Toshiba Battery Li-Ion 6Cell 4300mAh

Toshiba Battery Li-Ion 6Cell 4300mAh

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Always traveling? Add extended power capabilities to your portable computer with an additional battery pack. It provides the power you need for your Toshiba Notebook when you are on the go; - same quality, reliability, and specifications as the original Toshiba Primary Battery Pack included with your Notebook.



Product Description
Toshiba Battery Pack - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 4300 mAh
Device Type
Laptop battery
Lithium Ion 6-cell - 4300 mAh
Battery Form Factor
Plug-in module
Batteries Qty
Dimensions (WxDxH)
20.7 cm x 2.2 cm x 5.4 cm
Manufacturer Warranty
1 year warranty
Designed For
Equium A100, M50; Satego A100; Satellite A100, A80, M100, M40, M50; Satellite Pro A100; Tecra A3, A3/01Y002, A4, A5, A6, A7, S2



Device Type
Laptop battery
Battery Enclosure Type
Plug-in module


6-cell Lithium Ion
4300 mAh


Compliant Standards

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 1 year

Dimensions & Weight

20.7 cm
2.2 cm
5.4 cm

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Toshiba Equium A100-027, A100-147, A100-306, A100-337, A100-338 , Toshiba Satego A100-00C , Toshiba Satellite A100-00A, A100-00M, A100-00N, A100-00O, A100-018, A100-01L, A100-01Q, A100-01Y, A100-028, A100-029, A100-02B, A100-02H, A100-02M, A100-030, A100-033, A100-041, A100-044, A100-049, A100-050, A100-052, A100-062, A100-064, A100-065, A100-068, A100-083, A100-088, A100-090, A100-091, A100-093, A100-197, A100-200, A100-201, A100-207, A100-214, A100-216, A100-283, A100-285, A100-289, A100-307, A100-309, A100-334, A100-335, A100-383, A100-386, A100-407, A100-411, A100-442, A100-447, A100-451, A100-480, A100-483, A100-487, A100-490, A100-491, A100-493, A100-495, A100-496, A100-497, A100-499, A100-504, A100-530, A100-547, A100-567, A100-583, A100-586, A100-589, A100-596, A100-619, A100-632, A100-676, A100-749, A100-763, A100-795, A100-803, A100-812, A100-819, A100-820, A100-886, A100-914, A100-991, A100-998, A100-999, A80-143, M100-152, M40-S312TD , Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-00B, A100-00D, A100-00I, A100-00K, A100-00L, A100-00R, A100-00S, A100-00U, A100-00Y, A100-01A, A100-01B, A100-01D, A100-01E, A100-02Y, A100-03Q, A100-03R, A100-03S, A100-074, A100-080, A100-081, A100-229, A100-262, A100-263, A100-264, A100-415, A100-434, A100-441, A100-518, A100-536, A100-538, A100-545, A100-574, A100-622, A100-707, A100-708, A100-722, A100-828, A100-830, A100-834, A100-848, A100-908, A100-921, A100-922, A100-988 , Toshiba Tecra A3-100, A3-140, A3-146, A3-147, A3-170, A3-186, A3-187, A3-189, A3-199, A4-132, A4-157, A4-160, A4-163, A4-165, A4-166, A4-177, A4-179, A4-211, A4-221, A4-234, A4-249, A4-S231, A5-104, A5-119, A5-132, A6-171, A6-173, A6-176, A7-05400S, A7-109, A7-110, A7-113, A7-118, A7-135, A7-209, A7-223, A7-232, A7-237, A7-239, A7-241, A7-242, A7-244, A7-247, A7-248, A7-250, A7-251, A7-P5301, A7-ST7711, A7-ST7712, S2-109, S2-113, S2-130, S2-132, S2-135, S2-139, S2-167, S2-169, S2-188, S2-208, S2-282, S2-P4301, S2-P4351
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