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Storage Options 8CH CCTV DVR 500GB

Storage Options 8CH CCTV DVR 500GB

Quicklinx: 7VLGWS00
Mfr#: 53278
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8-Channel CCTV digital video recorder (DVR) with preinstalled 500GB hard drive designed to work with the Storage Options CCTV range.

Includes a clear English manual and all the cabling, power supplies, fixings and everything else needed to secure a property.

Capable of recording footage from up to 8 cameras simultaneously.

Footage can also be viewed from a Smartphone with apps for Apple and Android available.

Key Features

Easy Setup, Operation and Simple User Interface
Supports Manual, Motion, Constant and Alarm Recording Modes
Latest H.264 Compression Technology for Higher Quality, Longer Recordings
Simultaneous Viewing, Recording, Playback, Backup, and Network Operation
Apple and Android Apps for Remote Viewing on Smartphone

Why Install CCTV?
Installing a reliable CCTV system could be one of the best steps you ever take to secure your home or business. It helps protect against criminal activity and actively deters criminals from targeting your property.

Should the worst happen, CCTV provides evidence in the event of a crime being committed. As well as providing information that can help prosecute the perpetrators it can protect you against litigation and false accusations. As the old saying goes "the camera never lies".

Why Choose a Storage Options CCTV Digital Video Recorder?
The Storage Options CCTV DVR is designed specifically to be as simple as possible to install and use and includes everything you'll need to get up and running. It incorporates all the features you'll ever need to ensure your home or business is protected. Based in the UK, we're here to help if you need us, simply contact us through our website

Simple to Use
The DVR is easy to set up and operate. Although the user interface has many advanced features it has been designed with simplicity in mind. A clearly-worded, comprehensive manual, written in plain English is included in the box to make installation and use of the kit as simple as possible.

8-Channel Digital Video Recorder
Exceptional performance and versatility are combined in this 8-Channel digital video recorder. It provides excellent images and is capable of recording footage from up to 8 CCTV cameras to give you a comprehensive CCTV system. It records in H.264, the latest compression technology, giving improved image quality and a longer recording time.

The DVR that Multi-Tasks
Thanks to Pentaplex, this DVR can perform up to five things at once. You can playback, backup, view live images and allow network access (e.g. for a Smartphone) whilst the DVR continues to record. Never have to worry about stopping the record function whilst performing another action ensuring continuous protection for your property.

Flexible Operation
This DVR has a number of recording modes to suit your needs. You can programme it to record at certain times, record continuously, or set it to start recording when motion is detected or using the alarm mode. It can also be used with different capacity hard drives and types of cameras, so you can build the perfect surveillance system for your particular requirements.

Access from Anywhere in the World
Because this DVR is network enabled, you simply have to connect it to your network in order to view the system live from anywhere in the world on any Internet connected PC. By viewing through a web browser, there is no need to install software, so whether you are out at a meeting, on holiday, or just away from the building, you can still see what's going on.

View Footage on Your Smartphone!
With Android and Apple apps available, you can now view CCTV footage directly on your Smartphone. So even if you are miles away from your property and can't get to a computer, you can still check all is well at home or work in just a few clicks. It's an amazing feature that lets you access footage anytime, anywhere, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to act quickly should an incident occur.

Motion Detection
The Storage Options CCTV system has sophisticated built-in software that can detect movement. If your camera spots movement it can trigger an event to record this to your hard drive, giving you peace of mind that your home or office is constantly being monitored and protected. This feature is useful if you want to save disk space but if you prefer you can set it to record continuously instead.

Superior Recording Time
This digital video recorder will record footage from 8 CCTV cameras continuously for approximately 13 days. The device will sound an alarm when the disk is full so that you can re-format and re-use it. Alternatively you can remove it for archive and fit a new disk.

Instant Time and Date Recognition
The DVR features time and date stamped recordings to show you exactly when an event occurred. This is an invaluable feature should you need proof of the time and date that an incident took place as part of a criminal investigation. Recordings are stored in date order too so it makes searching for the footage you need really easy. The recordings are grouped into manageable sized chunks for straightforward copying or back up.

Easy Backup
At some point you may need quick access to footage stored on your DVR and so it features a handy USB port for you to plug in a USB Flash or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to copy footage across to these devices. All you have to do is choose the date range and select which cameras you want to access, whether that's just one, or all of your cameras.