WD Sentinel RX4100 8TB (4 x 2TB) Windows Storage Server 4-bay 1U Rackmount NAS

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Connect. Protect. Collaborate.

WD Sentinel™ RX4100 8TB small business storage server with complete data protection

* Unified storage with integrated NAS, iSCSI SAN and backup server in a 1U rack mount enclosure
* Easy to set up, easy to administer
* Enterprise-grade data protection for up to 25 computers in a small business
* Fast and secure shared network storage
* Secure remote access to business data (sub-domain included)
* Ships with four hot-swappable enterprise-grade drives, pre-configured in RAID 5 from WD
* Bare Metal Restore software for Windows® clients included
* Easy data retention policy implementation for Windows® clients
* Block-level data deduplication implemented on Windows® client backups
* Compatible with Time Machine® backup for Mac OS® Clients
* Fast and easy restore functionality in case of data loss or system failure
* Create virtual storage using iSCSI Target powered by StarWind®
* Easy management with an intuitive administration dashboard
* Native Active Directory Join Support (Windows® Storage Server 2008 R2 Essential OS)
* Intel® Atom™ dual-core 1.8 GHz processor with 4 GB of memory
* Dual Gigabit Ethernet for redundancy and performance
* VGA port to connect monitor for onboarding and troubleshooting
* 2x USB 3.0 ports on the back and 1x USB 2.0 port on the front panel for mouse/keyboard
* Redundant user-serviceable power supplies available for redundancy
* KeepVault™ Online Storage Service preinstalled with RX4100 for optional Disaster Recovery Service
* Lockable front bezel for theft prevention
* Worldwide service and support offerings from WD Guardian™ Services

* Highly affordable and reliable unified storage with integrated NAS, iSCSI SAN and backup server
* Centralized, on-premise server-based backup for up to 25 Windows® and/or Mac OS® client computers (backup software included for Windows® clients, Time Machine® backup for Mac OS® clients)
* Automatic server-initiated daily Bare Metal Backup for Windows® clients, with file/folder or Bare Metal Restore capabilities, including block-level data deduplication
* Centralized shared storage for entire small business
* Access files from virtually anywhere, on any device with an Internet connection
* Fast and reliable block-level storage for your virtual machines or application servers using iSCSI Target powered by StarWind®
* Pre-installed hard drives optimized for reliability, quality and performance in RAID-5 configuration
* Pre-installed Windows® Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials OS and support for off-site data backup for disaster protection*

Ideal for:
* Small business network for up to 25 computers and users.
* Protecting your critical business data with comprehensive data protection - WD drives, RAID, automatic backup, dual Ethernet ports, optional power supply and optional disaster recovery.
* Setting up automatic backups for up to 25 Windows® or Mac® OS-based client computers.
* Restoring files, folders or an entire computer image in the event of a system failure.
* Providing secure remote access to clients, employees or contractors who work remotely.
* Offering cross platform file sharing with Windows®, Mac®, Linux® and UNIX® operating systems.

Whether you're an IT expert or not, WD Sentinel™ RX4100 is easy to install and provides secure unified storage, complete data protection, iSCSI SAN and remote file access for your employees and trusted vendors while in the office or from anywhere.

Easy Installation
The easy setup process allows you to integrate WD Sentinel™ RX4100 into your office network like a pro. The administration dashboard quickly guides you through the process including adding users, setting up data access, creating shared folders, and scheduling backups.

Easy administration
WD Sentinel™ RX4100 is the ideal rack mount storage server for small businesses. Its easy administration features include four drive bays with hot swappable design; redundant user-serviceable power supplies; user-serviceable fans and email alerts. In the event that an IT professional's assistance is needed, the WD Sentinel™ RX4100 allows them to manage the server remotely. Now that's easy!

Comprehensive data protection for your entire business has never been easier.
1. The drives inside: Pre-configured with four hard drives optimized for reliability, quality and performance.
2. RAID: Pre-configured with RAID 5 for added data protection and drive redundancy.
3. Automatic backup and restore for Windows® clients: The included backup software saves time and space by performing a full Bare Metal Backup the first time and then automatically backing up only the data that has changed since the previous backup - using block-level deduplication technology. In the event of a data loss or a drive failure on a client computer, the WD Sentinel™ RX4100's fast and easy restore function finds your files or lets you restore an entire system to get you up and running again quickly.
4. Dual Ethernet ports: Comes pre-configured in Adaptive Fault Tolerance, which keeps your network available by automatically switching to the second Ethernet port if the first one should fail.
5. Optional dual power supply: WD Sentinel™ RX4100 offers the small business owner the option of adding an external power supply that will take over should a power surge or other failure damage the internal power supply. With the optional external power supply you have the added peace of mind knowing that your server will remain operational.
6. Optional off-site disaster recovery protection: Protect your business data against a disaster by creating an off-site copy to the cloud using KeepVault®*. Learn more at
7.Easy data retention policy implementation for Windows® clients: Implement your company's data retention policy with ease to ensure regulatory compliance.

Secure remote access
WD Sentinel™ RX4100 is perfect for businesses with employees working remotely or in home offices. You have the security of knowing all your business files are safely stored on your WD Sentinel RX4100 small business storage server. With built-in secure remote access, remote employees with access permissions can securely access business data from any computer with an Internet connection.

Leading-edge performance
With dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, WD Sentinel RX4100 delivers read speeds up to 105 MB/s through the Gigabit Ethernet interface. That's three times faster than most network drives in this category today.

Fully Compatible with Mac OS Clients
WD Sentinel™ RX4100 supports Apple® Filing Protocol (AFP), which provides complete compatibility for Mac OS®-based client machines. Discover WD Sentinel RX4100 automatically using Bonjour, seamlessly back up your Mac OS clients using Apple's Time Machine® backup utility, enjoy faster data transfer over Ethernet using AFP, and manage your WD Sentinel RX4100 server using the Administration Dashboard application for Mac®.

Virtualize WD Sentinel storage using iSCSI Target
WD Sentinel™ RX4100 offers built-in iSCSI target functionality integrated within Dashboard to easily manage the setup, administration and deployment of iSCSI Storage. The IT Pro's and advanced users have the ability to partition their WD Sentinel RX4100 for both NAS File-based storage as well as iSCSI-SAN with the iSCSI Target solution powered by StarWind®. This capability enables the Administrator to create multiple iSCSI targets to meet the specific needs of their dynamic IT environments.




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