Customer reviews for the Corsair Memory Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case

Corsair Memory Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case
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Corsair Memory Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T Mid-Tower Case
5* Great case
Reviewed by Phillip D on 31/07/2011
Great case with lots of space inside (this is a huge case). Good cooling with air filters where needed and plenty of flexibility if you want to customise. Usb3 front port connects with a USB cable rather than motherboard connector. The connection cable is a little short but this is easily fixed with an additional lead Instructions for the case were almost non existent but the corsair forums helped, the fan controller cables are not labelled but once everything connected up it was easy to work out what they were for. It's quite expensive, although I think having had cheaper alternatives in the past it is well worth it. The White version offers a mesh side panel as well as the clear panel in the box. A nice touch. Large power supplies and graphics cards can also be installed with ease. Cable management is excellent. This was my 5 self build and by far the best case I have bought. Great BT service as well with prompt delivery.
5* White Graphite Series 600T Mid Tower Case
Reviewed by Laurence Walker on 21/12/2011
I recieved my White Graphite series 600T Case today,it came earlier than i thought and i was very pleased with the speed of the delivery.When i unpacked my case i was very pleased with the overall looks and well put together item.This case is what i have been looking for some time now i cant wait to get building it up.Thank you Laurence.
5* awesome plus a free game can't fault it
Reviewed by jasonr2000 on 05/01/2012
Well I took the dive with this case as everyone kept saying it was 2 small but wow they was wrong I got it today the 5th of Jan built up all my rig and it's awesome better case temps than before and my h100 rubs like a champ it loves it tge air flow is amazeing even big gpu's lime the Asus 5870 fit perfectly with pleanty if room This case is very well built with a Solid design and to top it all off its corsair what more can I say
5* 2 Niggles
Reviewed by Jill Duff on 25/06/2012
2 Niggles both concern the top panel connectors:
1. The USB3 connector. You need to aquire a USB3 M/B converter. The case cable has a standard end fitting. Otherwise it's a pass-thru and connect to the I/O panel job.
2. Fan connectors. There is no documentation with this case. A trip to Corsair's web-site will give you the SP on how to connect up the top and front fans so that they can be controlled from the top panel. There is no mention of the rear-fan. I guess you can connect this to the top panel as well. Me, I attached it directly to the MB.
5* Intelligent design
Reviewed by AL on 20/08/2011
This is a great case and it has many, many attractive features. It comes with two large fans (one blowing in and one blowing out) and one smaller fan at the rear. The way it is designed is intelligent and the ability to take the rear door off and access behind is a godsend. It comes with two drive bays, which you can move around. The bays have trays so you just slot your hard drives in. The front fan also has a dust cover at the front. The cabling features are intuitive and allow you to hide excess and messy cables behind the motherboard. The only downside I find is that there isn't a manual telling you how to connect the fans up with the power (there is a video on the Corsair website) - I ended up blowing the fan controller. Also the door is a bit flimsy. But verall, a beautiful case and well worth the money.
5* Corsair Memory Special Edition White 10/10
Reviewed by David lees on 07/12/2011
Can not moan at the price very good 10/10

Case is larger than you think wich is a plus in my case 10/10.

nice design well thought of in detail and its solid,

The only thing i have noticed is the side panel door the plastic door clips seem a bit stiff and are sticking a little,and realy there should be 2 locks not 1 as it is not enough to secure the side door securly, but overall solid side panel not a thin cheap door,

Ive allways had thermaltake cases in the past and this case takes the pole highly recomend.

and in english yes this case is around 20 inch high by around 10 inch wide 23 inch long,

Some people tend to stick a lot of junk on top of there desktop tower, if you do this with this one you will block the airflow,

caddy are very easy indeed slide straght out, the front dust cover you just press and it pops right out, no more messing around very easy.

the case is not light by no means, wich is good as it would have to have a big bang to tip it over dont have no scales.
5* Beautiful case
Reviewed by Jordan on 23/01/2012
I did a LOT of research before buying a suitable case for my new PC build and I so happy I spent that bit extra for this case!

First impressions were "wow, this is a big case!".

Lots of room for all your building need.

The quality is lush.

The inbuilt fans are more than enough for the average user (my system temp hasnt been over 30 degrees yet, having used it for 3 straight days on medium fan level.

Must have for sure!
5* Corsair 600T Series Special Edition White
Reviewed by Graham on 14/08/2011
This is an amazing case....... only down side is that it is Huge. Amazing features all included in the case and the cable management is great... works well with the Corsair H60 CPU water cooler... It will easily fit any Graphics card currently on the market..
5* This case is simply stunning
Reviewed by Liam on 25/10/2011
This case is built to such a high standard, looks fantastic. From the all black interior, to the all black cables the attention to detail is flawless. In terms of its "userbility" is incredible as well, the gromits from cable managment are perfectly places etc. This case will also fit E-ATX motherboards as well, (i contacted corsair and they said it wouldn't) it does partially cover the first set of gromits but apart from that no problem. Massive thanks to BT aswell for delivering the case so quickly aswell! Super happy customer!
5* Brilliant Case - Highly Recommended
Reviewed by Luke on 14/08/2012
This case is truly a beauty for many reasons that I will be explaining, not only does it give you a huge amount of space to work with, it stands out and looks perfect!
There is so much space inside this case you don’t understand how it is possible when first looking at the outside, the cable management system is impressive and smart especially as I have a bit of an OCD when it comes to the neatness of my cables, whilst I was installing my components into the case I noticed how easy it was to mount a hard drive securely into position due to the ‘clip’ slots provided in the case, I was also able to mount my SSD into one of these slots with ease due the space inside the case.
The design of this case is slick, modern and beautiful. It almost reminds me of something a storm trooper would be working on while he ‘owns’ some droids!
Still after using for 2 weeks, I have no problems with this case whatsoever, it ticks all the boxes for me and I have no question it will tick them for you too!
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