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Stop printing, signing, scanning, archiving, transporting and retrieving heaps of paper

sign&save is a compact and robust plug & play signature capturing solution providing efficient workflows with less paper.

The STU-500 LCD signature tablet, included in sign&save, is the ideal tool for stationary use. It offers high performance and has a robust design that allows day-to-day use at public counters. With the 5'' display size, it is big enough to show larger signatures or images like company logos. It is able to capture signatures with high resolution, based on 512 levels of pressure sensitivity. Due to the design of the display, signing on the STU-500 feels like signing on natural paper. Additionally,the pen is tethered to the tablet so it won't get lost.

Wacom sign I pro PDF is the first software solution to be developed by Wacom in the signature field, following the integration of former Florentis into Wacom's business. Wacom sign I pro PDF enables users to capture handwritten signatures electronically and merge them with the PDF document. While capturing the signature, biometric data is recorded and the signed PDF document protected by a digital certificate. This ensures that no document changes are possible after signing. The result is an authentic and unchangeable declaration of intent. The signed PDF is fully Adobe Acrobat compatible. Customers can sign documents from any application as Wacom sign I pro PDF comes with an integrated PDF printer that allows users to convert their office documents into Acrobat PDFs.


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