Customer reviews for the Cables Direct 2m DVI-D to DVI-D Cable

Cables Direct 2m DVI-D to DVI-D Cable
5.0 15
Cables Direct 2m DVI-D to DVI-D Cable
5* bargain!!!
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/09/2006
excellent cable. very good picture,great price, would expect to pay £25 - £30 normally. BT have done it again!!!
5* works a treat!
Reviewed by Roy on 26/08/2008
Does what it says on the tin(err bag!)

I noticed the difference when I plugged the dvi lead into my new wide screen lcd.

happy days.
5* DABS Value DVI Cable 2M
Reviewed by Dave T on 18/07/2007
Works perfectly and the colour is totally irrelevant.[ it's white, by the way.]
5* Does what it says on the tin
Reviewed by Matt on 26/07/2007
No messing it is what it is and it does it very well for the price, yes it is beige but frankly you'll never see the lead anyways, for this money it is the cheapest solution for those on a budget.
5* dvi cable dabs
Reviewed by podd on 11/12/2006
good price, was black like the pic even tho description said baige but i wanted black :) works great, good buy
5* Its a Cable
Reviewed by Alisdair on 19/05/2006
Its a DVI cable. I got it for my new 19" TFT monitor and it does it job V.well
5* DVI - DVI Cable
Reviewed by Adam DTG on 06/07/2006
An excellent step up from an analogue collection; this cable offers a flicker-free display with a wider colour range. The signal is not compressed as with an analogue resulting in the user getting the most out of their monitor. A must buy if you own a graphics card and monitor with a DVI port.
5* Note: it is beige
Reviewed by Jo on 19/07/2006
I didn't read the spec properly and assumed the cable would be black like the picture. Still, it does the job :)
5* DVI cable
Reviewed by Barry Clark on 12/08/2006
Don't go to pCWorld of Maplin if you need a DVI-DVI cable - they want £25-30 for the same cable... This is incredible value for money!
5* Not black, but works well
Reviewed by Andy Brown on 17/08/2006
The specification clearly says that this cable is beige. I ordered it thinking it was black from the picture, without reading the spec.

Works very well and is a must-have for anyone with a DVI port on their graphics card and monitor. DVI will give you a much clearer picture and a wider colour range -- very noticeable when you compare it directly with VGA.
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