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Zalman CNPS2X Low Profile CPU Cooler

Zalman CNPS2X Low Profile CPU Cooler

Quicklinx: 9071WS00
Mfr#: CNPS2X
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Tiny 120 W class cooler applied the DTH, 'S' bending technology and the optimal heat dissipation design. Emit the air straight from the fan to the mother board through down blowing design, it cools down not only the CPU but also the components around it.

Direct Touch Heatpipe (DTH) Base technology transfers the CPU's heat directly to heatpipes, thereby minimizing heat resistance and maximizing cooling performance.

Compatible with Intel 1150/1156/1155/775 and AMD FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2



Product Description
ZALMAN CNPS 2X - processor



Product Type
Package Content
Thermal paste
8.4 cm
8.4 cm
2.7 cm
83 g

Heatsink & Fan

Compatible With
Socket 775, Socket 1156, Socket AM2, Socket AM2+, Socket AM3, Socket 1155, Socket AM3+, Socket FM1, Socket FM2, Socket 1150
Processor Compatibility
Core i7 Extreme Edition - all speeds , Core i7 - all speeds , Core i5 - all speeds , Core i3 - all speeds , Core 2 Quad - all speeds , Core 2 Duo - all speeds , Core 2 Extreme - all speeds , Pentium Dual Core - all speeds , Pentium D - all speeds , Pentium 4 - all speeds , Celeron D - all speeds , Phenom II - all speeds , Athlon II - all speeds , Opteron - all speeds , Phenom - all speeds , Athlon 64 FX - all speeds , Athlon X2 - all speeds , Athlon - all speeds , Sempron - all speeds
Heatsink Material
Aluminium and copper
Fan Bearing
Long Life Bearing
Rotation Speed
1500-2600 rpm
Noise Level
17.4 - 22.7 dBA
Rated Voltage
12 V
Heat pipe technology, Pulse-width modulation (PWM) support

Customer reviews

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Be careful when buying, Test board before fitting!!
Reviewed by Anonymous Review Posted 13/10/2014

My personal experience with this cooler. The cooler has a back-plate attachment behind the CPU Socket which is affixed with double sided sticky tape so once the CPU socket back-plate is affixed it is a nightmare to remove. I did not test my motherboard prior to fitting the fan and the motherboard turned out to be faulty but due to the customization of the board with the original back-plate removed due to fitting one of these I was unable to return it to BT. Ended up selling the board and fan on Ebay for £6 as a combo. So my warning to anyone who purchases one of these is to test your motherboard before fitting one of these else you may have problems returning a faulty board.

  • Overall 2*
  • Ease of use 5*
  • Value for money 5*

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