Customer reviews for the BT Iplate / BT Broadband Accelerator

BT Iplate / BT Broadband Accelerator
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BT Iplate / BT Broadband Accelerator
5* Very impressed
Reviewed by Leigh on 08/05/2009
This was extremely easy to install, less than 10 seconds!

Instantly my speed rose from 3.1Mbps to 4.7Mbps but I am told that it can take up to three days for the exchange to re-sync to get even higher.

Well worth it for that price.
5* Bell wire isolator
Reviewed by Richard on 11/04/2009
This piece of kit is great- it can seriously up the speed up your existing broadband by isolating the un-used bell wire thereby elimination a lot of the interference caused by the wire.
5* Speed up by 1.2mb
Reviewed by Jonathan on 06/05/2009
I installed one of these on Saturday and noticed a jump in line speed within 24 getting up to 6.8mb router uses 8 year old extension cable, about 5 metres away from the BT main socket so didn't expect to get much of an inprovement if very happy to have improved speeds with such a simple 2 minute insall...
5* Superb for the money
Reviewed by Stephen McCrindle on 15/07/2009
If I could give it 6 stars I would.

Was getting 19MB, then I plugged in my new Belkin N1 Router and got 20MB... THEN I added the iplate and compared speeds - I was now getting 22.120MB.

Not bad for a little over a tenner. Excellent.
5* BT Iplate
Reviewed by Anonymous on 20/11/2009
I bought this item a couple of days ago and was initially a bit sceptical but I was wrong its great my adsl download speed went from about 3MB to 5.5MB after a couple of days

Well worth the £8
5* Very Useful Gadget
Reviewed by Hurricane Smith on 29/04/2009
Only being 25 meters from our BT exchange I didn't think this gadget would be of much use. However even I noticed an increase in my internet speed. Well done iPlate. So easy to install too!
5* Awesome
Reviewed by Steve on 04/08/2009
My connection speed was typically 1.3meg (based on what my router indicated), I put this I-plate in (takes no more than a minute if you have a screwdriver to hand) and when the router connected back up I instantly had 2.8meg, I am astonished and all for £7, I would have happily paid £70.
5* A bit sceptical...
Reviewed by Terry on 18/06/2009
...but for about a tenner, I thought it was worth a try. My BT connection had been around 1.5 MB/s, and for the money, any improvement would have been worthwhile. It took overnight for the change to register, but the day after it was installed, the download speed doubled, confirmed by various ADSL speed checkers. I can still hardly believe it.
5* Amazed
Reviewed by on 09/05/2009
Given how inexpensive this was I thought I'd give it a try. I truth I didnt expect to see much difference.
My speed doubled immediatly after instal. I had to check it twice before I could beleve it
5* BT I-Plate
Reviewed by Marco Dawson on 04/08/2009
I have terrible broadband usually ranging from a download speed of around 80kb/s so I had nothing to lose in trying this I-Plate. I now have a download speed of 214kb/s. Best £7 I ever spent. Highly recommended to give it a go.
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