Customer reviews for the Antec 900 Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case (Black)

Antec 900 Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case (Black)
5.0 39
Antec 900 Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case (Black)
5* Excellent case
Reviewed by Alan on 25/04/2007
Fantastic, I had a thermaltake Xaser before this and it really showed it up for what it was, overpriced and over-rated. This took my Oc'ed 3.6Ghz 6600 Conroe from 35-40 idle straight down to 26, reaching a high of 34 on load. Quite simply an overclockers dream. Layout wise it's managed to squeeze in and cool a pair of Asus 7950Gx2's, a scythe ninja cooler and 4 sata 2 Drives. The temperature drop has been impressive to say the least. The case is reasonably quiet, (I have all the fan speeds set at "medium") My only complaints are that (a) the cable management could have been a little better and (b) led's.. Why do we feel the need to light up the case like a christmas tree? I've de-activated mine. Now it just looks sleek and black...Also the 2 fans on the front will suck a lot of dust into the pc, i'd advise a pair of filters as well. Apart from that it's an amazing case and well worth the purchase price, the top mounted controls are neat as well. Five stars.
5* Brilliant
Reviewed by on 02/04/2008
Great case Pros: Looks great with all the LED fans. Keeps computer really cool. Very good price. Very quite on low fan speed. Cons: Not as much room as I was hoping for - but it fits my 8800GTX. Overall I am very happy with this case. It is the first gaming case I have bought so I don’t really have anything else to compare it to. But I would definitely buy another one. Excellent delivery time as usually with BT – ordered Sunday and arrived Tuesday.
5* Brilliant
Reviewed by simon on 04/01/2009
Best buy i have made for my pc, big! fans good looking nice size, i like the fact the power supply is at the bottom and the big 200mm fan is at the top.could have had a few more front loading bays (only has 3) and also didnt come with a side fan, would have been a nice extra
5* Has all the perks i wanted
Reviewed by Anonymous on 02/05/2007
This is an amazing case,and for that price a bargin, had mine for about a month now and got 6fans all blowing away an cpu never seems to go over 35, tho ill admit abit noisey when u put all the fans on max but nothing some headphones wont fix :).
5* Temps say it all
Reviewed by Marty D on 25/01/2008
Old case
CPU 42
GPU1 58
GPU2 56
CPU 55
GPU1 73
GPU2 71


CPU 24
GPU1 39
GPU2 38
CPU 29
GPU1 49
GPU2 46

CPU 23
GPU1 38
GPU2 38
CPU 28
GPU1 46
GPU2 46
Not much in it so keeping them on low :)
All I can say is buy it, its has drop all my temps by 19-20 c or more ;)
5* Cool - in more ways than one!
Reviewed by Matt on 31/01/2008
Wow, this is a cool case! First, let's just say, it looks immense. It a real beast of a case, and it shows. Second, the cooling potential in this case is shocking. It has 2 front fan mounts, one middle fan bracket (on its handy HDD module compartments), one side panel fan mount, one rear fan mount, and the HUGE 200mm top fan! All the others are 120mm fans. SO thats 6 fans, and they perform like a dream. I started with just 4 (top, rear, front) but just bought 2 more for the sake of things. Even with only the 4 included fans, my temperatures were cold as ice! Add 2 more, and you are flying! I recommend - front, middle, side are used as intake, rear and top as outtake. This gives superb thermal flow over your HDDs, GPUs and CPU. Only con? The front mesh grid visibly collects dust. Dust filters recommended. NB: The power supply is mounted on the floor of the case.
5* Excellent Ice Cool Case
Reviewed by Mark on 30/05/2008
Absolutely brilliant case, keeps everything ice cold even when under load. The massive fan on the top is just amazing.

The fans aren't controlled by motherboard so the noise levels have to be adjusted manually. But even on low settings the rig is just so cold you could keep butter from melting inside. (not recommended).

Sublime case with the right heat sync, (thermaltake blue Orb)
5* Excellent Case, well worth it
Reviewed by Jalipero on 20/01/2010
An excellent case and great value for money with all the additional cooling built into it, 2 for the hard drives blowing air in and the HUGE top fan for extraction, cooled the innard just lovely.

The only thing I would mention is to make sure you have long cables on your PSU. With it being a tall case and the PSU being fitted at the bottom, I had to buy a couple of extensions for teh molex power cables.
5* Supercool case
Reviewed by Anonymous on 23/07/2010
I bought this case on the strength of the reviews here and I wasn't let down. This case offers some serious cooling capacity, while being gentle on the ears: with all the fans set to low my GPU temp dropped by 30C and CPU by 20C at full load. And it's good to know that I can up the fan speeds for further cooling potential.

My only quibble is the case size: it could do with being a little longer to better accommodate the next generation GFX cards. Just installed an XFX ATI HD5850 and it was a bit of squeeze.

And I'm a little gutted that the price dropped to £70 (from £85) a week or so after I bought it!
5* Not bad at all
Reviewed by on 21/09/2010
Bought on the strength of reviews, not disappointed. A few points to note:

The case comes with a wide variety of screws of all different shapes and sizes. The manual can be a little bit vague about what is supposed to screw in where, and I ended up having to verify online which screws I was supposed to be using.

Additionally, unlike other cases (such as the Three Hundred), this case does NOT come with dust filters over the fans. Not a huge issues obviously, but if you were expecting these based on Antec's other products, let it be known that they aren't here.

Also, there is a grate on the left side of the case, down low near the graphics cards, for an optional extra 120mm fan. If you don't want a fan here, you should get a dust filter or just cover up the hole, because it lets a LOT of dust in. I would recommend getting an additional fan anyway, because it blows directly onto the GFX card. Antec recommed their TriCool fan, though obviously any 120mm fan will do.
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