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£54.40 4 Port Black PS/2 KVM Switch Kit with Cables 4 Port Black PS/2 KVM Switch Kit with Cables
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This 4 Port KVM Switch Kit lets you control four computers using a single keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor and offers both hotkey and top panel push-button operation for simple switching between connected computers.

Designed to integrate seamlessly into any environment, the KVM switch offers a small footprint design (roughly the size of a deck of playing cards) and draws power from the connected computers, so it doesn't require an external power supply.

A suitable solution for virtually any application, the KVM switch supports video resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536 and includes 3-in-1 (PS/2 and Video) cables to provide a complete, out-of-the-box KVM solution.



Product Description StarView SV411K - KVM switch - 4 ports
Device Type
KVM switch - 4 ports
4 x KVM port(s)
KVM Users Qty
1 local user
Dimensions (WxDxH)
18 cm x 8.5 cm x 2 cm
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years warranty
Bundled Services
2 years warranty



Device Type
KVM switch - 4 ports
Enclosure Type
4 x KVM port(s)
KVM Local Users Qty
1 local user
Keyboard / Mouse Interface
Max Resolution
1920 x 1440
Status Indicators
Port status, power

Expansion / Connectivity

4 x keyboard (PS/2) , 4 x mouse (PS/2) , 4 x VGA - HD-15 , 1 x VGA - HD-15 , 1 x keyboard (PS/2) , 1 x mouse (PS/2)


Cables Included
2 x keyboard / mouse / video cable - 1.8 m , 2 x keyboard / mouse / video cable - 1.2 m

Dimensions & Weight

18 cm
8.5 cm
2 cm

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - parts and labour - 2 years - carry-in

Customer reviews

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5* Well built, easy to use, reliable
Reviewed by Anonymous on 15/06/2009
I bought this as a replacement for a Belkin Omni 2 way KVM which gave poor service for under a year. I'm so pleased I chose this one as it's build quality is so much higher. The cables plug in and stay plugged in, there's been no problems with jiggling wires to try and get them to stay connected or being scared to move anything in the region of the KVM in case a wire falls out. It reliably switches computers with the keyboard shortcuts provided, no problems with jab jab jab at the buttons repeatedly to get it to switch. And all that, plus serving four units at a cheaper price. What more could I ask? Well I wish I'd noticed it didn't do audio which I'd liked the idea of but I can live with it for that price.
5* The Perfect Switch
Reviewed by Kitt on 06/01/2011
I bought this switch when my old rotary switch's ghosting was making my eye hurt. This switch had great reviews that mentioned this switch's amazing picture quality, so I bought it.
The picture quality (I am using the supplied cables) is perfect.

When it arrived I used 3 of the 4 supplied cables to connect my computers and my XBOX 360 to the switch. Once this was done I turned everything on and that was it - all done.

You can use left CTRL+ left CTRL+1 on the keyboard to change screens or you can just use the button on the top.

If you are using a computer, XBOX or a laptop that cannot provide power to the switch using the keyboard and mouse ports you will need an appropriate 9V power adaptor otherwise you won't see anything on the screen.

5 stars is not enough to say how good this KVM switch is, which shows how happy with it I am.
5* Excellent Product
Reviewed by Bob on 17/09/2007
Superb product for the money. Worked straight from the box, and seems well made. The only disappointment, that it does not support the wheel on my mouse, otherwise perfect!
5* Brilliant
Reviewed by Derrick on 22/05/2007
I bought this product to replace a Belkin Omniview 4-way switch, which was nothing but trouble.
I've used the Startech for about a week, without a glitch. All of the problems I had with the Belkin have simply disappeared.
The price is unbelievable - you could easily pay this just for the cables, which are neater and more manageable than the traditional KVM cables. Cannot rate this product highly enough!
5* Great little unit!
Reviewed by stephen on 03/09/2007
Does exactly what it is supposed to do. The build quality is great and it worked straight out of the box. The cables are nice and tidy and not too cumbersome.

I have used other KVMs and had nothing but problems, but this works just fine and all without the use of a PSU. Well worth the money.
5* Very good KVM for the price
Reviewed by Anonymous on 26/09/2007
This is a very good KVM. Its simple to set up and use and the screen output quality is excellent. I've got it working for my systems running XP, and Linux without any problems. As a plus this KVM does not need a power supply. Highly recommended.
5* fantastic!
Reviewed by Graeme on 26/05/2005
I have used a few KVM's in the past but this one is so much better. The cables that are included have only 1 wire to each PC where its splits to VGA+2xPS2, Incredibly well designed, well made solid metal base, very compact (smaller than a VHS tape)... What more can I say!
Reviewed by nathan crowe on 02/02/2006
dont buy any other brand i have bought three other brands in the last six months all of which have had problems from locking up to lag with mice and key input
5* Simple effective KVM
Reviewed by Martin R on 23/02/2006
Very simple 4 way KVM. Comes with all the leads - each cable splits into three for the PS/2-style mouse and keyboard and VGA video card. I run all my PCs at 1600x1200 and they work fine. No drivers to install, no power cable or batteries required. Very easy. Nice.
5* Fantastic, easy to use and everything you need.
Reviewed by Manesh on 27/02/2006
great product. no psu required to drive this. Setup took all of 20 seconds. Control by either CTRL x 3 + 1,2,3 or 4. Very easy to use. Picture quality is excellent, highly recommended
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