Veho PEBBLE™ Explorer 8400mAh Portable Charger for Tablet / Smartphone

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The PEBBLE Explorer has a large 8400 mAh capacity and dual USB port designed to enable charging of 2 devices at any one time. With a 2.1 A output the PEBBLE Explorer is designed to charge tablets in the most efficient way. This means that your tablet power is replaced as quickly as possibly when you're low on charge and away from a mains source. Don't worry if your smartphone is also low on charge because the Explorer's dual port design means it's capable of charging 2 devices at the same time. The powerful 8400 mAh battery can give most tablets a complete full charge and most smartphones up to 5 charges.

The stylish blue LED power indicator means you can keep a close eye on the Explorer's exact capacity when charging your devices and also when you are recharging your Explorer. An long hour mains charge to the Explorer will give your portable devices hours of additional usage while you are away from the mains which makes it the perfect companion for camping, trekking, festivals as well as business users who easily drain their portable devices during a long busy day.



Product Description
Veho Pebble Explorer - external battery pack
Product Type
External battery pack
Dimensions (WxDxH)
7.5 cm x 9.2 cm x 2.3 cm
192 g
Voltage Required
5 V
Voltage Provided
5 V
8400 mAh



Product Type
External battery pack
7.5 cm
9.2 cm
2.3 cm
192 g

Power Device

Voltage Required
5 V
Input Connector(s)
1 x 5 pin Micro-USB Type B (power only)
Voltage Provided
5 V
Output Connector(s)
Total 2 : 4 pin USB Type A (power only)
Max Electric Current
2.1 A
Short circuit protection, overcharging protection, over-current protection, overdischarging protection, shuts off automatically


Voltage Provided
3.7 V
8400 mAh
Recharge Time
8 hour(s)
LED power meter, on/off button


Included Accessories
Carrying pouch, 3 connector tips (DUAL Samsung / Apple 30 Pin Tip)
Cables Included
USB charge cable - external

Customer reviews

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5* Great backup, flexibility and quality
Reviewed by Colin on 18/12/2014
Having three young kids that all have ipods, journeys and trips out and about typically end in moans with ipod devices out of battery...... Just when you need them working to give you peace during a meal out or other public event!!) With this device, two can be simultaneously charged and there is capacity to do that at least twice to 3 times. Geat unit in a handy protective case with various connections for Samsung, Blackberry and old style Apple (dont worry, you can simply plug your newer Apple lightening connector lead in as this unit has USB out connectors, so anything with a USB will charge if you have the manufacture's lead
5* Essential
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/11/2014
This is a must have for anyone goes away or traveling with mobile devices,

Can recharge my devices multiple times before it runs out, get for when i don't have access to a plug
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