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Storage Options RoadCam RoadView

Storage Options RoadCam RoadView

Quicklinx: 7VLPWS00
Mfr#: 53397
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In-car video recorder with integrated 2.5" (6cm) flip-down screen. Windscreen mounted, with included 4GB micro SD card, to capture footage from the front of your vehicle as it happens. Have peace of mind that if there is an incident you have a record of events that can be used to settle disputes, such as insurance claims. Ideal for recreational use on track days, off-roading and car meets or simply recording your favourite routes to share with friends on the internet.

Key Features

Very Easy to Use, Capture a Record of Incidents
Wide Angle, Night Vision Camera
4GB SD Card Included (1 Hour of Footage), 32GB Capacity
Affixes Securely and Easily to Windscreen with Suction Mount
Rechargeable Battery and In-car Power Adapter Included

Why Choose RoadCam Roadview from Storage Options?
Everyday motorists see examples of at least one case of bad driving that could potentially lead to an incident on the road followed by a lengthy insurance dispute over whose fault it was. Should you find yourself involved in an incident wouldn't it be great to have video evidence to prove it wasn't your fault? As the old saying goes, "the camera never lies". RoadCam Roadview is a simple, affordable and easy-to-use in-car camera designed to give motorists peace of mind while they drive, as it records video of the scene in front of your vehicle in real time, so you'll have video evidence should an incident occur, saving you plenty of paper work, time and money.

RoadCam Roadview also has a range of recreational applications. Record the circuit from a day on the track that you can later review to remind you of the braking and turning points and plan how you can improve your time, capture video of sights from your favourite journey or a road trip to share with friends and family, record your ride in a luxury sports to re-live over and over...

Securely Fix to Windscreen
RoadCam Roadviw affixes securely and easily to your windscreen with a suction mount and can be easily removed to store away or take with you, when you leave your car. Adjustable brackets help you achieve the optimum camera position for filming the road ahead.

Capture Your Ride Day or Night
You can feel safer travelling in the dark with RoadCam Roadview as the camera is equipped with night vision capability. This is a great feature if you drive a lot at night and allows you still make good use of the device in the winter months when there are fewer daylight hours. The camera records VGA resolution video (640x480 pixels) or 1.3 MP resolution images. Also it has a wide angle lens that gives you a greater field of view than a standard lens so you can capture more of your journey to share.

Flip-down Screen
RoadCam Roadview has an integrated 2.5" (6cm) screen that allows you to view footage from the camera without having to connect to a PC. The screen also comes in handy when setting up the device, checking the camera is angled to give the best view of the road ahead or scenery on your journey. You can flip up the screen when you are not using it, to avoid distraction while driving and see more of the road ahead. Having the screen up also helps conserve battery power.

Very Easy to Use
RoadCam Roadview is lightweight, portable and very easy to use. Just insert the SD card, mount the camera onto your windscreen, switch it on and you're good to go. You can alter settings or stop recording using the simple, easy-to-use buttons and on-screen menus. A clearly-worded, comprehensive manual, written in plain English is included in the package to make setup as simple as possible.

Upload and Share
The USB data cable supplied with RoadCam Roadview allows you to connect the camera to your computer to playback or upload footage stored your SD card (4GB SD card included) to the internet! Perfect for cycling enthusiasts who want to share their favourite routes or tricks on the internet. RoadCam Roadview can take up to a 32GB capacity SD card (8 hours of footage).

Power Supply
RoadCam Roadview has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don't have to worry about cables flapping around while you're driving. You can charge your camera with the in-car power adapter and charger included.