Customer reviews for the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler (Intel & AMD Compatibility)

Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler (Intel & AMD Compatibility)
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Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev.2 CPU Cooler (Intel & AMD Compatibility)
4* Not Suitable for AM3 socket phenom
Reviewed by jalex on 23/01/2014
product description claims suitable for am3 socket. however the contact late on the heatsink is far too small, smaller in fact than the notoriously inadequate stock cooling that comes with the chip. If you wish to risk incomplete and uneven cooling then buy it by all means :p
Our response
Hi jalex, it definitely is ok for AM3 > <>
4* Good cooler but..
Reviewed by Anonymous on 03/01/2012
Good cooler but too large for the Asus M5A99X EVO AM3+ fouls the first memory slot due to the heatsink orientation. For some reason its been designed to blow down the board instead of the usual across the board and out the rear vents...
4* Great cooling, but a tad temperamental
Reviewed by Leo Spanswick on 09/03/2012
First, installation: The fan was relatively easy to install, the only difficulty being that it's hard to get the screws to connect to the attaching point on the motherboard. The pre-applied thermal compound is perfectly good, and saves money and messing about.

Second, performance: The fan performs admirably at around 1500rpm, keeping my CPU at around 31C when browsing and listening to music, and the temp doesn't go above 39C when gaming. At this RPM, it's inaudible above my case fan.

Cons: The cons of this fan are that it does obstruct the first RAM slot on my motherboard, so I can't have a full complement of memory, but for the average user, 2 slots should be enough. Also, in an AMD system, the fan either blows up or down the case, which isn't great for cooling.
The main problem however, is that it sometimes causes a problem when booting up, and you need to press F1. This can be solved by disabling Qfan in the BIOS, but then the fan runs at a stead 2000 RPM, and can be heard a lot.
3* If only
Reviewed by Andy on 30/12/2011
This fan/heatsink is fairly large. It effectively ruled out one dimm slot on my MoBo (ASUS M5A97 AMD) which I had kind of expected anyway.

Fan and motherboard didn't play well together, with the RPM of the fan being detected as 0 or 950,000 periodically. MoBo has checked out okay, so will be returning the fan. This caused stability issues, in Win XP. Didn't try in Win 7, but didn't fancy taking the risk.

A bit fiddly to fit (access to the 2 screws, and reattaching the fan), but well worth £15.
2* Another ASUS problem...
Reviewed by Anonymous on 05/01/2012
My motherboard (Asus P8Z68-V) will not power the fan on the heatsink. The mobo requires F1 to be pressed at each boot. I'm currently having to use it passively, which it actually does surprisingly well, whilst having CPU fan monitoring disabled.
1* Good cooler, but gives false readings on CPU speed
Reviewed by Jon on 23/01/2013
Easy to fit and seems to do the job well keeping temperatures down with relatively low fan speeds. It has the usual issue of protruding into the area of the Motherboard where your memory slots are. It completely covers the fisrt slot on my Asus P8Z77-V.

The issue with the fan (also mentioned in other reviews) is that the signal to tell the Motherboard how fast the fan is spinning is very unreliable. This is especially the case at lower speeds where the signal will drop to zero. This will then spook your BIOS and/or any monitoring software you have and alarms will start to be triggered. You can usually turn these off, but to be honest you really shouldn't have to.

After research this seems to be a common problem. For £15 I'm not going to return it, but I am going to replace it with something else.
1* Doesn't fit
Reviewed by Joe on 13/10/2012
Well after buying it reading it supports AM2 Sockets I bought it high hopes since my AMD fan sounds like a plane, I received it with the fitting too small for my CPU and the bearing not fitting my motherboard. The fan is more than likely extremely good but wrongly advertised. I'm now out of pocket with a fan I can't use.
1* Fan your Troubles
Reviewed by Anonymous on 26/08/2011
Be aware & check your motherboard will support the power this unit needs. We found on 2 ASUS motherboards this blew the first & the second new one makes the user press f1 after halting with a warning message. If you have a quirky fitting to power this from the PSU you will need a basic one connected to the CPU fan socket on the motherboard so that's a waste of money!!
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