Seagate 2TB FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Home NAS

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2 TB
Gigabit Ethernet


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Reviewed by Anonymous on 13/05/2011
great product and easy to use- I hear they have a app for your iphone also!!

Would recommend to others
5* Seagate 2TB FreeAgent
Reviewed by Nick on 07/09/2010
Opening the box to this storage device I was surprised at how small it actually is. Of the 2TB actually 1,860GB is of useable space. Setup is very simple, takes a while to install the SW but once done on all the machines you want to access the Drive, usage of the SW is very simple.

Only gripe I do have is that when viewing Photos on my Laptop in a Photo Album, which is then looking at the NAS, its very slow. Click to next Photo and can get a good 6-8 seconds to display the next one. Now this may not be the NAS at fault, im using a Netgear Router with wireless (54mbps), so maybe now is the time to invest in something faster - maybe you too should consider this also.

Overall im very happy with the device, totally recommend for the price. Very small and unobtrusive 5*
4* Expected data rate
Reviewed by MichaelS on 12/04/2012
(I've given **** for everything, will help swamp incorrect bad review). I haven't bought this drive (yet), but one review shows a bad misconcepotion. Gigabit Ethernet transfers data at a maximum 1gigaBITs (not BYTEs) per sec. A review here says not as described due to "transfer speeds of approx 45mb not 1000mb". Assuming this means 45megaBYTEs per sec:

Theoretical maximum speed for gigabit Ethernet is 125MBytes/second. Actual speeds are less; 45MBYTE/s is fairly typical for a 7,200rpm drive. Other hardware may affect this: interface card, switch (router). 45MBYTEs/sec is an acceptable performance.This is standard jargon; there's no misdescription, it's gigabit Ethernet as understood.
3* Not ideal if speed is an issue
Reviewed by Anonymous on 27/04/2011
I bought this to use as additional storage as well as for backups. It works really well, but is incredibly slow! For example, copying 300MB takes around 30 minutes, and I have several hundred GB I need to move onto it! :(
3* Very Slow
Reviewed by John on 11/08/2011
I have a Windows XP PC and do a lot of work with maps and interfacing them with mobile devices. That means I have a lot of small files : the UK is 700,000 256x256 pixel map pieces.

The drive was easy to set up. I thought from the product details that it had a wireless interface but it is only wired.

I started it backing up on Wednesday last week. I was away for two days at the weekend. Today is Thursday and it has still not completed the first backup. It has stopped 'no connection to drive' a couple of times but the backup of less than 200GB will have taken over 150 elapsed hours, I reckon.
3* GoFlex . Home Storage 2 TB
Reviewed by David Adams on 17/05/2012
I bought this to back up two Pc'S and a 500 gig had drive.
It works but loading on to the storage is so slow ... like using clock work,
My 500 gig back up took one day and all night to load even though directly connected to the hub.

One good thing I can noe see my files from any where via the internet.
It works but the slow input to the device is a killer in my opinion
thank you
2* Not As Described
Reviewed by Richard on 24/02/2011
Not a bad drive if you have a standard network, but had problems with the apparent 'gigabit' speed! i upgraded my whole home network to gigabit speed to compliment this only to find transfer speeds of approx 45mb not 1000mb. seems there are many people with the same problem. if id have known id have paid a bit more and got a real gigabit nas.
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