Toshiba 3 Years International Extended Warranty for Laptops / Netbooks

Toshiba 3 Years International Extended Warranty for Laptops / Netbooks

Product overview



Standard Due date unavailable



Let Toshiba take care of all unexpected repairs worldwide. Extend your standard warranty for up to 3 years international coverage, including Pick-up & Return in the UK & Ireland, to guard against unexpected repair costs after your original product warranty expires


Valid for 3 years starting from the purchase date of your Toshiba product


Compatible with Toshiba Laptops & Netbooks

Purchase Period

Service can be purchased within the whole warranty period

Country Coverage

All countries where Toshiba has an Authorised Service Provider worldwide


The service needs to be activated within 30 days following procurement. To activate your service, click here and register online


Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, excluding public holidays

Obtain Service

Click here to select your country and call your local Toshiba Support Centre to obtain service


Includes Worldwide Coverage & Pick-up & Return Service



Product Description
Toshiba Extended Warranty Virtual - extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return
Extended service agreement
Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period
3 years (from original purchase date of the equipment)
Service Availability
9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Designed For
AT100; AT200; AT300; Libretto W100; NB305; NB500; NB520; Portégé R830, R930, Z830, Z930; Qosmio F60, X500, X770, X870; Satellite; Satellite Pro C50, C660, C70, C850, C870, L630, L650, L670, L770, L830, L850, L870, S500; Tecra A11, A50, R940, R950



Pick-up and return
Full Contract Period
3 years (from original purchase date of the equipment)
Service Availability
9 hours a day / 5 days a week


Service & Support
Extended service agreement - 3 years - pick-up and return - availability: 9 hours a day (9:00 AM - 6:00 PM) / Monday-Friday

Compatibility Information

Designed For
Toshiba AT100-105 , Toshiba AT200 100, 101 , Toshiba AT300-100, 101, 105 , Toshiba Libretto W100-10H , Toshiba NB305-10F, 10G , Toshiba NB500 108, 10F, 10R , Toshiba NB520-108, 10P, 124 , Toshiba Portégé R830-1JM, R830-1JN, R830-1KU, R930-10G, R930-10Z, R930-131, R930-133, R930-13H, R930-144, R930-145, R930-146, R930-147, R930-165, R930-17M, R930-17W, R930-1CH, R930-1DK, Z830-12D, Z930-10M, Z930-118, Z930-11Q, Z930-11R, Z930-128, Z930-129, Z930-12R, Z930-12T, Z930-13X , Toshiba Qosmio F60-14H, F60-14Q, X500-13R, X770-138, X770-13H, X870-139, X870-13K, X870-13Q, X870-13V, X870-143, X870-15L, X870-15V , Toshiba Satellite , Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-136, C50-A-137, C50-A-143, C50-A-15Q, C50-A-15V, C50-A-162, C50-A-166, C50-A-168, C50-A-17H, C50-A-19Q, C660-143, C660-151, C660-1D9, C660-2HE, C660-2JD, C660-2JE, C660-2JN, C660-2JQ, C660-2JR, C660-2JT, C660-2JU, C660-2JV, C660-2KJ, C660-2KK, C660-2RF, C660-2T9, C660-2TD, C660-2U8, C660-2UH, C660-2VG, C70-A-11M, C850-10N, C850-10T, C850-10U, C850-10V, C850-10W, C850-10Z, C850-14C, C850-14D, C850-15N, C850-15Q, C850-15T, C850-15V, C850-172, C850-173, C850-1C3, C850-1CW, C850-1EQ, C850-1ER, C850-1F4, C850-1F5, C850-1FJ, C850-1FN, C870-12U, L630-12G, L630-154, L650-1JR, L670-1D7, L770-145, L830-10G, L830-10H, L830-10J, L830-13E, L830-13R, L850-110, L850-112, L850-11R, L850-11T, L850-11U, L850-11V, L850-11W, L850-11X, L850-1DN, L850-1DP, L850-1DQ, L850-1DT, L850-1DW, L850-1DZ, L850-1KM, L850-1L4, L850-1MH, L850-1MJ, L870-122, L870-124, L870-130, L870-171, L870-172, S500-155 , Toshiba Tecra A11-1HP, A50-A-10X, R940-1CH, R940-1F1, R940-1G3, R940-1GN, R940-1GP, R950-104, R950-105, R950-106, R950-11E, R950-11F, R950-12Q, R950-14C, R950-14D, R950-153, R950-185, R950-186, R950-18K, R950-1E4

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5* toshiba
Reviewed by dhiraj kumar barnwal on 27/08/2013
ur service i highly appreciated
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