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Scroll Essential is a portable, touch-screen Android™ 2.3 tablet made especially for internet browsing, social networking, games, apps, superb quality video playback (with Full 1080p HD output) and an almost limitless number of other applications. The tablet comes with everything you'll need to get up and running, including major Android applications for e-book reading, social networking, news, radio, video, instant messaging and much more. Plus 1000's of other apps are available across the internet for you to download. Scroll Essential - Everything You Need From a Tablet

Key Features

  • Android 2.3 Tablet PC choose from 1,000s of Android Apps
  • Simple Resistive Touch- Screen
  • Plays 1080p HD Content on Your TV via mini HDMI Port
  • Your Social Media Companion
  • 1GHz ARM11 Processor, 2GB Memory Expandable to 32GB with Micro SD Card

Your Social Media Companion Scroll Essential is the perfect companion for social networking, instant messaging and email. Stay in touch with your family and friends and share your experiences whilst on the move, chat, upload pictures and videos and keep up to date with the latest trends and stories online from wherever you are.

The Numbers - a Powerful, Capable Tablet Scroll Essential has a powerful 1GHz ARM 11 processor, 256MB DDR RAM, 2GB internal memory (expandable to 32GB via a micro SD card) and an 800x480 resolution screen making it one of the most capable tablets available. All this adds up to a smoother, slicker, more enjoyable experience for you.

Smooth Film Playback - Media Player with HDMI 1080p Output! The Scroll Essential's party piece is its ultra-smooth video playback, compatible with the latest H.264 & MKV formats. Plug Scroll Essential into your HDTV via the mini HDMI port and it becomes a 1080p full HD media player that allows you to stream HD content from the internet to your home TV for you to enjoy in the comfort of your living room. With Scroll Essential hooked up to the internet, a whole world of HD content is now at your fingertips. You can enjoy your favourite films on the move - great for use when you're travelling in the car or on the train, in a hotel room or on holiday - almost anywhere you go, Scroll Essential can go with you.

Your Personal Library with E-Reader Functionality Enjoy the latest bestseller, your favourite classics or keep up to date with the latest news from across the globe. Whatever you're reading, Scroll Essential makes reading a joy with its perfect 16:9 aspect ratio and instant access to a virtual library's worth of material!

Add a Keyboard and Other Peripherals Through USB Scroll Essential has its own specially designed keyboard and protective case (available separately) which are easily attached through the built-in mini-USB port. With USB expansion a host of peripherals and accessories can be added to accompany and enhance your Scroll Essential.

Landscape or Portrait View With its inbuilt G-Sensor the Scroll Essential is capable of rotating its view from landscape to portrait so your photos or web-pages are always at the optimum size for viewing. As you rotate Scroll Essential the image rotates and scales to fit.

Share Your Media using Micro SD With its built in micro SD memory card slot the Scroll Essential has up to 32GB of expandable extra space for your all your favourite media files, whether its video, music or photos, a really practical solution for exchanging files between your PC and Scroll Essential. It's a fantastic way to share all your favourite apps, movies, music or photos with family and friends.

Enjoy the Latest Music The Scroll Essential is a capable music player, handling most file formats with ease. With its simple to use interface it catalogues your music and presents it in a user friendly way which makes finding your favourite songs easy! Why not connect to your hi-fi or dock using the Scroll Essential's audio output for the full audio experience?

Wi-fi Connectivity Wireless 802.11b/g is built into Scroll Essential as standard making it easy to connect to your home or work network for easy web browsing, checking your emails or posting updates on your favourite social networking sites.

Customer reviews

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5* Tablet PC
Reviewed by Anonymous on 28/12/2011
I bought this as an Xmas present for my daughter to use for social networking so I could get my hands back on my laptop which seems to constantly find its way to her room on most evenings! I looked around and couldn't find anything near this specification for the money and couldn't beleive I got it for under £60! It certainly isn't the fastest tablet on the market and the resistive screen can be annoying sometimes when trying to navigate around. However it performs as advertised and I was really impressed with the quality of the HD output to TV. Overall for the money it is an excellent buy.
4* Good value tablet
Reviewed by Ian on 02/01/2012
Good tablet for the money, resistive touch screen needs a bit harder press than is ideal, but not really a problem, some apps don't run as well as on my phone, but generally fine.
Android market is apparently not supported (storage options web site), but it is installed on the tablet and seems to work fine, you just need to add a shortcut to it! (menu, add, shortcuts, applications, market).
overall very pleased with it for the price.
4* brilliant,value for money
Reviewed by philip worth on 06/01/2012
hello. bought 2 of these for christmas presents, 1 for 8 year old daughter and 1 for my wife . my daughter shows my wife how to down load and use it. they both use it for emailing , storing music and videos. it may not be as slick as an i pad (i wouldn't know)but it does everything you throw at it except make phone calls (havent tried skype).good battery life fairly easy to set up and get your emails through etc. good sesitive screen and easy to navigate. if you have an andoid phone you'll get on fine with doesn't like it very much when transferring music but media go which came with my sony ericsson phone works a treat.
4* scroll excel 7"8gig
Reviewed by bob on 27/08/2012
Bought his for the wife what a great bit of kit for the money.
4* great tablet
Reviewed by Anonymous on 23/01/2012
it does all of what it says on the tin you just need to know about using android.has loads of memory for your apps just got a 32gig card to go in and loads of films and music to go on..for the money this thing is i got 2 more for xmas gifts
3* for the price it does ok but youmay want to spend a little more
Reviewed by john prentice on 30/12/2011
for the price it does ok - but like the previous review i bought this for my daughter and was disappointed that it does not support android market and also flash player which limits the websites that can be accessed :(. screen can also be a bit slow but was expecting that
3* The Storage Options Scroll Essential 7" Tablet PC
Reviewed by Quickbrew on 06/01/2012
This little tablet packs quite a big punch for an 'ENTRY' model adroid tablet and anything below £100.00 for a 7" tablet seems reasonable value at the time of this review.

Unfortunately, I experienced problems with power-out on the usb socket preventing the tablet from hosting any USB devices (keyboard/Flash memory stick)and a bit of Googling soon told me I was not alone.

To keep things in balance there are also some reviews extolling the virtues of this little beast but I am aware of 3 other users plus me who have suffered from this usb fault.

Getting Android Market access is as easy as adding the market widget which is pre-installed.

Resistive screen technology works great for me using a rubber tipped stylus and a screen protector film {once you get used to it}.

Plays videos in many formats flawlessly but don't expect BBCi player as this model's hardware doesn't support flash.

If you want more information then see my review of this tablet on Amamzon. Reviwer's name Quickbrew
2* Do not buy if you want Android Market
Reviewed by Helen on 21/12/2011
Very disappointed having opened this to charge it up in time for Xmas and load it with games etc for my daughter to find that despite it being Android 2.3 it doesn't have access to the Android Market meaning I am unable to add several of the apps that I wanted to.

The screen itself is very slow to respond and awkward to use.

The tablet itself is very light and portable.
2* android 2.3 thingy
Reviewed by Len Carpenter on 11/01/2012
One of the most difficult items I have ever used .
Manual useless .
i.e. nothing to do with Android thingy .
Back up website rubbish ,as is support system .
All in all a Total waste of money .
Any comments welcome .
2* Does NOT do what is says on the box
Reviewed by Chris Dunkley on 23/11/2011
Ordered this tablet as a gift for the wife but, unfortunately, it was not up to the standard described. The 2gb memory was virtualy full with the operating system and it would not do apps to sd to increase the memory.
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