Seagate 2TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM 3.5" OEM Hard Drive

Seagate 2TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM 3.5" OEM Hard Drive

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The Seagate Desktop HDD is the one hard drive for all your desktop applications. One drive for every need, supported by 30 years of trusted performance, reliability and simplicity.



Product Description
Seagate Desktop HDD ST2000DM001 - hard drive - 2 TB - SATA 6Gb/s
Hard drive - internal
2 TB
Form Factor
3.5" x 1/3H
SATA 6Gb/s
Data Transfer Rate
600 MBps
Buffer Size
64 MB
Spindle Speed
7200 rpm
Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), Seagate OptiCache technology, Seagate AcuTrac technology
Dimensions (WxDxH)
101.6 mm x 146.99 mm x 26.11 mm
626 g
Microsoft Certification
Compatible with Windows 7
Manufacturer Warranty
2 years warranty



Device Type
Hard drive - internal
2 TB
Form Factor
3.5" x 1/3H
SATA 6Gb/s
Buffer Size
64 MB
Bytes per Sector
Native Command Queuing (NCQ), Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR), Seagate OptiCache technology, Seagate AcuTrac technology
101.6 mm
146.99 mm
26.11 mm
626 g


Drive Transfer Rate
600 MBps (external)
Internal Data Rate
210 MBps (read) / 156 MBps (write)
Spindle Speed
7200 rpm


Non-Recoverable Errors
1 per 10^14
Start / Stop Cycles

Expansion & Connectivity

1 x SATA 6 Gb/s - 7 pin Serial ATA
Compatible Bay
3.5" x 1/3H


Compatible with Windows 7
"Compatible with Windows 7" software and devices carry Microsoft’s assurance that these products have passed tests for compatibility and reliability with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7.
Compliant Standards

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 2 years

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
Max Operating Temperature
60 °C



Customer reviews

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5* Huge and fast, hot and noisy
Reviewed by George on 25/02/2012
Facts: Read/write speeds (Test done after the drive was newly formatted and contained no data. Speeds according to Bart's Stuff Test) Sequential write: 146MB/s Sequential read: 130MB/s Pros: After a trouble-free set up and a day of use, I've had no problems with this huge, fast drive. Cons: Gets quite hot and is fairly loud - and I mean quite distractingly loud. However I did find a solution to the noise. Instead of screwing the drive to the chassis, I cut out two strips from the foam it came packaged in and rested the drive on top of these on the floor of the chassis (making sure the foam strips left plenty of air space between the drive and the floor). Voila, zero noise. Not ideal if you're planning on transporting your computer, just remember to reattach the drive to the chassis when you do.
5* good disk
Reviewed by Paul on 05/10/2013
Arrived nicely boxed. Fast and quiet. Good price. Set up took a while because I was installing it in an old computer with an nVidia 680i chipset, which I discovered can't cope with disks over 1Tb without a new driver, but if you just do the automatic check it says it is fine!(initially thought the HD had multiple bad sectors, but it worked fine on another computer They don't show up easily on the nVidia site explains all
5* Excellent Drive
Reviewed by Ethan (Fireware Design) on 30/06/2012
Excellent drive at really good value for the specification. Everything you'll ever needed in a drive, quiet, fast and reliable performance. You won't be disappointed. For those experiencing "squeaking" noises during heavy operation, there is a firmware update for this drive which addresses this and makes it whisper quiet. See for the firmware updater. To answer an earlier statement, the warranty has been reduced to 1 year by both Western Digital and Seagate to bring it in line with "those commonly applied throughout the consumer electronics and technology industries". However keeping the longer warranties for more premium performance focused hard drive models. This does not have a reflection on the drives they are producing as they are top notch.
5* Perfect for Linux Raid
Reviewed by Dick Thomas on 08/01/2013
Bought 4 of these bad boys for a Debian Linux 5 Raid setup they worked perfectly using software raid on Debian Wheezy as always with BT the service was awesome
4* Seagate 2TB Barracuda SATA 6Gb/s 64MB 7200RPM Hard Drive
Reviewed by Rob on 14/09/2012
i bought this drive, mainly to go as primary boot and split the drive in 4 partitions. machine boots quicker on Sata III and is very quiet.
after buying, the next day price is reduced !? WTH ???

great drive so far, no issues (touch wood)

3* Lasted only two years
Reviewed by Stephen on 08/09/2014
This was the most recent drive I added to a Tranquil Homeserver SQA5H. It was alongside the original two Western Digital drives and a Samsung drive that I added later. This drive has just failed after only two years of service so I'm a bit disappointed with it.
3* Fast but slight whistling noise
Reviewed by Andy A on 01/07/2012
This Seagate drive worked first time with the ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 motherboard and I was pleased with the speed of set up of Windows 7 64 bit which installed in no time. However one minor concern was a slight whistling noise heard every time data is written to the disk. This was in addition to the normal minor expected drive hum, still audible even with case closed. Not PSU or internal fans. Read other reviews of the same drive with many saying it is totally silent whilst others report "chirping" noises. Would have returned it but no time. Otherwise perfectly reasonable drive with good write speeds.
3* Beware of the 3 platter drives
Reviewed by Chris on 15/10/2013
As the title , keep well away from the 3 platter version of this drive.
Had 2 in my NAS 1 is a 2 platter, still working , admittedly only 6 months so far.
1 was a 3 platter, 1st one lasted 1 month, and the replacement lasted 2 days , both with the same smart error "End to end".
So only buy the 2 platter model,seems a well documented problem on the seagate forums .

Also the normal seagate warranty for this drive is 2 years!!
I'm still trying to find a 2 platter as most sellers don't seem to care .
The drive are often advertised as 1 TB per disc so 2TB should equal 2 platter ?? .. not with a lot of sellers ... beware .
3* why only 1 year warranty...
Reviewed by Anonymous on 21/06/2012
Why do All of these segate "Super Reliable" large capacity HD's only come with 1 year warrenty.. I mean surely 3 is a minimum.. All drives used to ship with 5 years..
1* Do not buy this drive..................
Reviewed by Anonymous on 12/11/2012
Had the drive for 4 months before it completely failed. Not even recognised by 3 other PC,s when fitted internally or externally vis enclosure or cradle. Steer well away. They have told me that my personnel data will still be on the platters and accessable and advised I destroy the drive to protect my data. Not even a replacement to be sent without me sending the old one. So much for a warrenty then. Very disappointed.....
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