WD 500GB Caviar Blue SATA-300 7200rpm 16MB

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WD Caviar Blue

Please Note: This is a OEM Bare Drive

WD Caviar SE16 7200 RPM next-generation SATA hard drives feature 16 MB cache for lightning-fast performance, cool and quiet operation and up to 500 GB of storage for capacity-hungry applications.



Product Description
WD Blue WD5000KS - hard drive - 500 GB - SATA 3Gb/s
Hard drive - internal
500 GB
Form Factor
3.5" x 1/3H
SATA 3Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate
300 MBps
Buffer Size
16 MB
Spindle Speed
7200 rpm
Data Lifeguard, Shock Guard, SecureConnect, FlexPower, WhisperDrive, Soft Seek
Dimensions (WxDxH)
10.2 cm x 14.7 cm x 2.54 cm
0.6 kg
Microsoft Certification
Works with Windows Vista
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years warranty



Device Type
Hard drive - internal
500 GB
Form Factor
3.5" x 1/3H
SATA 3Gb/s
Buffer Size
16 MB
Data Lifeguard, Shock Guard, SecureConnect, FlexPower, WhisperDrive, Soft Seek
10.2 cm
14.7 cm
2.54 cm
0.6 kg


Drive Transfer Rate
300 MBps (external)
Internal Data Rate
93.5 MBps
Seek Time
8.9 ms (average) / 21 ms (max)
Track-to-Track Seek Time
2 ms
Average Latency
4.2 ms
Spindle Speed
7200 rpm


Non-Recoverable Errors
1 per 10^14
Start / Stop Cycles

Expansion & Connectivity

1 x SATA 3 Gb/s - 7 pin Serial ATA
Compatible Bay
3.5" x 1/3H


Works with Windows Vista
Software and devices that carry the Works with Windows Vista logo have been tested for baseline compatibility with PC's running.

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 2 years

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature
5 °C
Max Operating Temperature
55 °C
Humidity Range Operating
5 - 95%
Shock Tolerance
65 g @ 2ms (operating) / 350 g @ 2ms (non-operating)
Vibration Tolerance
0.75 g @ 20-300 Hz (operating) / 4 g @ 20-500 Hz (non-operating)
Sound Emission
28 dBA

Customer reviews

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5* WD Raptor
Reviewed by on 01/12/2007
Because Raptors are 10,000RPM drives with 4ms seeks. Ideal for gaming, and faster than most desktop drives (New 500gb/1tb have better sustained transfers). You cant beat the Raptor for seek times with any other consumer drives. (Not including Enterprise storage, as we all know that Data is clever.)
5* Useful upgrade for older systems
Reviewed by Ged on 08/07/2009
I used two of these to convert a rather old but well-specced Dell Dimension into a home media server. The PC originally came with two 120MB Maxtor 8MB S150 SATA drives and these 500MB WD 16MB S300 drives are much, much faster and quieter than the Maxtors. Excellent value for money but don't forget to buy SATA cables AND power adapters if you're using these to replace existing IDE drives.
5* Western Digital 500Gb Caviar Blue SATA hard disk
Reviewed by Adam Simmons on 19/11/2009
This was an upgrade to a 80Gb Maxtor disk that just got "full". I have Win Xp Home SP3 installed. The mobo I use only supports SATA at 1.5Gb/s, so if that's the same for you, you have to fit a jumper pin to two of the pins to make it work at 1.5gb/s. The cables don't come with the drive (as it is OEM), but they are relatively inexpensive to buy separately. An amazing drive for so little money. I have my entire MP3 collection on it, all my photo's, as well as about 15 other programs (games and serious software) and it still says it has 379Gb free! Highly recommended. Thank you for the usual attentive service, BT!
5* using in dell pe 830
Reviewed by Marcusdev on 29/07/2010
needed a specific hard disk bigger than those already being used in raid 1 mode, as the windows partition was only 12gb. cloned existing partitions to new drive which was supported by the sata controller (SATA/SATA II supported - can have 4/2 hdds upto 1gb). interesting fact was the original drives were western digital caviars both 160gb in size.
5* Fab drives
Reviewed by Anonymous on 09/10/2007
Not sure why Raptor costs twice as much and much more limited storage capacity - but these are outstanding drives and stunning capacity - coupled with good price. I installed 2 x on an Intel-based Apple G5 and configured them as a striped RAID - very capable for HD video on FCP 6. Simply the best for video.

John Nuttall
Media Technician
Howard of Effingham School
5* great for RAID
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/06/2007
I bought 2 of these for my SATA 300 Raid array. lightning fast and very quiet with low vibration were my requirements and these drives surpass my expectations. im currently going to be purchasing some more of these for my network attached storage drive (NAS) for use in 2 of the available bays. and i would be getting the same drives again when it came to expand that array too!
5* Quiet
Reviewed by Anonymous on 30/09/2007
Bought 2 of these to use as a RAID 1 mirrored pair with a BT Value 4 port SATA RAID PCI card (quicklinx 3Z2QWS). Very pleased as they are much quieter and noticeably faster than the 3 year old Western Digital and Maxtor IDE drives I had in my PC before. Remember you need adapters to power SATA drives if your motherboard has only the old IDE power connectors. Easy to set up and install in Windows XP as extra drive. Had problems cloning my old C drive onto the new mirrored pair with Western Digital Data Lifeguard (encountered errors during clone), Maxtor MaxBlast (clone appeared to work but WinXP hung on booting), Miray HDClone (did not recognise the SATA card). Recommend XXClone (freeware) for this - it was slow but worked.
5* Good solid hard drive
Reviewed by Phil on 14/04/2011
Been using it as my main drive for about 1 year now, works like a charm!
5* Good value, good product
Reviewed by Joe Lillis on 17/08/2010
I wasn't in need of an entire TB of storage and this HDD fit the bill perfectly. As you'd expect from WD it is very good quality. This HD did not come boxed, however, it just came in a static protective casing. Runs very smoothly, quietly and quickly. I'd reccomend.
5* Outstanding Performance
Reviewed by Rob on 21/09/2007
What an amazing drive. It is fast and oh so very quiet. My old 200GB drive sounded like a cement mixer! This one is virtually silent. It is exremely fast too, apps load within mere seconds compared to the old drive. Get one, you will not be disappointed!
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