Storage Options Scroll Pocket 4.3" Android 4.0 Capacitive Tablet PC

Storage Options Scroll Pocket 4.3" Android 4.0 Capacitive Tablet PC

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Scroll Pocket is a capacitive, touch screen mini tablet PC designed for use both at home and on the move. Running the intuitive Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system the Pocket is a tablet well equipped for internet browsing, social networking, games, videos and much more!

Compact and stylish, the Scroll Pocket is the ideal travel companion. Light enough to put in a pocket or bag, the Scroll will keep you amused and connected wherever you travel.

Fast and responsive with all the power of a larger tablet device, you're sure to come to love using the Scroll Pocket. Use the built in multimedia centre to play the latest video and music content, enjoy a wide range of games wherever you are and stay connected with social networking applications.

Key Features

  • Mini Android 4.0 Tablet PC, which fits easily in your pocket
  • Full colour, capacitive 4.3" Touch-Screen
  • Great for games, music, videos, web, eBooks and more
  • Quick and simple to use
  • 4GB of storage on board, plus a micro SD card slot to add up to 32GB more

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Tablet - The Most Comprehensive Scroll Experience Yet

Scroll Pocket boasts the latest Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is the first OS designed specifically for mobile devices, uniting Smartphones and tablets under one operating system. The new OS offers a wealth of innovative new features, all working together to create a smooth, engaging and simply superb experience on your Scroll. Android 4.0 takes all the best features of Android to a powerful new level, with greater interactivity, communication and sharing.

Many apps, such as the Browser, Email and YouTube have been redesigned with more options and offer a better overall look and feel. As far as Ice Cream Sandwich tablets go, the Scroll Pocket has an appealing combination of features that make it one the most comprehensive tablet experiences on the market.

Limitless Possibilities with 1000s of Apps Available

Make the most of your Scroll Pocket with wide array of apps. Popular Apps such as BBC News, Facebook, MSN Talk and Twitter come preinstalled and preloaded on the tablet, ensuring quick and easy access to some exciting content.

The Scroll Pocket also comes pre-loaded with our partner app stores to ensure that you are able to find even more apps and enjoy the full Scroll experience with ease.

SlideME offers a broad range of apps in multiple mediums, while media marketplace 7digital is the ultimate companion for music lovers. WildTangent Games completes the package and offers a dazzling array of games in an easy to access and manage format.

Tap into a Vibrant Multimedia Powerhouse

Step into a bright new world of portable entertainment with the Scroll Extreme. Whether you want to take or view photos, watch your favourite movie, listen to the latest music or play a new game, Scroll Extreme's powerful processor and Ice Cream Sandwich OS make for an impressive and satisfying experience.

Your Social Media Companion

Scroll Pocket is the perfect companion for social networking, instant messaging and email. Stay in touch with your family and friends and share your experiences whilst on the move, chat, upload pictures and videos and keep up to date with the latest trends and stories online from wherever you are.

Get Lost in Your Favourite Book

Enjoy the latest bestseller, your favourite classics or keep up to date with the latest news from across the globe. Whatever you're reading, Scroll Pocket makes reading a joy with its crisp display and instant access to a virtual library's worth of material. The eBook reader app pre-loaded onto Scroll Engage gives you access to plenty of great reads to enjoy.

Share Your Media using Micro SD

With its built in micro SD memory card slot the data storage potential of the Scroll Pocket is literally endless. Use Micro SD cards for up to 32GB of expandable extra space for your all your favourite media files, whether its video, music or photos. SD Card storage is also a really practical solution for exchanging files between your PC and Scroll - a fantastic way to share all your favourite, movies, music or photos with family and friends.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Wireless 802.11b/g/n is built into Scroll Pocket as standard, making it easy to connect to your home or work network for easy web browsing, checking your emails or posting updates on your favourite social networking sites

Customer reviews

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5* scroll tablet
Reviewed by janet jory on 26/11/2012
have not seen it!
4* Basic, but functional, and good value
Reviewed by Alex on 02/02/2013
It's not the fastest thing in existence, but the visuals in Android 4.0 are handled quite smoothly.

Internet browsing can be hampered by a slightly delayed response when it's still loading. Patience is required. It's also in web browsing that you really notice the low screen resolution. Luckily the pinch/tap-zoom function works well, though can be a little slow to react.

Camera is basic, low resolution. Exposure and white balance controls improve the images, though they remain quite grainy. Any motion adds a noticeable blur. This kind of camera would have been better as a web cam, which this tablet is missing.

DVD quality video - sure, 1080P/720P - not a chance.

Sound isn't as clear as it could be, compared with my Samsung Galaxy phone, though it is plenty loud.

Battery seems to hold charge, took a while to fully charge first time.

WiFi connected without issue.

Overall, NOT a completely useless bit of tech. And something that if it breaks, I won't cry myself to sleep over.
1* Very Disappointed
Reviewed by Ronald Oliver on 09/12/2012
A complete waste of money. Awkward to use. It keeps telling me I am using the wrong sign in details for my Outlook e-mail account yet I use it every day on my laptop, iPad or Mobile phone. It just does not come anywhere near living up to the advertising material which, in my opinion, is completely misleading. It should be withdrawn from sale and I feel as though I have been cheated.
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