Storage Options Scroll Elite 9.7" IPS Multi-touch Android 4.0 16GB

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Features and Benefits

  • Android 4.0 Tablet with Intuitive Multi-touch, Capacitive Screen
  • Extensive built in 16GB Memory
  • Flash Support for a Richer Online Experience
  • Fast Hardware - Cortex A8 1.2GHz, Mali-400 Dual Core Graphics Processor

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Tablet - The Most Comprehensive Scroll Experience Yet

Scroll Elite boasts the latest Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich operating system which is the first OS designed specifically for mobile devices, uniting Smartphones and tablets under one operating system. The new OS offers a wealth of innovative new features, all working together to create a smooth, engaging and simply superb experience on your Scroll. Android 4.0 takes all the best features of Android to a powerful new level, with greater interactivity, communication and sharing. Many apps, such as the Browser, Email and YouTube have been redesigned with more options and offer a better overall look and feel. As far as Ice Cream Sandwich tablets go, the Scroll Elite has an appealing combination of features that make it one the most comprehensive tablet experiences on the market.

Highly Interactive and Cutting-Edge In-Plane Switching (IPS) Display Technology

Scroll Elite offers the latest IPS (in-plane switching) LCD technology which allows you to enjoy vivid and natural images, even when viewing your device's screen from the side, ensuring that your Scroll can be held in a variety of positions without significantly compromising colour quality or contrast ratio. This makes the Elite perfect for enjoying a wealth of multimedia experiences or sharing with those around you. Enjoy superior colour production at wide viewing angles on Scroll Elite

Extensive Storage at your Fingertips

Extensive data storage is guaranteed, with an impressive 16GB of inbuilt memory ensuring that more apps, more photos and more content can be stored on the Scroll Elite than on any other member of the of the Scroll Android Tablet family. For even more storage simply insert a micro SD card (also available from Storage Options) to add up to a further 32GB to the device.

Limitless Possibilities with 1000s of Apps Available

Make the most of your Scroll Elite by downloading a wide array of apps. Using our partner Android application store, SlideME, meaning that regardless of your interests or requirements the ideal app for you is only is only a step away.

The tablet also comes pre-loaded with some great apps which will push the functionality to the next level. The WildTangent app allows you to access downloadable, online and social games through one convenient Games App while the exciting 7digital app, gives you easy access to a wide selection of music and media.

Tailored Intuitive Interface

With the new Android 4.0 operating system the Scroll Elite offers a sublime user experience. Fully intuitive and with an array of clear on screen buttons and menus the operation of the device is completely touch screen. Yet the added functionality of physical buttons on the side of the casing mean that you are free to use your device in a style which best suits you. The Scroll Elite is tailored specifically to perform as the user desires.

A highly responsive multi-touch, capacitive screen also ensures that a smooth natural user experience is achieved. With "pinch-to-zoom" and "swipe" commands you can easily manage apps and your screen, keeping the most relevant information and content close to hand.

Tap into a Vibrant Multimedia Powerhouse

The Scroll Elite offers you the complete portable entertainment solution. Whether you want to take or view photos, watch your favourite movie, listen to the latest music or play a new game, Scroll Elite's powerful processor and Ice Cream Sandwich OS make for an impressive and enjoyable experience.

The media apps on the Scroll Elite have also been designed to enrich your enjoyment of a whole host of other multimedia sources including music, video and gaming. The music player features a simple, user-friendly interface that allows you to easily manage all your songs. Through the mini-USB port on Scroll Elite you can even connect a hi-fi or speaker system to enjoy optimum, enhanced sound - great for entertaining at parties or when you're just relaxing at home.

Also the large 9.7" high resolution 1024 x 768 screen on the tablet makes viewing your photos, videos, web pages, games and apps directly on your Scroll Elite an altogether more pleasant and comfortable experience.

Smooth 3D & Full 1080P HD output to your TV or Monitor

Explore the sensational world of Full HD 1080p and 3D that the Scroll Elite can take you into via its built in high speed mini-HDMI port that allows you to connect it to a compatible TV or Monitor* for a clearer and even more engaging experience.

Take your favourite music, movies and games with you anywhere you go, and enjoy them whenever you like with Scroll Elite - open the gate to a realm of exhilarating action and endless entertainment with your fingertips.

Get Lost in Your Favourite Book

Enjoy the latest bestseller, your favourite classics or keep up to date with the latest news from across the globe. Whatever you're reading, Scroll Elite makes reading a joy with its crisp display and instant access to a virtual library's worth of material! The ebook reader app pre-loaded onto Scroll Elite gives you access to plenty of great reads and you can enjoy them on a crystal clear 1024 x 768 larger 9.7" screen.

Scroll Extreme opens up a world of possibilities with access to apps for everything from games to work and productivity.

