with the comments on modular cables. It makes keeping the inside of the computer tidy more of a task. I am well pleased with the purchase.
4* Good quality, plagued by fan issues
Reviewed by on 16/01/2010
Great PSU, quiet with the exception of incessant fan clicking. Spoken to Corsair, this is a fan speed regulator problem and not grounds for RMA. Take your chances with this one, as far as I can tell the clicking is not a rare problem, and whilst it doesn't bother me that much it will annoy those of you who want ultra-quiet cases.

Otherwise brilliant though, packaging exceptional, customer support exemplary.
3* BANG!
Reviewed by Mark on 05/05/2010
Thing worked ok... Iv'e had it a good few months now.... just went BANG on me big time! Flash of light and a change of underpants! BT don't want to replace it.... They want to send it back to Corsair for repair and could take upto 6 weeks! I'm thinking NO! I will buy a better differnt make from somwhere else...
3* went bang,quick replacment by dabs
Reviewed by Anonymous on 04/08/2010
had in core i7 system for around 6 months, went crack and bang and that was it dead.seem to have read a few of the same story.nice and quite but from this manafacurer would expect a longer life.4-6 weeks quote for repairs,credit to BT i had a new replacemnet in 3 days!
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