Sandisk 128GB SSD SATA 6Gb/s 2.5" Solid State Drive

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Accelerate Your Computer's Performance

The SanDisk Solid State Drive provides faster computer performance and greater reliability at an affordable price. With solid state architecture from the global leader of flash memory storage, this solid state drive (SSD) lasts longer and consumes less energy than a traditional hard-disk drive**. And thanks to its fast data speeds, the drive lets you enjoy quicker bootup and program loading than ever before.

  • Read speeds up to 475MB/s for quick bootup
  • Capacities of 128GB to accommodate robust files
  • Enables smoother PC performance and faster file transfer
  • Reliable solid state design with cool operation
  • Lower power consumption places less strain on your system.

Fast Data Speeds Accelerate Your Computer's Performance

Featuring read speeds of up to 490MB/s, the SanDisk SSD helps unlock your PC's potential. You'll enjoy faster operating-system bootup, quicker program launches, and smoother overall performance with games and other multimedia applications. And thanks to the SanDisk Solid State Drive's 6Gb/s SATA interface, you'll spend less time waiting for files to transfer.

Reliable, Solid State Design

Unlike traditional hard-disk drives (HDDs), the SanDisk Solid State Drivehas no mechanical parts. This makes it more resistant to wear and degradation than a traditional hard drive. The SanDisk SSD is tested to last up to 4.1 million hours mean time before failure (MTBF)**. The drive is also shock resistant, vibration proof, and temperature proof, giving your data extra layers of protection.

Energy Efficient and Cool Operating

Thanks to its solid state design, the SanDisk SSD consumes less power and produces less heat than a traditional HDD. This lightens the load on your PC's power supply and cooling system, lengthening your system's lifespan.

Generous Data Capacity

The SanDisk SSD has enough space to accommodate your OS and your favorite games and applications. The SSD can also hold all of your most important data, including photos, office documents, and family videos.

Compatibility and Warranty

The SanDisk Ultra SSD is compatible with SATA 6Gb/s ports and is backwards compatible with SATA 3Gb/s and SATA 1.5Gb/s ports. It is backed by a three-year limited warranty.


  • Capacity: 128GB
  • Dimensions: 0.28 x 3.96 x 2.78 in (7.00 x 100.58 x 70.61 mm)
  • Operating temperature: -32ºF to 158ºF (0ºC to 70 ºC)
  • Storage temperature: -67ºF to 203ºF (-55ºC to 95ºC)
  • Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s
  • Shock Resistant: 1500 G @ 0.5 m/sec
  • Vibration (Operating/Non-operating): 2.17g RMS, 5-700MHZ / 3.13 RMS, 5-800MHZ
  • Power Consumption (active): 0.6w


  • Sequential Read (up to): 475 MB/s
  • Sequential Write (up to): 375 MB/s
  • Random Read (up to): 8100 IOPS
  • Random Write (up to): 4500 IOPS
  • MTBF: 2.0M hours



Product Description
SanDisk SSD - solid state drive - 128 GB - SATA 6Gb/s
Solid state drive - internal
128 GB
Form Factor
SATA 6Gb/s
Dimensions (WxDxH)
70.61 mm x 100.58 mm x 7 mm
Manufacturer Warranty
3 years warranty



Device Type
Solid state drive - internal
128 GB
Form Factor
SATA 6Gb/s
70.61 mm
100.58 mm
7 mm


Internal Data Rate
490 MBps (read) / 350 MBps (write)
4KB Random Read
8000 IOPS
4KB Random Write
2100 IOPS


3,000,000 hour(s)

Expansion & Connectivity

1 x SATA 6 Gb/s - 7 pin Serial ATA
Compatible Bay


Power Consumption
0.6 Watt (active)

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support
Limited warranty - 3 years

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature
0 °C
Max Operating Temperature
70 °C
Shock Tolerance
1500 g @ 0.5ms


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Customer reviews

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5* Mac Compatible
Reviewed by Ross on 20/07/2015
Can not fault this product. Bought this to replace a HDD in my mid 2007 MacBook Pro. After contacting Sandisc direct I could not get a clear answer as to how compatible the drive would be. However I am building a new Windows machine so bought anyway.
Can report that the drive is 100% compatible (obviously not running to advertised speeds) and has greatly increased the units boot time and overall speed.
5* Fast!
Reviewed by Joe on 06/10/2012
Easy installation, but no bracket came with it, luckily my case did. windows 7 professional boots in less than 13 seconds! programs boot amazingly fast!!
5* Amazing value SSD!
Reviewed by Mike C on 11/07/2013
I bought this SSD to replace an OCZ SSD that didn't even last me a year in my laptop! (Full refund from the eBay seller, phew!)

Happily however, this drive has brought back that quick, snappy and instant on experience that my now six year old laptop once had when I first installed an SSD.

Installation was a doddle and Windows 7 loaded onto it fine and recognised the drive with no issues.

Boot times are around 15 seconds depending on how fast I can type my bios password.

Seeing as this computer is mainly used for web browsing or editing word documents this drive has saved me the £200 I would have forked out on a Chromebook to replace it.

Very happy!
5* SSD for Vaio FE21B - win7
Reviewed by Maz on 20/10/2013
Replaced old HDD with this SSD and works like a treat. As other reviewers mentioned, boot-up time circa 15secs compared to many minutes before - AWESOME!!

Only snag is: this SSD it not recognised in BIOS, and sometimes get "No Operating System" error on boot up, need to turn-it off and try again... and boots up after couple of attempts :(

I've got similar SSD in Vaio FZ35G which works like a dream - no issues there whatsoever!
5* Detected by the Z97-K no problem...
Reviewed by Steve on 07/07/2014
I just plugged it in, it was detected in the Z97-K's BIOS and then loaded windows onto it. Blazingly fast with the i5 on startup. About 7 seconds from on to desktop.
4 stars for value for money as these drives are still expensive.
5* Sandisk 128 ssd
Reviewed by Anonymous on 20/06/2015
I must echo the other reviewers - my mother-in-laws Compaq laptop took 10 minutes to start up, 8 minutes to open IE, 20 minutes to shut down. I had recommended it originally and there were threats about being cut out of the will. But since the SSD was installed, runtimes are reduced to about 10% of the original. This is singularly one of he most effective devices I have ever installed. At £39.99 it's great value for money.
5* cute liitle drive
Reviewed by sean Bannon on 07/09/2013
I built my first custom pc using a normal hdd because of cost was able to upgraded to ssd and what a difference it makes. due to the limitations on storage i would not reccomend this for that but for running an os it's great also the cost you can't complain.
4* Revitalise old Dell laptop
Reviewed by Anonymous on 05/01/2015
Bought this to upgrade an old Dell latitude laptop. Used disk cloning software (not supplied)to copy the old disk to the new disk, took about 40 minutes using USB caddy for the new disk. The only problem I had was fitting the disk into the laptop. The old disk is thicker than the new. The SSD does not come supplied with a plastic spacer to increase it to the same thickness as do some others SSD so I had to improvise with some cardboard. Once that was done, laptop boots much much quicker and has a new lease of life.
1* Compatibility issues with XP and windows 7
Reviewed by Anonymous on 06/06/2014
Windows XP and Windows 7 do not have the drivers to support this drive when booting up from a CD. In XP you are prompted to press F6 to install 3rd party drivers and windows 7 asks you to insert a CD with the drivers. Cannot find an appropriate driver anywhere. The advert says it's compatible with XP and windows 7 - not the versions I have.
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