Due to licence restrictions, Scroll Extreme cannot officially be used to access the Android Marketplace. However applications can be downloaded from the SlideME market place and a number of other free App Stores. Also included on the tablet are a number of pre-installed apps including Adobe Flash Player, BBC News, Facebook, MSN Talk, Twitter, YouTube, Aldiko Book Reader, WildTangent, 7 Digital, Games, and more*.

*1080p HD and 3D output require a compatible TV or Monitor and an HDMI cable (available separately).

*App availability subject to suitable android 4.0 versions being made available by their respective publishers.


  • Android™ 4.0


  • Processor: Cortex A8 1.2GHz, Mali-400 Dual Core Graphics Processor
  • Display: 9.7" IPS 1024 x 768 Capacitive Multi-touch Screen
  • Memory: 1G DDR3 RAM
  • Internal Memory: 16GB Memory Built-in, Micro SD Card Expandable Up to 32GB
  • Battery: Long Life Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
  • Camera: Dual Camera, 0.3MP Camera on Front, 2.0MP Camera on the Back
  • G-Sensor: 16 bit G-sensor, Monitors / Rotates Screen Through 360°
  • Speakers: 1W / 8O Quality Speaker Built-in
  • Headphones: 3.5mm Earphone Jack


  • Wireless Networking: Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
  • TV Output: HDMI TV-Output (Mini HDMI)
  • Micro USB Host Port: 2x For Peripheral Connection (e.g. Keyboard, Flash Drive)
  • Power: 5V DC


Customer reviews

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5* fantastic
Reviewed by Steve on 26/09/2012
Very smooth, games play flawless, would recommend!
4* Scroll Elite/Extreme
Reviewed by Robin Penny on 05/11/2012
The big (unique?)advantage of this tablet is it has the same size screen (1024x768) as the iPad, but without the Apple lock in. It also has a USB port & SD Slot, again missing from the iPad. Great for sharing digital photos & reading documents.

The optional case/stand is badly designed requiring you to remove the tablet every time you want to charge it. Also likely to wear out quick as a result.

I have been looking for a tablet with these specs for a very long time. The Scroll is the only one to fit the bill.
4* Scroll Elite 9.7 Tablet
Reviewed by Stewart on 23/09/2012
Having looked around at all the various Tablet devices on sale, I decided that this was at the right price, BT Shop were the best deal on the day. The product arrived promptly, there was a slight issue with the charger but this was very quickly solved by both BT Shop and Storage Solutions.The tablet appears superb, the intructions could be a bit clearer to be fair, I have never used one before so am still trying to find my way around how apps etc work and how to integrate my contacts list from my pc etc. I'm sure that i will get to grips with it. I have purchased a 32gb micro sd card from Staples, best value around.NOt sure how to now utilise the extra storage, again these manufacturers assume that we are all technical Wizzards I guess and they forget that we have to learn somewhere. Would welcome more basic instructions from Storage options on how to use Android to the best ability.
3* Scroll Elite 9.7" Andriod 4 Tablet
Reviewed by Ken Crabbe on 09/06/2012
The build quility of this product is excellent and the quality of images displayed on the screen are crisp, clear and vibrant. I downloaded an HD movie trailer and connected the device to the HDMI port on my TV and the trailer played without a glitch, excellent quality. The motivation for buying this device was really to use it as a media centre for catch up TV, Unfortunately the device dosen't seem to cope with this very well at all. It does display the content but its a stop/ start kind of affair and not really fit for the job. I opted for the keyboard wallet bundle and the build quality and functionality of this product is well worth the extra.
2* Not up to the job
Reviewed by Jeremy on 11/06/2012
This is a low cost product so don't expect much in return. I had not experienced the Android platform before buying this tablet and I must say I'm impressed with it. What I'm not impressed with is how this product is described as fast, it's not! Open more than one tab on the web browser and the whole screen starts flickering. Use the on-screen keypad and it can be a good few seconds after you've touched the letter before your input is registered.

I like my introduction to Android but will be putting this tablet on eBay and investing in a new one that is up to the job.
2* very slow
Reviewed by alex on 10/09/2012
Just browsing the internet is very slow to the point that one constantly gets the message that the process is not responding and do you want to terminate it. The single core cpu just cant cope with running ics let alone any apps that are installed.

Spend the extra money and buy a tablet with a dual/quad core cpu.
1* Storage Options Scroll Elite 7"
Reviewed by Mrs. K Teidy on 17/08/2012
The manual is very brief.It is not intitutive at all. Hard to download books to Kindle. Bought it last week still not able to use it - it is cumbersome. Cannot take photographs by pointing to objects - it is front facing - I am sorry I bought this item - it is not worth the money.
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